I awoke to the sound of screamng. Worried, I jumped up and looked around...

I was in a cold steel cell, like a box, without openings. Not even a barred window, the only break in the cold hard steel being the mesh sttreched out over what I presumed to be a heater. The room, though, was cold, and in my summer gear, it chilled me to the bone. What had happened?

I looked around, frantic, andsearched every point in the wall for an opening I could use... The mesh was a kind I'd recognised from Destiny Islands, not something you can break easily with your hands. It was tough stuff. I wracked my brain for a solution, but I came up with nothing. I wouldn't hve long until I was too cold to move...

THAT is what the opening in the wall was for! It was making the room colder! I removed my light swimming jacket, now colder than ever, and covered the opening. Gradually, it got warmer, but not too much. Seeing as I had nothing to do, I decided to exercise a bit, and did a few stretches. I kept an eye on the room, paying close attention to the things around me.

After a while, I was too tired to continue, and laid down to rest a bit...

Later, I wished I hadn't...


A World Without You


Chapter 5: Escape

Disclaimer: I own not, the Kindom Hearts game, nor do I own the characters, settings etc. that I use that I did not create myself.

Note: A lot of parts in this chap are 1st person. Those are all the same person, while the other scenes are 3rd. Also, I use a character from FF8, and I've only played the first cd or two.


"Yasuke-kun?" A woman's voice came from outside.

Yasuke Takemori wasn't a young man, but he wasn't old. He had short, ruffled black hair, and a large, muscular figure. He was a father, but not a grandfather, and he was peaceful. His son disappeared last year, and although he doesn't know it, Yasuke's daughter did last night. Yasuke's soul and heart are in trouble.

"Yasuke-kun? Are you in there?" the woman called again.

"Jun? Great to see you! Umm..." Yasuke started to say soemthing to the woman, Jun, after opening the door for her and letting her in. "Ummm... Did Lena crash at your place last night? She didn't come home yesterday afternoon, when she went out to see a sick friend..."

Jun Toki, a younger woman than Yasuke by a few years, was Takeru's mother. Her messy blond hair, and perpetual smile were know to her many friends, and she was active in the community, doing anything for anyone.

Jun frowned, disappointed. " Well, Takeru left yesterday to see his friends too, I thought they might've come here... I went to a meeting of the D.I.H.P.C. and he was gone when I came back... I called Sano and Kari, they haven't seen them either.... It's like they van-" Jun stopped. She was NOT going to tell Yasuke his daughter had disappeared, when his only son had done the same thing the year before. "I think.... maybe they went to visit Tidus and Wakka on the other island, and stayed over there..."

"Well, it seems I don't know Kairi as well as I thought.... I expected Kairi wouldn't miss her sister's bithday party to see some friends she could see tomorrow...." Yasuke saw through her excuse. "Don't hide the truth from me, they're gone. Last time, three disappeared. One of them came back. This time, I know Lena will. So don't worry about it. 'Kay?" he smiled weakly at Jun.

"'Kay..." she returned it, and turned to walk out of the door. After three steps, Yasuke called after her, asking her to stay for a while. She acceded.


I awoke to the sound of things smashing together. My head ached, and everything was different. I opened my eyes.

I was sitting in the middle of a room, like the last one where I'd fallen asleep, except the vent was gone, it was warm, and the two of the walls were spinning. Yes, they were moving around, letting me catch a glimpse of the other side.

Anther difference was that the floor was tiled, and each was about as big as one of my feet. As I clambered to my feet, the wall sped up. I took a step towards them and they lowed. Thinking it ws may chance, I ran a few steps closer...

They sped up, faster this time. It confused me, really... I stepped back once, and thy sped up even more...I steped sideways, and they stopped completely...

I figured it out! The speeds had something to do with my movements I stepped catiously to the side, and one slowed down. I jumped, hoping that I wouldn't set it off, and grabbed onto a handle that was on one of the walls. I was swept along, until I was in another room.

I jumped, landing on the floor... and realised how stupid it was to not look before leaping. There was some sort of trampoline that had replaced the floor, and I'd had enough momentum when I landed to almost smash my head into the ceiling.

I stood, slowly, then realised something... The wires on the trampoline were weak, and there was nothing underneath but a deeeeeeep hole... I gulped, and looked around. The wall had stopped moving, and there was no exit... and eventually the 'bouncer wouldn't be able to support my weight for long...

'Stupid! How LONG have you lived on Destiny Islands, and you STILL managed to forget that there are FIVE directions you can go?' I argued with myself mentally. "You're on an instrument of going up, so look where you bounce!'

I looked, and there seriously WAS a small hole... The bouncer didn't have ythe strength to build up a jump like that. I'd have two tried to bounce in, then I'd just barely have the amount left to get back to the- Oh gfreat, I remembered the wall'd stopped. This was my only chance it'd take exact precision...

I stepped my way to the little hole, and looked up. Good, exact angle... I mustered up my strength, got ready to jump... and slipped, smashing my face into the soft fabric...I pushed off with my hands to get up...

I shot through the air. It seemed the net had stored momentum or something, 'cause I was in the air, hoping I'd make it... With a WHOOSH! I was through, and I opened my eyes just in time to avoid falling back down and breaking my neck. I swung about and landed on my feet...

"Good job..." a guy said, sitting on a bed opposite me. Blond hair spiked in the front, smirk and tough body language. He was wearing a black jacket, and I noted metal fists.The thing that caught my eye, though, was a tattoo on his face, a black design that wandered up to the middle of his forehead from the bottom of his left cheek, reminding me of a wing. The first shape, a line with elegant spikes portruding from in, went from the area in front of the ear to the middle of the forehead, and at the cheek two other strands led off, one under the eye halfway down the cheek to the eye's end, and the other going, basically straght down to the bottom of the cheek.

"Who-" I started, wondering why this weird guy was here.

He held up his hand. "Dincht Zell. You?" he asked, smirking like a tough know-it-all. He didn't seem to have grown up since his teens, since he was very loose and confident.

"Umm... Toki Takeru. Anyways, What- Why am I here? Where IS here?" I asked frantically.

"You seriously don't know? Well.... You're in the middle of the trials for the Abolishment League... You don't know what that is, do you?"

I shook my head.

"It's a group of warriors that are in charge of destroying the heartless threat to the world."

"What is that?" I asked, wondering what kind of threat they would call 'heartless'... Killing children, maybe?

"Heartless, little black things that scurry about stealing peoples hearts, and really ruining everything... You must be on one of those safe, backwards worlds... Which one are you from?" Zell asked me.

Flustered, I answered, "Destiny Islands..."

"Ahh..." He turned to a computer (Yes, we DO have computers on Destiny Islands) and pressed a few characters on the keyboard. "You've come a long way... Well, If you've made it this far... Just go through that door, you might as well take the last test, and get a good lesson on heartless, okay? If youget through, go trough the door, give them this card," he passed me a small business card with some letters scrawled on it, "And wait for Irvine. He'll tell you..."

I had a question... "How will I know when I'm done?"

"Well, he doesn't get up once he's beaten down... Basically, the green light on the wall will flash, 'kay? Now, get out there!" he said, giving me a hefty pat on the back and pushing me through the door.

When I got in, I stopped, breathed in, and called back through the door, "You said HIM, but there's THREE of them out here! And I think one or two of them are girls!"

Oh, this was gonna be hard...



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