Sophie looked somehow both elegant and rough as her slender arm purposely stretched over to the side table reaching for a pack of cigarettes there.

Chopper ran over and snatched the pack away.

"I'll leave you two alone but I'm taking these with me!"

Sophie sighed, as if expecting it and watched as the small reindeer exited the room.

Zoro moved and sat next to the bed on the right.

"Zoro...damn…aren't you looking good. A veritable picture of masculinity…complete with swords too I notice." Zoro blinked his eyes in surprise as Sophies' compliments casually slipped from her mouth as if she had known the swordsman forever. Her tone indicated a question was coming but he could already tell this girl was a pistol. She spoke her mind, right to the point. He liked that.

"So do you mind telling me why I am like…this?" Sophie made a motion indicating her body in the bed.

Zoro cocked his head in confusion.

"Didn't chopper tell you? There was some sort of poison plant and it's messing up your system I guess. We have to wait it out."

"Oh, well, as long as it's only temporary." Sophie smirked in such a gleefuly mischievous way he was sure the expression was the cooks for a moment. "I might as well have fun with it."

Zoro swallowed hard and he was pretty sure if he didn't control himself he'd be blushing in a moment. The way she said that…well what else could she mean? Having fun in bed, while waiting for the poison to work it's self out. That could only mean one thing. DAMN this girl moved fast. But maybe her attraction had too been instantaneous…and like the swordsman she went for what she wanted with no hesitation.

The swordsman risked it and took her hand. One step at a time.

Sophie groaned…was Zoro honestly trying to get revenge on him for the little joke he played when the idiot hadn't realized they were girls? A piss poor job he had to say, no wonder why the idiot never got a girlfriend.

"Oi, Zoro…you are terrible at this flirting thing. You need to be a little more forward if you want to get a rise out of me." Sophie waved her hand in dismissal and chuckle. "Just give it up, you missed your chance."

Zoro had her chin in the flash.

"I don't give up just because I'm told to. You're being awfully forward. What would you do if I just climbed on top of you?"

Sophie was surprised but didn't break eye contact or show any fear.

"You don't have the guts to go that far, asshole. And any girl you were interested in would probably kick you in the balls."

Zoros' lips were on Sophies mouth then, kissing the girl as if he was trying to suck her very soul out. Sophie was stunned and felt strangely warm. Zoro was kissing her. WHAT THE FUCK?! Sophie had been positive Zoro was straight. She touched her lips as the swordsman pulled away and felt the strange tingle there. The green haired idiot could kiss. Sophie was suddenly very confused.

"That shut up that dirty mouth." Zoro smirked.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Sophie wailed as she smacked Zoro up side the head. "Why did you go that far?" Zoro shrugged but didn't loose her blue eyes.

"You said you wanted me to be more forward…just trying to please you"

"Since when do you care about pleasing me?!" Sophie nearly shrieked. She wasn't sure if this was just a joke gone too far or if she was loosing her mind.

"Since I saw you! I'm interested alright? " Zoro ran his hand through his hair and began again as Sophie turned pale. "You're pretty and it's like I'm handling dynamite that I've known forever. Look, if you're not interested just shoot me down and be done with it."

Sophie felt numb. Zoro was REALLY attracted to him. The idiot he spared with and kicked in the head had just kissed him and wanted to know if he could do more. This would change things…but when Sophie had been Sanji she had always secretly wondered, "what if". Zoro was a brute, strong, and passionate but also precise and gentle. Sanji would have been lying if he couldn't admit that back on the Merry, there were a few times Zoros body appeared in his mind for less than pure reasons.

That the idiot chose to act on those feelings while Sophie was a girl didn't please him. It added a complication. He couldn't be sure the desire he felt was his or his feminine body.

"Kiss me again, I want to know you are really serious."

This time Zoros' lips came in slow and teasing, the strong arm came around Sophies soft frame and pulled her close and running the strong hand across her back. Sophies body seemed to react on its own, pushing her chest into the green haired mans sholder and returning the kiss hotly, even prolonging it when Zoros tongue entered by reacting in kind. She almost moaned, but didn't want Zoro to get a swelled head.

When they broke apart Sophie felt a little faint and really wanted a cigarette. Zoro was still uncomfortably close and it wasn't helping her catch her breath.

"You realize that this isn't going to last forever, right?" Sophie didn't want Zoro to push him away when his body returned to male. His pride wouldn't allow the idiot to be so fickle.

Zoro sensing the kiss had won her over began to kiss her neck and work his why down her chest not quite to the buttons protecting the breasts he was eyeing. Sophie famed as she realized she had adjusted her body posture to make access to the area easier. His touch, his lips, they just felt so good. And it was Zoro. Zoro she could trust and be comfortable with.

"Who knows…I think we could work something out." He mumbled between kisses. Sophie smiled, Zoro hadn't even considered the fact she could be male again as a problem and was thinking Sophie was worried about their new relationship. Well she was a little but…

Zoro had a hold of her breasts now and she had to stop thinking as he squeezed them. Thumbs found her nipples through the fabric and pinched them lightly. The sensation did elicit a moan this time. Sophie was surprised how sensitive her body was now. Back in the cave it hadn't felt like this. Her body was filling with need and felt like it was on fire.

Zoro unbuttoned the shirt and kissed Sophies nipple so softly…Sophie was embarrassed suddenly. This was happening really fast, Zoro was going to be seeing her completely naked if this continued. Were they going to have sex right here? Immediately after Zoro admitted he was interested. Would he think Sophie was a slut?

Chopper had said that Zoro had carried him aboard, had protected him from some seedy guys. So he cared more than just the looks. Sophie sighed in pleasure as Zoro took a nipple into her mouth. She wasn't a slut…it was just Zoro. Only Zoro. He deserved her thanks after all and later when she had her dick back she would fuck the idiot into oblivion for blindsiding him like this. Making him feel so good and yet so vulnerable.

A hand went under the blankets and into the female cooks loose pants and under the strangly masculine underwear. Zoro let a finger slide in to her opening and grinned when the girl beneath him gasped in surprise. Was she a virgin despite her tough talk?

Sophie hadn't expected to be so wet down there. Again his self exploration in the cave had never caused this. The finger slid further in and rubbed the clit experimentally. Sophie nearly jumped out of the bed as the sudden sensation jolted through her and was gone. She felt embarrassed as Zoro seemed to be giving her a sly look.

"I guess, I'm, uh, a sensitive girl."

"Not as experienced as you act huh? Look how wet you got though…you're pretty hot for me too." Zoros slid the rest of his hand against the sensitive area and moved in such a way that Sophie could hear almost a slurp of wetness against the mans hand. Her cheeks were red as she looked away at the sound. That encouraged Zoro even more.

His hand found the clit again and didn't let up, increasing the friction and speed until the blonde had her eyes screwed shut, panting his name, all as her breasts bounced around in a show the swordsman was captivated by. He had Sophies nipple in his mouth when she orgasmed, with a load moan. Her legs shook uncontrollably under the blanket at the sensation.

"You make great noises…it's so hot…it's taking everything I have not to fuck you right now."

Sophie panted and considered how the man could speak so perfectly why having his mouth wrapped around her breast. It figured, she decided. In half lidded eyes she felt warm afterglow. A womans orgasm was so intense…and lasted longer than a mans. She had never felt anything like it. Little after shocks was hitting her still. She wanted it again…to see what else this body could do.

"What's stopping you?" Sophie hadn't meant to purr it out like that. Zoro wouldn't let her hear the end of it later.

Zoro kissed her sweetly again and pinched the other nipple for good measure before standing and walking toward the door. Sophie watched him go as if fascinated.

"Because Nora and the damn cook will probably be back any minute." He adjusted himself in his pants before continuing. "I should take care of this before they get back…don't worry I'll be thinking of you. See you soon."

Sophie felt like a bucket of cold water had just been dumped on her. Nora? The Cook?

She felt tears starting to run down her face. It must be easier to cry in this body. She tried to relax back into the bed and calm down but noticed her breasts still exposed nipples hard and slightly moist from moments before. She pulled the blankets over her and rebuttoned the shirt under the blanket as the tears came harder.

What had she just done? And With who?