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The Execution of the Pirate King
by Chou

The streets of Logue Town had never been this crowded in history. But then, history had rarely seen a day like this. The Pirate King had been caught, and was being marched to his execution in Logue Town, the town known far and wide as legendary.

Rumors flew about the capture, how brutal and vicious the fight was. In truth, he had just smacked around every Marine troop that came at him before surrendering to one he knew from times and chases past, grinning even as they slapped manacles on him. The Pirate King always, always grinned. He had too much fun not to.

And now he began the long trek to the execution tower. He looked at it, thoughtfully when he first came out from his cell. Regarded it in the same way a boxer regards an opponent in a high stakes match. Then he shrugged and laughed and began walking. His guard of Marines stoically led him down the street. The crowds on either side jeered, or cried, or shouted, depending on the individual outlooks to pirates. But all saw his majesty, the power he carried himself with.

He was a physically impressive sight to begin with. He was tall and strong, with unruly black hair, huge white teeth, and a faded coat of red. It was the look in his eye. The look that spoke of wild adventure on untamed seas, of surviving what most men couldn't, of keeping company with the sort of folk legends were and had been made of. It all came together into one great swirling maelstrom of pure pirate, poured into the form of a man.

Then, in less time than it takes to tell about, they had reached the courtyard and ascended the tower. The Marines with their spears stood ready, and a deathly silence fell over the crowded courtyard.

The Marines raised their spears…

"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TREASURE!?" someone in the crowd shouted desperately. "WHERE IS IT!?"

The Pirate King looked down and his grin grew wider still. He laughed with the glee only a good and proper rogue can muster.

"You want my treasure?" he said, and through dint of the power of his voice, everyone in town heard him.

"It's yours…if you can find it…" he continued. Then something changed in his face. Something became idealistic, maybe even naively so in that face that had seen and done it all.

"My treasure…was NAKAMA!" He shouted with the full force of his voice, his grin stretched the widest and brightest it could, and the spears went though him.

Monkey D. Luffy, Pirate King, had been put to the death with no regrets.

Author's Notes:

I had this idea out of nowhere a short while ago, and I just had to put it to paper. It's not a long fic, but I'd like to think it's a good one. Not a happy one, per se, but a good one. Although…I think Luffy might've liked to go out in that way, if he ever wanted to go out. It was the way of the Pirate King.