Hey all! This is a Sailor Moon/Inuyasha crossover! This is my first attempt at writing a crossover, so please bear with me. I'm trying!

There may be some OCC here, some of it is intentional, some of it isn't. The intentional OCC will be explained away at a later dateā€¦ it's all apart of the story plot.

Disclaimer for rest of story: I do not own Sailor Moon or Inuyasha. K?


The day had started off normal enough. Serena had woken up late, made a mad dash to school where she was late and had gotten detention. Of course she had also had her normal run in with Darien. Except today he had been reading a book, and she had rammed into the hard cover at full speed, crashing to the ground instantly. She managed to get herself up and running again but her head was pounding too hard and the world spinning too fast to exchange harsh words. To make matters worse she had been too late to eat breakfast and had forgotten her lunch. During lunch break no one had any food to spare her. During gym they were playing volleyball where she got a ball spiked straight to her forehead, aggravating the bruise from Darien's book.

After detention she was supposed to meet her mother at the dentist, which required her to take a bus. Paying no attention she had jumped onto the wrong bus and was now wandering around, lost in an unfamiliar section of Tokyo. All in all, she was having a really bad day.

"Meatball Head?"

And it got worse.