Standard disclaimers apply.  I don't own Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi does.  She's so talented!  Anyway, are you a fan of love/hate stories?  I am.  I love conflict between two potential couples.  It makes life interesting, so that's what I did with this story.  Welcome to Ai no Manga!  I hope you'll enjoy it.  Please R/R.  It's always appreciated. Have fun reading!

Ai no Manga

(Comic Book Love)

By: Nichire


      "Attention passengers:  Flight Number 1290 to Tokyo, Japan is now boarding seats 16-A to 34-C.  Flight Number 1290 to Tokyo, Japan is now boarding seats 16-A to 34-C."

      Twenty-year old Serena Carroll picked up her backpack and smiled at her friend.  "Well, this is it.  Take care of yourself Diana."  She hugged her friend and surrogate sister.

      "I will.  Oh Rena," she sobbed, "take care of yourself.  Don't talk to strangers, mind your manners, and call me as SOON as you get there."

      "Yes, mom!" Serena laughed and took a final look at a misty-eyed Diana.  "Don't cry Dee. I'll back before you know it.  Eighteen months is no time.  Besides, you're gonna have to be the one to pick me up at the airport when I get back.  Just make sure that you and everyone else don't tell my folks anything back home.  I want to be the one to report."

      "Don't worry--my lips are sealed.  I'll come up with something when your mom calls.  And she'll be calling soon.  I can FEEL it," she laughed.

       The motherly twenty-three year old brunette always seemed to know when her 'little sister's' mom would be calling.  And when calls were missed at Serena's apartment, Sera Carroll would call Diana's apartment in search of her daughter.  She expected to receive a phone call either later today or tomorrow, at the latest.

       "You better go before you miss your flight and I make a complete fool of myself."  She sniffed and gave her friend a last hug.  "I'll miss you.  Make sure you call often with all the details."

      "I will.  I promise."

      "Final call for Flight Number 1290 to Tokyo, Japan."

      "Bye Diana, give everyone a hug for me!  Tell them I'm sorry they couldn't get away from work to see me off.  And tell the twins to take good care of my apartment!  I call ya'll later!"  Serena shouted from the gate.  She turned and walked the long hallway to the plane.  Another life was about to take flight...