Author's Note: I am so sorry for taking so long in getting up the final chapter of this story. Part of the reason was because of a long and busy weekend; and also because I was having trouble logging onto my account.

I have seen The Return of the King trailer! Wahoo! I am dying to see what Peter Jackson has done with Frodo, Gollum, and Sam.

     "Precious will be ours," Gollum talks to himself, unaware of Sam listening.

     "He means to murder us!" Sam warns Frodo.

     "Never!" Gollum protests, turning to them.

     "I'm not sending him away!" Frodo tells Sam fiercely. "Come, Smeagol," he says in a soft voice and takes the creature's hand.

     Sam looks on in sadness and disbelief. Gollum smiles at him with an evil look in his eyes.

That was my favorite part of the trailer. *sigh* Anyway, on with the third and final part of Save!


Part 3: Why Did He Save Me?

The voices whispering in my head are overwhelming. The Ring blends with the voices that are everywhere in my mind since we entered the Dead Marshes.

I stand still, feeling exhausted. I stare at the faces that lie in the water. Their skin is very pale, almost white; their hair floats about them.


I think I hear someone calling me from far away. I feel like I'm floating. I blink slowly. Where am I? Am I dry? Am I wet? Phantoms swirl around me. Their hideous faces stare at me. I can see nothing in their cold eyes. Their smiles are chilling. Their hands reach towards me…towards my neck…towards the Ring. I try to fight them, but everything I do is in slow motion. I am tempted to give up, to let my eyes roll back into my head.

I feel a powerful grip grab hold of my shoulder. I am powerless against it. I close my eyes as it pulls me into unknown depths.

Water streams down my face as I break out of the water. I gasp; my lungs take in the stale – but very much needed – air. I try to assist the person that drags me up to land by pushing myself up with my legs.

Sam… I think, and I turn, the word about to fall from my lips. But the word retreats from my mouth and mind as I stare into the gray blue eyes of my rescuer. My eyes widen in shock.

"Gollum?" I say in disbelief.

He is the last person I thought of seeing here. He is wet from rescuing me and pants heavily. Why did he save me? I blink in surprise at the thought. But it is true, I slowly realize: he did save me.

"Don't follow the lights!" he says, breaking into my thoughts. 

I continue staring at him. I should thank him, I must. But as I am about to speak, he hisses softly, suddenly, as he puts his hand down, and a look quickly crosses his face.  Is it a look of pain that I see? I look at his hands, but I cannot tell if anything is the matter. He glances over my shoulder, ducks his head, and quickly crawls away. I notice he uses only one hand as he goes. Now I am certain something is not right with him. I try to push myself up to go after him.


If he hears me, he does not listen but keeps on going.

"Mister Frodo! Are you all right?"

Sam takes hold of my shoulders, but I don't bother turning to him nor answering him. I am fine, thanks to Smeagol. But my eyes narrow with worry as I watch him.

I let Sam help me to my feet and fuss about my catching cold. But I do not listen. I want to get a chance to check on Smeagol and make sure he is all right. I pity him; I do not desire for him to suffer because of what he did for me.



2nd Author's Note: I want to thank everyone who has reviewed this story and those who told me that I had written Sam well and that he was in character; I am very relieved. For those begging me to write more Gollum – and especially concerning the Black Gate – fear not. I am currently working on the sequel to Save; Gollum will have his hand looked over and there will interaction between him and Frodo. I am surprised by what I have written so far of the story because there is some conflict that I was not suspecting of, and the story is much darker than I first intended. Once I finish the sequel I will then see about writing the Black Gate sequence from the three's point-of-views. So keep your eyes open.