Harry Potter and the Secret of Lils

Rachel E. Thompson

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Rating: R

Category: Action/Drama

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Summary: Voldemort won and imprisoned the world under his regime. Now six years later, a new resistance called Lils struggles on their crusade to free the world again. So where does Ginny Weasley fit in? H/G, R/HG, N/L. OoTP Spoilers.

Author's Note: This is my sugar baby fic! It practically spawned on its own, and I've been possessed to finish it ever since. So here it is, my mauling of a classic tale by J.K. Rowling. Enjoy.


Prologue. Not A Happy Ending

"Harry?" His name desperately ripped from her raw throat. Ginny Weasley sniffled to keep back tears, and struggled to breathe through the thick smoke that masked the spring air. Her eyes burned from the acid cloud, or maybe from the blood that eased into her vision. The dirt caked redhead stumbled through the chaos of bloody bodies. She was deathly pale, as she tried to sort her way through the throng of those that died in the battle. The witch wasn't sure how long she had fumbled around in the fog, but it felt close to years.

The redhead waved her arms outwards like a blind woman. She earned herself a smart to the elbow, when she banged the joint on a brick wall. Ginny winched, and drew in a deep breath between her clenched teeth. She rubbed at the infliction, before she rested her hand against the castle wall of Hogwarts. If it was Harry Potter that she sought, then she certainly would not find him in or around the school's immediate grounds. She debated with herself on if she should leave the small heaven of Hogwarts or venture out into the mist of eerie gray. Out there, beyond the fog, the clamors of battle had been at their strongest, but had recently died off to a queer but agitated silence.

In the distance a tormented scream rose and fell like shattered glass. Ginny jumped, before she whirled towards the source. Her heart hammered within her ribcage with such a force, that she was certain it would wake the dead. She closed her eyes and put more of an effort in her sense of hearing. She tried to discern if there were approaching Death Eaters, or even worse, Voldemort. When there was just the same stillness, she relaxed as best she could in the given situation.

When another voice rose from beyond the wall of mist, she nearly fell backwards when she recognized the owner. "You bastard!" It rocketed over the ground like a clap of thunder, and chilled her just the same. She knew who that was. "Harry!" Ginny pushed off the wall, ignorant of the danger. She rushed blindly towards where she thought the shout had come from. She heaved breaths of air, as her brown eyes narrowed. She searched for Harry Potter, but she couldn't see him. "I'll kill you!" She whirled to the left; the shout came from that way. The teenager sprinted towards that direction, stumbling through the dew kissed grass.

She had to help. Ginny wasn't a powerless little girl anymore. She refused to hide away like a coward while her classmen bravely died. Harry had promised her that she wouldn't need to get involved. He told her, that he would get rid of Voldemort quickly. But he hadn't dealt with the dark wizard quickly. From the sound of things it was Harry, who was in emotional, if not physical pain.

Ginny crashed through the slick stocks of grass, but let out a startled cry when she tripped on a log. She toppled onto the earth, so hard that her wind was knocked out of her. The redhead whimpered, and felt the sharp stinging pain of torn flesh along her knees and palms. The teenage witch turned her head around to get a look at what had tripped her.

It was no fallen tree limb she had tripped over, but instead a human being – Albus Dumbledore to be exact. He was dead, it was obvious from the fact his eyes that once twinkled, were flat and void of life. 'Professor Dumbledore is dead,' the thought echoed mercilessly within her brain.

Ginny sucked her lower lip into her mouth, while she gapped at the lifeless body of the Headmaster. Bile rose in her throat, as tears eased down her dirty, bloodstain face. Her hand shook violently as she reached out to touch the old wizard, to verify if she truly was looking at the dead body of Dumbledore.

Another tortured yell broke through her grief haze. She jerked her head to the side, for a dazed second or two, the redhead witch tried to recall what was going on. For all she could think of was that Dumbledore, one of the true forces against Voldemort, was dead. Hope seemed lost. Ginny blinked at her blurry vision, while hot, salty drops of tears slipped out and fell away.

"I have waited a long time for this…" Came a deep hiss that sounded much like a snake. Yet his voice stilled carried through the swirls of smoke. There was a soft grunt of pain, which came from a younger victim. Then there was a splash of water, as someone fell into the nearby lake. "I shall savor this moment for a eternity. The day Hogwarts fell. The day, that the precious Order of the Phoenix was thoroughly trounced. The day…" He chuckled, "Oh yes, the day that I exterminated the annoying, wonder boy hero from the face of the Earth." Voldemort's words cut through Ginny like a knife. She jerked to her feet so fast, that she was momentarily woozy.

"No. Harry! No," She whispered in a full out panicked. She charged headlong into the final confrontation between Voldemort and Harry Potter. The mist swirled around like water and obstructed her vision of the duel.

"Y-you," Harry's own voice rose up and answered, though it was not nearly as strong as it had been ten minutes ago. He struggled with a vicious coughing fit, and fought back against death like a true Gryffindor. "You won't win. Someone will rid this world of you… If not me, then someone else like me."

"You are more ignorant then even I imagined, Potter. It will not happen. You've seemed to forget the prophecy! With you gone, I will have free rein. But… Don't you worry your little heroic head with that, because now you DIE!" There was a loud, agony-laced scream that followed. The cry of pain seemed to echo for eons. The earth stilled, as if to listen to the sound of a hero on the verge of his death. Then there was nothing, but complete silence.

Horrified, Ginny quicken her pace. Sobs bubbled up her throat and took what little air she had. She ran for what seemed like forever. She began to fear, that she would be lost in the hellish smoke and never find out what had happened. Thankfully, just as quick as the fear had come, it was put the rest.

The mist pulled back, as if by an unseen hand. She was along the bank of the lake. Next, Ginny spotted the scorched ground of a horrendous magic duel. Her brown eyes flicked around for any signs of life, but all she could make out were the small waves that licked the lakeshore. 'Surely the Giant Squid hadn't taken Harry under!' She thought madly, as she raced over to the bank and peered into the depths. She could only make out smoke reflections along the surface, but there was no sign of a giant monster within.

The witch whimpered and turned to make a full run around the edge, when she spotted a dark shadow along some reeds. The teenager gulped and pushed herself into a full out run, but her shoes slipped on the muddy grass and she almost fell again. When the youngest Weasley was closer she slowed down, as if she suddenly didn't want to confirm what she thought she saw. Sprawled out along cattails lay a lone body. Ginny trembled from head to foot, as she approached the down figure. When she was close enough to make out the robes, her world tilted and she almost blacked out then and there. A misery swept wail ripped from her lungs.

Harry Potter lay face down in the thick mud, which blanketed the shoreline. The other half of his body submerged in the cool water, the very same that clouded red with his blood. He was still as if in death.

Ginny crawled to him, for her legs had given out. She didn't feel the muck coat her up to her elbows. Nor did she feel her legs splash into the cool March water. Instead she pulled the hero wizard from the mud and into her warm lap. It was a ridiculous fit, since she couldn't manage to pull all of his dead weight out of the mess. His head lopped against her shoulder, while her arms encased him tightly to herself. The witch touched her chilled fingers to his pale, but mud caked face. She spotted darker patches along his temple and jaw, colored black with blood. She tried to clean his face of the thick gunk, and fight her torrent of sobs at the same time. She had never seen anyone look quite so bruised, bloody and broken as Harry did at that moment.

It didn't take her long to see where his most life-threatening injury lay. Her wide eyes were drawn to a large stab wound to his stomach. There, sticky blacken blood poured out in what seemed like gallons, it soon covered her chest, lap, legs and hands. Ginny whimpered panicky, as she pressed her hands to the fountain of blood. Nothing she did seemed to slow the surge. "H-Harry," she wheezed. "Please! Harry! Wake up, please! Merlin! Wake up!"

In the distance there was a loud explosion. It lit up the smoke for a brief moment. It sounded as if Hogwarts had collapsed from the low but loud rumble that followed. Even more bone chilling, were the screams of younger students that rose then were silenced by wicked laughter. Momentarily distracted, Ginny flinched as she tried to make out what had happened.

"G-Ginny?" Came a croak of a whisper. In surprise, the redhead jerked her head back towards the body within her arms. For a shocked moment, she thought she had imagined it. Then she watched Harry cracked opened one green eye. The corner of his lips painfully twitched upwards, and caused more blood to escape from his mouth.

"Harry!" She gasped, sniffled and then grinned with hope. "You're alive!" The little smile along his face died as quick as it came. He begun to cough violently and in the process spit up so much blood, that Ginny felt ill herself. He tried to say something again, "G-Gin… I… I have to tell…"

"What? What is it? What, Harry?" She whispered, as she ran her unsteady fingers through his filthy, raven hair. He grimaced, as he struggled with his body to make it work properly. His gaze lifted back towards hers, but quickly unfocused. "I know… Y-your secret…"

Shocked, winded, and slightly relieved, she could do nothing but stare at him. The teenager couldn't understand how he had known. After all, she had put a great deal of exertion to hide the truth from everyone. Ginny thought she had somehow pulled it off – even with the perspective Hermione around. But Harry discovered her secret.

"I'm s-sorry… I won't… I w-won't be able to…" Her mind filtered back into her body at his dark words. She shook her head and forced a strong smile. "Shh, Harry. Don't speak like that. You'll be okay – just like always!" She smoothed down some of his hair. "It will be fine. You're going to live, then go kick Voldemort's arse… Then…" Her tone lightened lovingly, "then we'll get a little house with a nursery…"

His green eyes sparkled at her proclamation. Harry's hand struggled to capture hers, and then tugged it weakly to his cool lips. Ginny felt herself shiver in fear when his quivering, cold fingers slacked around hers. "I'll… Find a way…" He begun, but his voice faded out just like the gleam in his eyes. "Back to… You…" He pledged with whatever last ounce of strength he had left.

The man she loved fell completely limp in her trembling arms. The redhead bowed her head, as rivers of tears swept over her already salt raw cheeks. "No," the teenager moaned excruciatingly, as she peered down at Harry with her blood shot eyes. "Don't go… Please, Harry!" She choked on his name, as her eyes squinted through the moisture. He had slipped away within her embrace, and left her alone.

Left her to fend for not only herself, but also their unborn child.

Ginny sucked in a quivering breath, and sobbed openly into his raven hair. The world was doomed. Harry was dead and who knew the status of her own large family. She wept for them, for her friends and for her poor fatherless child. She wept for her innocence lost, and for the Dark Age that was soon to come with Voldemort's rule.

What Ginny Weasley did not know was, that even these things have a way of working themselves out. Especially in cases were prophecies are involved. So it would be as to no surprise, when a little miracle magic was hacked that day. Much in the way Lily Potter had worked her magic to save her beloved son, Harry cast his own protection spell on his child.

There was no light, or even a sound, but there was definitely a feeling. A warm spring wind pushed through the smoke and parted it. It was the type of moment that was dreamed up by muses, but never fully conveyed into human words. The very kind that gave hope even in the darkest of hours, and most certainly the form that announced to the world, that Voldemort was really in for it.

"You." A voice spit, and intruded on Ginny's violent flow of grief. A chill rolled up her spine, as she recognized the voice of her nightmares. The teenager's brown eyes snapped up in fear. There, right in front of her was Voldemort. He glared down at her with his slit red eyes, the very same that boiled with rage. The very same that didn't look at Harry, but her. In his hand, was the sword of Slytherin, the blade was slick with blood. Her eyes widen in terror, as she realized that weapon had been the one to kill Harry Potter.

"I must say, I am very disappointed in you, Virginia. I had thought after all we shared, you had gained a little more smarts, and stayed away from this bloody idiot." Ginny's eyes narrowed angrily, as she glared murderously up at him. Voldemort continued on, as he had the galls to look thoughtful. "But I wonder… How did you finally get him to inject you with his spawn? Hmm… Did you get him pissing drunk, then rape the fuck out of the poor boy?"

"Shut up!" She snarled at him, but didn't move from Harry's side. Ginny grabbed her wand from inside her robes, and then pointed it at the dark wizard. Voldemort smirked darkly at the lame threat, the expression looked nauseating on his snake-like face. He had reasons to be smug, he had just defeated Dumbledore and Potter. He conceitedly thought that no one could touch him anymore.

"Mmm," he pushed. "You honestly think for a second, that you can beat me, Virginia? Tell me, how well did that work out the last time, hmm?" He taunted darkly, Ginny stiffened. Her eyes flickered down towards Harry, before she swallowed back her fear. She wouldn't be helpless again. She allowed her anger to breed to new heights, and it gave her strength in the face of this murdering monster. The witch's wand shook within her fingers, the only thing that held her back was Harry's body.

"That was then, Tom. I've learned a lot since!"

"Yes, yes," he growled out, annoyed with her use of his real name. "How wonderful for you." His voice colored with sarcasm. "You've seen how much the skills, of those who attended the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, have help here today."

"Go to hell," she snarled up at him. "You think it's over? It's not over. It's never going to be over!" That actually made Voldemort laugh, which only ignited the famous Weasley's temper. The redhead gently set Harry's body onto dryer ground. Ginny stood proudly to face the evil wizard. "You think it's so fucking funny," she brutally demanded. "Well! I'll prove it to you! I'll kill you my bloody self!"

"You!" He snorted, "You, little-weak-nobody Virginia Weasley?! That's rich." He then shook his head as if he addressed a dull child. "No, my dear, I believe you will be joining your precious Boy Who Didn't Live," he bit out, as he raised his own wand and aimed it at her. "After all, I can't have you and your bastard child getting in my way."

"Expelliarmus!" A new voice snapped out like a firecracker. Then in a flash of red lightning, Voldemort was knocked sideways by a sneak attack! The dark wizard was sent into the water, and caused it to splash everywhere. Ginny went to go after him, but she was suddenly yanked backwards.

"Damn fucker! How'd you like that?!" Ginny's brown eyes snapped over to see of all people, Ronald Weasley. Her older brother looked nothing like the boy within her memory. This was a tormented man, covered in blood and other unmentionables. His robes were shredded and caked in dirt. His once bright blue eyes glared down at the water. They were dull and haunted from hours of war. His eyes shifted and landed on Harry, but he didn't react as his little sister figured he would of – in fact, he didn't react at all. It was as if he had known that his best mate was dead. Still it made her sick to the stomach and so angry, that she wanted to slug him. 'He's dead! Harry's dead, Ron! Say something!'

"Ron!" The redhead croaked, as she glared at her brother through tears. She was relieved to see him alive, angry for his lack of reaction to her lover's death, thankful for his act of heroism, and horrified that this reunion wouldn't last. The Prefect redhead let his gaze flicked towards her. Ron Weasley's face contorted with a thousand emotions all so brief, that she couldn't make out any one of them. Suddenly, the older Weasley reached forward and enveloped her in a suffocating hug.

She knew then what he meant to do.

He then shoved the witch into the person behind her. "Take Ginny, Remus, take her as far away from here as you can!" Ron ordered the man twice his age. "Promise me you'll protect her!"

Ginny scowled and glanced back at the former DADA professor, whom she had come to highly respect. The graying, brown haired werewolf looked pained. He too understood what had to happen. His darken green-blue eyes shifted from the brother to sister, and then he forced a weak smile. Whatever had happened during the battle, it was obvious to the pregnant girl that Ron and Remus Lupin had seen through it together.

"You have my word, Ron." Then Remus hauled Ginny away from the lake. Her dark eyes returned to Harry's body and then shifted to her older brother. 'No! This is wrong! This is all wrong! I can't leave! I won't leave! I have to stay! Harry! Ron, don't make me go! If I go… If I go then this will have been real! It have can't be real! I won't believe it! It's not supposed to happen like this!' In her panicked moment, she didn't see the old Marauder pull an emergency portkey from within his robes. He set it and waited, but they wouldn't have to wait long.

"Ron," Ginny whimpered as she begun to collect her scattered thoughts. The older Weasley just fixed her with a soft but loving smile, "I luv ya, sis." She lurched forward at his warm words. She wanted to say, that of course she knew that he loved her. She wanted to say that she loved him too. She wanted to yell at him, to hit him, to hug him, to stay with him… But she wouldn't be allowed to do anything. It was at that exact minute, she felt the familiar yank at her navel, that came with traveling by portkey. So that Ron, Harry's death and Voldemort's ascension to power, all faded into a dark memory…