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            Squall and Rinoa walked hand-in-hand on the shores of Rinaul coast. They were both bare footed and kicked the cold refreshing water on the surface. It was October and the weather was already pretty 'wintery', but the day was perfect for a walk on the beach.

- "So I guess now everything has found its balance…" said Squall.

- "Yeah… We're all happy with our significant others…" Rinoa replied resting her head on his shoulder.

- "Kind of a sappy ending don't you think?" he asked.

- "Ending?" asked Rinoa grinning "This is only the beginning…"

- "I suppose so…" said Squall, grinning as well "But I've got to admit it, there is one thing I've learned from all this…" he added.

- "What's that?" asked Rinoa.

- "If Seifer Almasy, the most selfish and arrogant person ever to walk on this planet, finally learned how to love, then love truly conquers all as they say…" said Squall chuckling.

- "Couldn't agree more…" said Rinoa laughing along with him, walking along the coast while the sun set down…

            Meanwhile, inside a room within the complex corridors of Garden, a young couple enjoyed their first true moments together.

            They arrogant, cocky bastard and the distant, Ice Queen had finally found each other.

            And the world just couldn't seem more damn, fucking rosy…


- -OR IS IT? 

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Author notes and thanks

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Sequel teaser:

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            The teaser which follows is written in 'theatrical' style. View each separated paragraph as a different scene. The scenes used in the teaser are actual excerpts from the first four chapters of the story. I hope it tingles your sensations a bit… 


- "Be careful baby." said Quistis smiling at her lover as he gave her one last peck and walked out of the Cafeteria.


            The black car stopped in front of the stone steps of an impressive building. Seifer opened the door and stepped out of the car. He lowered his shades and looked at the Ministry of Defense, standing right in front of him. Large white marble columns decorated the entrance of the building, while the pediment presented carved designs of the old city of Deling, the way it was many decades ago 'Very 'antique'…' thought Seifer raising an eyebrow, resting his shades on his forehead, while entering the Ministry, closely followed by the man who had driven him there.


            At some point, he felt this weird sensation all over his skin, as if he was being followed. He stopped walking momentarily and checked around him. Nothing. He shrugged and went on his way, not being able to help but feel somewhat alarmed. He hadn't taken more than ten steps, when he felt being pulled into an alley by the side on the pavement. Swiftly, his hand rushed down to his Hyperion which he always carried with him. To his misfortune though, that was the last move he was able to make, as a strange-smelling handkerchief got pressed onto his mouth and nose, making him feel dizzy 'Fucking… chloroform…' he thought, before his mind slipped into unconsciousness...


- "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We're sorry to interrupt our program, but we have some urgent news to broadcast. The current President of Galbadia, Sirius Connelly, has just been reported missing. He was supposed to be attending a New Year's gala right now, but he never showed up. The Galbadian authorities are on their way to the President's residence as we speak. When we have more news on the subject we will interrupt our program again to keep you informed. Good night." said the news caster.


-  "The only thing I want from you…" he said, slipping his hand back to the side of his pants "…'Mr. President'…" he added in a mocking tone, placing a gloved hand onto the grip "…is…" he continued, slowly sliding his gunblade out of its case tied on his right leg "…your life." he said finally, holding the blade on one hand, pointing the tip towards the man on the floor.

            The President's eyes grew wide in terror. The whole scene happened in slow motion; the blonde's eyes glistened dangerously as he tightened his grasp on the gunblade handle, moving it upwards. The man's screams drove him even madder, making his breaths faster and deeper. He hit and hit non-stop, his eyes shimmering like emerald green fire.


- "What's going on here?" asked Seifer suspiciously.

- "Seifer, where were you the night before New Year's?" asked Squall.

- "I had a mission. What the heck does that have to do with anything?" asked Seifer frowning.

- "What time did you leave to go back to your hotel?" asked Xu.

- "I dunno…" said Seifer shrugging "About two after midnight. Why?"

- "Where did you go afterwards?" asked Zell.

- "To my hotel! What's with all the questions?! What the hell does it have to do with the President?!" Seifer asked exasperated.

- "Everything…" said Squall.


            Quistis looked at Cid feeling crestfallen. She then turned her desperate glare on Seifer, looking straight into his eyes. His usually shimmering jade orbs now looked empty and showed no emotion at all. Aldian's two aids walked over to Seifer's chair and pulled him up from each arm, then turned him around. Aldian clicked the handcuffs open preparing to lock them onto Seifer's wrists. Zell bowed his head down, Selphie winced and her hand shot up on her mouth. Irvine sighed deeply, as he rubbed his girlfriend's arms in comfort. Xu looked at Quistis with sorrow, as the tall red-haired Instructor painfully watched the man she loved being taken away. Cid was rubbing his forehead with one hand, while Squall stared at the sight standing rigid.

- "Seifer Almasy…" began Aldian "…you are being charged with the crime of murder against President Sirius Connelly…" he said as he handcuffed him "You have the right to remain silent, as everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law."

            Selphie whimpered and hid her face inside Irvine's chest. The cowboy hugged her tightly, trying not to crack himself. He was able to make it, however, Quistis wasn't…

- "NO!" she yelled, her eyes full of newly-formed tears "This is a mistake! He's innocent!"

            Seifer didn't phrase a word; he just looked at Quistis' azure eyes, mentally pleading her to stop. Zell walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her. Quistis buried her face in her palms, sobbing uncontrollably.

- "Take him away." Aldian ordered his two aids.

- "No…" Quistis whimpered between tears.


            The sequel titled 'The Beginning, is the End, is the Beginning' will be posted somewhere right after New Year's, parallel to 'A Second chance' the new fic I've been telling you about. For a summary of 'A Second chance' check the chapter of this fic titled 'A note from me'.


            Once again, my sincere and in-depth regards to ALL of you! You, my readers and reviewers, are what made this fic what it is.

            THANK YOU!

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