Oh the little pieces falling, shatter.
Shards of me,
Too sharp to put back together.
Too small to matter,
But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces.
If I try to touch her…

                ~Evanescence, Breathe No More

        The afternoon air was crisp, clean, and cold. He took note of this as one might notice a fallen leaf- merely in passing, not enough to warrant his attention. His eyes remained focused on one thing, and one thing only. It wasn't far off; contrary, it was quite close, and yet he couldn't quite bring himself to move towards it. He had stood there, rooted to the spot, for a fair chunk of time yesterday, as well as the day before. This was something that had to be handled, and he knew it. But still, he leaned calmly against his car, looking into the distance. To any casual observer, it would appear as though he was simply waiting for someone else to finish saying their last good-byes. Yet in truth, he simply couldn't face the fact that it would be his last good-bye to her.

        He rested against the car door, arms crossed in front of him, waiting for the path to clear. A young woman, an even younger child, both crying. He watched them pass him by, keeping his eyes locked on them as the mother dried her tears and led her child away. He frowned, feeling something akin to empathy. With a sigh, he tentatively stepped away from the vehicle, and began making his way to the cool gray marker. He looked around furtively, as if afraid of being spotted, but did not deter from the path. Eventually, Sark found himself staring at the grave, sorrow filling his soul. He stood there silently for a long moment, searching for the words to tell her what he never could before.

        "Sydney," he began softly. "There is so much I wish I could have said… so many things about our time together that I wouldn't tell you. In truth, I don't regret that decision. I still truly believe that had I told you, you quite likely would not have believed it. I also believe that there's a good chance that you may never have recovered those memories… but that wouldn't have mattered, as we could have created so many new ones. Just you and I… not Agent Bristow and Mr. Sark; Sydney and Adam. You and your mother, you're the only two people aliv… the only people who know my name. And you, Sydney- you were the only one who truly knew me. That connection, it was still there, even if you didn't remember how it had come about. I could feel it, and see it in your eyes… you knew. I also know you still cared for Agent Vaughn, but I'm confident that one day, he would have been nothing but a distant memory. You and he were the past; you and I were the future.

But that future… it's gone now, Sydney. Only I remain… but I shall never forget you, and I doubt that I should ever be able to move on. Does that make me seem a touch pathetic? I'm afraid it does… but I don't particularly care. You and I, we were destined not only to work together, Sydney, but to [I]be[/I] together. You would have known that to; perhaps you already did. I-" he paused abruptly as he heard footsteps drawing near. Not wishing to have anyone overhear his deepest emotions, he hurried on with the rest of his words. "I love you, Sydney, I truly do… I only wish you could have known, in life, just how much." He stopped as he felt another presence come up behind him, but didn't turn to face the intruder.

Vaughn stood silently next to him a moment later. Eventually, the other man spoke.

"We'll never know where her heart truly belonged," he said softly, sadly. Sark looked at him for the first time, glaring, and then turned to walk away. He paused only briefly, glancing back over his shoulder as he did so.

"You know the truth, deep down, just as I do. But it doesn't matter anymore; we've both lost her now." He glanced to Vaughn's face just long enough to see him blinking back tears before turning and leaving for good. He paused at the gate of the cemetery, sparing one last look.

"I'll not be back here again, Sydney… but I know you'll always be with me." Drawing one last, shaky breath, he turned away for the last time, calmly making his way back to his car. As he got in, he noticed a piece of paper sitting on the passenger seat. Frowning, he reached over and grabbed it with an unsteady hand. He drew in a sharp breath as he opened it to find two words scrawled across it in dark, heavy ink.

[I]You'll know.[/I]

He instantly pulled himself out of his car and looked around wildly. His gaze settled as it came to where Vaughn was still standing, apparently speaking to Sydney. He smiled to himself, slowly sitting back down and pulling the door shut. He took one more look at the paper before gently putting it in his glove compartment.

"Sydney…" he whispered quietly as he drove away.

This was far from over.

This fic, however, is quite over. Yup, that's really it... however {if it isn't totally obvious from that ending} I'm giving serious consideration to a sequel. Now, this may be a stupid question, but I've gotta ask anyway... is there interest in a possible sequel? If so, it could be up and running fairly soon. And if not... ambiguous endings are fine by me.

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