Breathe No More

By Gabs

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, the Evanescence lyrics right at the beginning aren't mine, not making any money, etc etc.

Lie to me,
Convince me that I've been sick forever.
And all of this,
Will make sense when I get better.

~Evanescence, Breathe No More

This is for the SD-1 September challenge. The requirements are a school scene, a Shakespeare quote, the word canicular, a Ferris Bueller quote, and a pencil.

Chapter 1

          Exhausted and still bewildered, Sydney timidly pushed the door open to discover a stricken Will waiting on the other side. He jumped to his feet and, as she entered, pain covered his face, followed by relief

          "Oh my god… it's true," he managed to choke out before she crashed into him. He immediately wrapped his strong arms around her, holding onto her as though he never wanted to let go.

          "Will…" she sobbed quietly. He held her tightly as the tears ran their course.

          "It'll be ok," he promised gently. When he felt her shaking her head fiercely, he relinquished his hold and let her pull away from him enough to look him in the eye.

          "Nothing is ok, Will… nothing will ever be ok again." She could see the confusion in his eyes.

          "Things may be all wrong right now, Syd, but they have to get better. Once you've hit rock bottom, you can't go any further down." She gave a hollow half-laugh to that.

          "If anyone can find a way, it'll be me."

          "Why? What makes you so sure things won't get better?"

          "They may get better… but they can never be right again."

          "Yes they can, Syd! You just-"

          "Just what? Have to believe, have faith? How the hell am I supposed to do that? I lost two years of my life, Will! I don't know where I went, what I did, who I was with… I thought I'd lost you. And because of me, we lost Francie. I am a curse, Will. I shouldn't be here… I'll only destroy you too." She pulled further away from him and began pacing. After a few moments, he managed to catch her arm and put her motion to a stop.

          "You will NOT destroy me, Sydney. I lost everything that night… you and Francie both. I've already been destroyed. Please, Syd, don't disappear on me again… I couldn't survive that." Hearing the pain in his voice, she nodded slowly.

          "OK Will… I'm not going anywhere." He smiled at her gratefully as they came together for another hug.

          A short time later, Sydney and Will were walking through the home she'd shared with Francie, discussing her return.

          "So you've been back for two weeks now?"

          "Yeah… I woke up in Hong Kong and called the CIA. Vaughn came to get me, and…" she trailed off, and he looked at her sympathetically. She turned to him, looking about to ask a question, but then stopped herself.

          "Syd? Whatever it is, you can say it."

          "Yeah, I know, but it's… ok. Have you… uh… have you met her?" she asked hesitantly.

          "Met who?" There was a pause, and realization dawned in Will's eyes. "Oh... you mean Vaughn's… no. No, I haven't." She nodded, remaining silent as they approached to door to what was once her room. Sydney made no move to open the door, not sure of what she might find.

          "Go on," Will urged gently. She gave him a smile, then reached for the door. As they entered, Sydney was surprised to see it looked almost exactly how it had two years ago. Anything that had been damaged in the battle with Allison was now repaired or replaced. She spun to face Will, who smiled softly.

          "You did all this?" He gave a light nod, and Sydney felt tears threatening.

          "Thank you." Will smiled again.

          "You're welcome. I never gave up on you, Syd… I moved in sometime after you disappeared, and have been trying to keep things perfect ever since. Now that you're back… well, I can leave if you'd prefer, or-" she cut him off briskly.

          "No. No way, Will. I would never dream of asking you to leave… especially after all you've done for me."

          "Ok… I really didn't want to go apartment hunting anyway." They both laughed lightly, and Sydney began looking around again.

          "It's getting late," Will observed, glancing at his watch. "I'll leave you alone now, just give me a yell if you need anything… or whatever. We can catch up more tomorrow." Sydney gave him a grateful smile.

          "Sounds like a plan."

          "Ok, great… night Syd." 

          "Good night." She watched his back until he pulled the door shut behind him, and then walked around her room for a few moments before deciding that the first order of business was a shower. Ten minutes later, she walked back into her room and searched for something to wear to bed. Sydney had just pulled on a loose pair of pants and an old shirt when she heard a noise. She whirled to find a dark figure standing in the doorway.

          "Will?" she asked falteringly. Staring into the darkness, she eventually realized who it was.

          "What the hell are you doing here?" she demanded anxiously. Sark said nothing, continuing to shadow the doorway for a moment. Finally, he took a few steps toward her. Sydney, entranced in curiosity, didn't move. Sark seemed to take that as a sign, as he quickly closed the remaining distance and gently, even lovingly, lowered his lips to hers. Sydney found herself falling into it, but soon regained her senses and pushed him away. He stared at her closely, and she saw pain and uncertainty haunting his clear blue eyes.

          "You really don't remember," he breathed, taking a few steps back. Sydney grasped his hand quickly.

          "Remember what?" she asked softly. His eyes drifted to the window, where the light of the moon was shining bright.

          "You'll know," he whispered. He gave her hand a quick squeeze before slipping his hand out of hers and fading out through the door. Sydney leaned against the wall, bringing her hands up to cover her face.

          The incident, everything about it, just had to be wrong. She knew it.

          So why did it feel so right?