Dawn started to climb out the window of her bedroom, not wanting to see anyone of her so-called friends. She grabbed a coat by her bed since it was a bit chilly out. She slid down the roof and ran as fast as she could to the only place where she could be completely alone and think. The large tower tipped over the town of Sunnydale like an endless reminder of the person who gave her life for everyone, but no one seemed to care. She slowly climbed up the latter to the mid section of the tower and sat at the edge, hugging her shoulders when it felt like the temperature. She whipped away another hot tear and thought about how the other could possibly think about replacing Buffy with that dumb robot, they way they called it 'her' as if it was real. " It's not real. It's not my sister!" She cried throwing piece steel that was next to her at a gate out of rage. She pulled her knees up to her chin and cried her heart out. " Why'd you leave me Buffy? You where the only person I had left, now I don't have anyone!" She cried and hugged her knees. She heard the taping of boots behind her but ignored it, she shivered and whipped away another tear.

" What are you doing up 'ere Nibblet?" Spike asked from behind her, he sat down behind her, and put his hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off.

" Leave me alone Spike!" She shouted at him, not turning around. He still stayed.

" No luv. What's wrong?" He asked gently

" Like you don't know. They probably sent you to go find me because they're to busy with the Buffy-bot." She mumbled hugging her knees.

" The what?" Spike asked cocking his head. Dawn straightened up and turned around facing him.

" You don't know do you?" She asked putting her legs down in Indian style. " Willow and the others are trying to replace Buffy with that ditzy Buffy- bot." She said coldly.

" Dawn, your probably over reacting."

" I am not!" Dawn shouted and turned around again. Spike sighed behind her and moved up closer behind her. " It's not fair! Buffy and Mom were the only people I have left, Dad's off in Spain, probably doesn't even know we exist anymore! I don't have anyone!"

" Nibblet that's not true."

" Stop calling me that!" Dawn said covering her ears. Spike was silent for a while, and then he took something out of his pocket and sat next to Dawn.

" Ya know why I call you Nibblet? Cause it means 'little sister', and that's what you remind me of. My little sister." Spike said, Dawn uncovered her ears and looked at him. " Yeah, I had a little sister, I also had an older brother. But I loved my sister very much, I still do, but just because I call you Nibblet like I called her doesn't mean I'm replacing her. It just means that I've moved on, like you should. I'm not say'n you should forget your mum and Buffy, or act like the Buffy-bot is your new sister or something. Just try to except it." Dawn whipped a tear from under her eye and looked up at him.

" I really remind you of your little sister?" She asked, Spike smiled and nodded stroking his hand down the edge of her hair.

" What was her name?"

" Madison."

" I wish I could have met her." Dawn said looking at her feet, Spike mumbled something and took out something from his pocket.

" I was gonna give you this tomorrow but I think now is better. It used to be Madison's, but she gave it to me the night I was turned into a vampire." Spike said and handed Dawn an old gold locket, it was an oval with a heart and roses imprinted on the outside and a long gold chain. Inside it was blank. " You can put a picture of your mum and Buffy in there if you want." Spike said standing up and held his hand out to her. " Ready ta go home Nibblet?"

" Yeah." Dawn said smiling and put the locket on and grabbed his hand. As they made their way down the ladder and back home, two small snowflakes floating down from the sky and landed where they were sitting.