Monica woke up alone in bed. She was confused at first. She couldn't remember how she had got upstairs. John must have carried her. She smiled at that thought. She got out of bed and saw had got her overnight bag from the car. She pulled out a pair of jeans and a purple t-shirt that was a size to small. She walked downstairs and smelled the breakfast cooking. She found John in the kitchen humming a song as he cooked bacon, sausages and egg. He turned around and they smiled at each other.

Good morning. How'd you sleep? John asked.

Morning. I slept good. How about you?

Best sleep I've had in a while, so I'm not complaining, John replied with a smile.

He made them both a cup of coffee each and sat down to eat breakfast. It was in comfortable silence until John spilt coffee onto his shirt.

he cursed as he went over to the sink. He took off his T-shirt and placed the coffee stain under the tap. Monica gasped as she saw his injuries. His back was completely covered in bruises and cuts, all along his arm and chest. She walked up behind him.

Oh my God, John why didn't you tell me you were hurt this badly? She asked. He turned around to face her.

It doesn't hurt, so don't worry, he told her.

But John they look so painful, she Said as she placed a hand on a bruise that was just below his ribs. John caught that hand in his, pulled it away from his ribs and placed it against his heart.

I'm fine, he told her gently.

I'm just worried about you. She nearly whispered.

He was going to reply but couldn't. He was lost in her eyes. He stared into his her warm eyes and saw her true feeling, she could see the same in his. He didn't waste anytime in pulling her closer, by placing his arms around her waist and her arms went around his neck. Their lips met, light at first and then firmer and harder. Becoming more and more passionate. Each showing how much they loved each other. It was minutes before they pulled apart, both with smiles on their faces.

Thank you. John suddenly said.

For what?

For saving me.

You would have done the same for me. She looked down at her feet, John placed his hand under her chin and forced her to meet his gaze.

Not just for yesterday, but for everything, Luke, helping me investigate Mulder's disappearance, when Dana needed protecting, for moving up here and joining me on the xfiles and for all the times that you have saved my ass. They both chuckled a little.

John I love you, I have for a long time, maybe even when we were in New York. She told him honestly.

I love you too Monica, and you know what, I have loved you since New York.

They pulled each other closer for another passionate kiss, this one lasted even longer, their lips never parted as they went upstairs into Johns room and made love. And as they slept in each others arms they thought about the future and what adventures awaited them both.