A/N: The story takes place just a couple of weeks after the defeat of Ultimecia. I'm assuming that the period is now somewhere at the end of May, hence the ages that our heroes have in the story.

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            It was already noon in the continent of Balamb and the summer season which approached, made the climate warm and pleasant.           The sun was shining brightly, a light breeze blew the leaves of the fruitful trees into a mild 'dance', the fields were startlingly green and flowery and the sea shone brightly as the noon sun rays rested upon the surface.

            The only city in the smallest of the continents, was Balamb City. The end of spring had found the city in the state of a partying frenzy, as well as every other city worldwide. The defeat of the sorceress only just a few weeks ago by six legendary mercenaries had set a totally new rhythm to the world. The parties were incessant, while the press wouldn't leave the six heroes and heroines at rest for a second. For weeks and weeks the 'yellow' papers did nothing, but portray the profiles of these six young people:

            The SeeD commander Squall Leonheart. A serious and responsible leader, only at the age of seventeen. Still he is the best man for the job, as his self-centered and strict composure help him live up to the high expectations of such a military position. His great looks -silky brown hair, a 'baby-face', emerald blue eyes-  don't reveal a fighter at first, but when he draws his gunblade, fire seems to light up inside him and he turns into a cold-blooded soldier. An expressionless, stone-faced and antisocial mercenary, yet a handsome and mysterious young man, Squall Leonheart is definitely a face that stands in the crowd.

            The last sorceress alive, Rinoa Heartilly. A pretty and lively eighteen-year-old brunette, who received the powers of her predecessor Edea Kramer unwillingly. Living under the control of sorceress Ultimecia for some time, Rinoa Heartilly became the world's enemy without any intention of doing harm herself. Right now, she leads a peaceful life with her five comrades in Balamb Garden, keeping her sorceress powers under close supervision by the famous Dr. Odine. Miss Heartilly is currently romantically involved with the SeeD commander Squall Leonheart

            Quistis Trepe, a former instructor of Balamb Garden, now part of the Garden's SeeD forces. The beautiful eighteen-year-old soldier, could have easily been mistaken for a model; her slender, elegant body, her long blonde hair, her sparkly blue eyes, give out the image of a star and not a mercenary. However, we are informed that not only is miss Trepe a splendid fighter, but is as serious and down-to-earth as a woman in her position should be. After a thorough research, we haven't found any recent romance in miss Trepe's life, so any eager candidates out there are more than welcome!

            Zell Dincht, an expert in martial arts. The blond hyper mercenary is an essential asset to the SeeD forces, as his skills are -for lack of a better word- irreplaceable. His spiky blond hair, the 'wild' tribal tattoo adorning the left side of his face, his muscular built, make the eighteen-year-old SeeD a charming man as well as a skilled fighter. That's probably what made a young librarian of Balamb Garden -with whom Zell is currently dating- 'fall' for him in the first place!

            Selphie Tilmitt, a SeeD brought from Trabia Garden. The green-eyed brunette, is a vivid and energetic young woman at the age of seventeen. Although her cute characteristics make her look out of place in a military academy, the minuscule girl is as good a fighter as all the rest of her five fellow-SeeD members.

            Irvine Kinneas, a master marksman from the Galbadian Garden. The most recent asset of Balamb Garden is this tall, long-haired cowboy. The eighteen-year-old boy's skills in sharp shooting, are as well known as his 'weakness' for beautiful women. Not surprisingly, the young womanizer is a famous one in women's hearts. However, his flirting days are over, as his very own heart has recently been 'taken' by none other than his stunning comrade, Selphie Tilmitt. So, hands off girls!   

            Oh yes… These are just a few clippings from what the tabloids had been jabbering about. You see, fame comes with a really big price. But what about our six heroes? Did they ever ask for it? How have their lives been going after they prevailed against the sorceress Ultimecia?