"I'm going to kill him

"I'm going to kill him!" Zoro panted as he ran.

Sanji didn't have to ask of whom the green haired swordsman was referring too. Not any one of the tribesmen that were chasing them through the dense jungle with spears and chanting curses. No, Sanji knew the swordsman was referring to Luffy.

He knew because he wanted to kill him too.

Everyone on the ship that morning had been hot and hungry with their captain in particular looking a little crazed. Luffy had an outburst that morning, demanding the cook feed him. For the hundredth time Sanji had tried to explain there was no food to feed him with. They were forced to ration as it was and would have to wait until they reached the next island, which according to the Nami-swan, would be very soon.

It had looked like Luffy was going to beat his blond cook in response (or perhaps eat him) when a call came from Usopp at the crows nest. He had spotted the island off in the distance.

"Sanji! Go get us some food!"

"Be patient! That's a long way! We could sail faster than I could swim that distance." Luffy shook his head at this and proceeded to stomp one leg down on the deck.


"Hey! What are you doing?!" Cried Sanji in a panic.

"MMM..." Luffys other foot came down against the deck.

"Luffy, we don't know what's on that island. It could be dangerous." Zoro stated. The rest of the crew nodded, especially Sanji.

"GUM CATAPULT!!" Finished their rubber captain as he flung his arms out, sending Sanji and Zoro flying high into the sky toward the far off island. "Don't underestimate your captain! This is faster! Zoro! Make sure he brings back some food!"

So Sanji and Zoro had flown through the air for around five minutes only to come crashing down painfully in the middle of a dense jungle, right on top of an exotic tribes ceremony platform, effectively smashing it to bits.

This was enough for the gathered group to chant cries, that Sanji was sure meant "Death" and "Punishment" in some other language and give the two bruised men chase. They could have fought them, Sanji supposed, but it had been their (no, Luffys', he corrected) fault. Best not to try and apologize when the tribe looked so enraged. So they ran.

Five of the tribe members encircled them in a clearing, chanting strange words at them. Zoro looked to Sanji. The cook shrugged and leaped over those blocking the way, and Zoro followed catching up with the blond cook.

A sudden cold sensation crept up around the two. Sanji felt his body kind of freeze and felt as if he was both running forward and being thrown off balance and tripping at the same time. He felt a dart penetrate his neck. As he headed for the ground in an unconscious heap, he absently wondered who the beautiful green-haired woman was that was falling next to him.