Beka started forward again and I froze.

"No!" I shouted. "It's not fair! Everyone leaves, no one comes back you're just like everyone else.and.and you weren't suppose to be."

Bobby laughed. "You really are pathetic."

Being the pathetic mudfoot I am I turn and ran. I ran about a 100 yards and stopped. My neck started to pound again, a steady rhythm matching my racing heart. Where was I going to go?

I stood there for more then a moment. A thousand thoughts exploded through my mind like fireworks and just as brief. There I stood shivering, and alone again. I felt empty, like a crumpled can of pop.

"Seamus?" It was Beka.

I turned towards her too tired to fight. "Hi." I said and we both chuckled brainless as the tension go the best of us.

The moment lasted only a second.

I started again. "Was I bad at my job?"


"Was I bad at my job? Is that why you dumped me?"

Beka sighed ran her hand through hair and sat down. I sat down facing her.

"Hardly, you're the best engineer I've ever seen."

"Then why? What did I do wrong?"

"This'll sound like a bad date but. it wasn't you. I think I just panicked."

"Panicked? Beka, you're the bravest women I know. I've seen you take on Uber's with your bare hands!"

"Yeah, well. they're not family."

"You lost me."

"When I was young, my father was my hero. He was my sun. But, things got bad. He got addicted to flash and then well he treated me like dirt. With only my father as a role model my brother grew up to be just like him. My father died then my brother left. All I know is that having family, loving someone hurts."

"What about Bobby?"

"Bobby is my security blanket. He's convenient. I care about him but not enough that it matters."

"He treats you badly."

"I know, but I'm used to it."

"Why would me working for you make you panic?"

"I started to care to much. I started to think of you like my little brother." She looked away. "And I. didn't want to be hurt again. I was running errands and I was suppose to come back to pick you up. But, I ended up running in to Bobby and well it just seemed like fate."

"The purple girl, Trance. She doesn't believe in fate. She says she believes in luck and magic. She said that we have to make choices and pick the one that we think is right. Luck and Magic will take care of the rest."

"What do you believe?"

"I don't know, I have always believed in fate. I believed it was my fate to always be alone. To be left behind by the people I care about. But then, I was in trouble and she came back. And, you left but now you're here. Have you really come back Beka?"

She thought it over for a moment. "I don't want Bobby to be my security blanket anymore. Your as annoying as hell, and a pain in the butt but, damn I've missed you."

I couldn't stop the smile that curled my lips.

"Do you think we could be brave together?"

"I think between the two of us we would be unstoppable." She laughed. "So, now what?"

"We give bobby the ship, tell him to get the hell out of dodge and start fresh."

"It's a deal." She turned sober again for a moment. "I can't promise I won't leave again, I can only promise that I'll always come back."

"That's more then I could ever ask for."

We sat there grinning like idiots for a moment more.

Beka stood and dusted the dirt from her pants. "It's time to go home little brother." She gave me a hand up and we started to walk back to where the others were waiting.

Beka looped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me in to a light hug. "So about this purple girl."

"If she follows us back to the Maru can I keep her?"

Beka, laughed. "Why not."


So here I sit three years later.

I still need to believe dreams can come true. I need to believe in luck, fate and just shear freakish timing.

I wear a synthetic rabbit's foot on my belt. I bought it the day after Beka and I got back together. Some say the synthetic ones don't work but I think it would be even worse Karma to kill something for my good fortune.

I believe that things have a purpose and a reason and a drive for being. But I also need to I believe that the universe is not single-minded and strictly focused. Sometimes . just sometimes, there is a little room for luck and for magic.

Beka and I went out for supper a couple of weeks ago and I ended up drinking myself silly. She said we we're family and she renewed her promise to me that she would never leave me behind again. She would always come back even if it took sometime.

You know what? I believe her. Despite my past, I find myself trusting her and all because of a little purple girl.

Now, I sit here waiting for her to return like she had promised. And, I'm not worried. She'll come.

A low rumble vibrates from the sky and I look up. The reddish orange clouds of the sunset part as if the Vedran Empress her self was returning.

It's the Eureka Maru and I'm going home.

A voice crackles in to existence. "Harper, get your skinny butt on board! Oh and Trance is on the warpath. She is saying that she found the remains of one of her plants in engineering."

I have to smile. "Be right there boss."

Ahh. Magic. as long as I don't say Macbeth.

The End.