A World Without You

Note: While writing this, I forgot Kairi fell from the sky, and not island-born. So just pretend she IS island =born, instead of adopted,ok?

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Chapter One: Morning at Fate Island

Poverty of the heart rests heavily on the mind. This quote flashed through Kairi's head, as she sat in her bed on Fate Island, one of the Destiny Islands. Without Sora and Riku, her life had been boring, to say the least. She had her bad days, where she'd mope around, wouldn't eat or sleep much... always seem tired. She wouldn't do anything but sit outside, looking longingly at the skies, hoping for one small trace... Today, she felt almost normal. She still felt their absence, though.

"A world without you..." she said to herself, looking around the room sadly. A year had passed since the worlds had been restored, and still she waited. Her parents were worried for her health... everyone was. Just the other day, Selphie had come up, and they had talked. Selphie missed Riku a lot... she'd really liked him. Kairi, though, took Sora's disappearance more to heart. They'd been friends since she'd met him, and slowly had advanced. She loved Sora, more than anyone, or anything. If he were here, then-

"No, I won't think about Sora, or Riku, or anything. I`ll try to be normal. Everyone's worried, because of me..." she said to herself, trailing off into silence. The heartless had disappeared, hopefully forever. The world walls were restored, and everything was fine. Tidus, Wakka and Selphie had gotton over it, almost. Tidus and Selphie had taken it harder than Wakka. Tidus and Sora had been almost inseperable, and Selphie had liked Riku a bit more than she had shown. All of them were hit hard.

A smell pervaded her thoughts, and they were interrupted again by a call of "Kairi, bacon's on the table!" from her dad. Jumping off her bed, she headed downstairs, towards the kitchen.

"Ohayou Mom, Ohayou Dad!" she greeted cheerfully, as she walked into the kitchen cheerfully. She loaded up a plate, the sat at the table, eating breakfast and learning aboutthings from her mom. Her mom, having traveled all over the Islands, had an enormous amount of knowledge stored up, and she started unleashing it at mealtimes. Kairi had learned many things from her mother like this, of philosophy, foreign customs and culture, sports, and styles of living. She was 'an everlasting spout of knowledge' according to Kairi's dad, who had more than once been just as interesting.

Kairi's dad was a scientist, and after the events of a year ago, he had been studying the few gummi blocks Kairi had brought back. He was trying to learn to make them, in case the barriers fail again. He worked constantly during the day, except for breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks. "I've almost cracked it!" he'd exclaim one day, then see a large flaw the next. He was also the nicest man Kairi knew... and she knew a LOT of people.

Then suddenly came a voice from the kitchen, "Bacon!?" An eleven-year-old girl came speeding into their kitchen -- Hiyami, Kairi's younger sister. With long hair and a cute smile, Hiyami was popular and nice. Kairi and Hiyami had a good relationship, as sisters, and really liked eachother. "Kai, you better've saved me some," she said, looking at Kairi with a (pretend) accusatory look.

"Don't worry, Hiya, I did," laughed Kairi, smiling, If anyone could help her heal from her loss, it'd be her family.

After breakfast, the family scattered. Her dad went to the basement, her mom went to the living room for a rest, and her sister ran off with her friends. Kairi prepared herself for the walk along the hot beach to the ferry between islands, so she could visit Selphie on Main Island, the usual hangout.

She got up from her seat, put on her shoes, and left the house they had owned since before Kairi's birth. As she walked away, she looked back... the sun behind the house looked really pretty... and reminded her of the sunny smile, of a boy who disappeared one year ago...


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Ohayou is a way of saying "Good Morning" in Japanese.