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Kagome's Promise

It was just another quiet and peaceful day in the

forest named after the hanyou , Inuyasha, that was

pinned to the God Tree for 50 years.




[Well I did say it WAS quiet and peaceful, you didn't

expect it to last did you? If you did, well you were wrong.

Why don't we go see what's up with Inyasha and

Kagome.] {HAHA, stupid inu!} [Why you laughing]

{He got sat.} [Oh, OK.]

"Bitch, you aren't going home we still need to find

shard of the Shikon no Tama." yelled but who else but,


"Inuyasha, I have to go home, I've got to study and

finals are coming up. Please, Inuyasha, let e go."

complained Kagome.

"No way, wretch, your not leaving for your tests.

Your going to stay here and look for shards. Kikyo

wouldn't leave before the jewel was complete." said

Inuyasha with a snort. Just then he sees Kagome's face

and starts to think, 'Oh, no I'm going to be sat big time

this time, how stupid can I be, why can't I tell her, why?'

Kagome's face turned really sad, then angry {Now

lets all back away from the scary lady, that way we're no

where near Inuyasha when he's sat.} and last but not

least she opened her mouth to say the magic word

{literarily}, then she closed her mouth. {What no

sit?}[shakes head- No sit.]{pouting -Well that ruins my


"No, Inuyasha, no fighting." She whispered,

"Inuyasha, I'm going home now and I'll be back by next

week, after that I can stay for a mouth, understood?" she

said slowly, as if talking to a kid.{Which she is.}

With that in his head she jumped in the well

disappearing from the fedual era and going 500 years in

to the future.

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