Tonight's the night we're gonna get Leo plastered

"Alright everybody keep it up!" Leo shouted as he deflected a punch from Raph.

"Come on , Raph that was sloppy, Mike quit goofing off,....Don that bo isn't gonna bite use it !"

Raph gritted his teeth , he was getting sick of this macho leader shit . He turned to see Mike back fighting a somewhat upset Don. "Jerk's always ordering us around" he thought he turned back to be slammed in the face by Leo and sent into the nearby wall.

"Come on Raph don't daydream" Leo scolded crossing his arms and huffing .

"Dammit Leo " Raph swore "your always the perfect one aren't you?"

" I never sa..." Leonardo started , as their aged master came through the door .

"Master..." He breathed and bowed , followed by Don and Mike and eventually a reluctant Raph.

"My sons I must go on a spritual retreat, I will be gone for a few days and leave Leonardo in charge .

At this Raph got up and stormed into his room, slamming the door behind him.

Splinter sighed " I must go" he placed a hand on Leonardos's shoulder " Good luck my son " with that he turned and left.

Leo turned to the faces of his younger brothers. " Alright, lets continue practicing.."

Don and Mike groaned and followed him back into the room.

It was late in the evening when Don finally crawled into his room, followed in suit by Mike.

Don collapsed at his computer while Mike flopped on his bed.

Turning on the screen he heaved a heavy sigh, he hurt all over . Besides their normal workout Leo had them preforming extra exercises. All day. No brakes. "Two days of this" he moaned , he felt he was going to cry, not even Master Splinter at his worse was this bad.

"Now now Donny" Mike teased wearily from the bed"remember what Leo said "If we practice really hard we can master a new technique and please Splinter " he said imitating Leo's voice badly.

Don picked up a near by paper weight and hurled it at his brother .


The next hour was spent in complete silence, with Don at his computer and Mike daydreaming on the bed, until they heard a shuffling in the room next to them followed by evil laughter .

"Don?" Mike asked gazing over at his brother.

Don shrugged his shoulders and inched over to the door that joined his room to Raph's .

All of a sudden, the door flew open and an insane looking Raph shot through, shutting the door , then standing with his back turned to them.

Mike and Don clung to each other. "Ok "Mike choked "he gone Raph's finally gone off the deep end"

Raph whirled around to face them, " I have a plan to get Leo off all our backs " he smiled

"W..What?" Mike stammered

Raph's grin became wider, as he brought his face, inches from Mike's , his ice blue eyes gleamed with the sick amusement of what he was planning to do.

"This" he hissed " he held up a 4L bottle of bourbon.

"Raph " Don gasped "were did you get that?"

Ignoring him Raph opened the bottle and took a sniff "ahhh" he sighed

Mike tried too and ended up coughing .

"Watch it Mike , it's eighty proof ,"Raph snickered " strong enough to make even our prefect leader not so perfect"


Raph, Mike and Don tiptoed through the living room before sneaking into the kitchen.

"Ok Raph it's a great idea, but how are we gonna get Leo to drink it ?" Mike asked .

"Simple Mikey.. " Raph chuckled as he unscrewed the cap and poured some of the contents into a tea cup. "Leo always has a cup of tea after his meditation,.. He'll never even notice "

"Raph ...are you sure this is the right thing to do? I mean .." Don began

"Come on Donny . Leo's been throwing his weight around here way to much lately. Nothing is ever good enough for him, he's always bitching about something , ragging us out in practice.

Don was silent for a moment "alright " he mummbled

"Alright this is gonna be great" Raph laughed "Here Don go give our great leader his tea"

After Don had gone though the kitchen doors, Raph turned to Mike " Mikey cook something that Leo likes "


"Make something Leo will eat, but whatever it is make sure it's salty." he said as he poured more of the bourbon into a glass of orange juice.


Leo was just coming out of his meditaion when Don came through the doors carrying his tea.

"Um .. hey's your tea" Don said trying to keep his hands from fidgeting,

"thank you..Don is everything alright ?" Leo asked is younger brother , when he noticed him figeting, with his eyes on the floor.

"Fine .L ..Leo ...everything's..f..fine" Don stammered . He couldn't meet Leo's eyes

( oh this is wrong so wrong ...) Don thought to himself . "I have to go.." Don edged to the door before turning and running out.

Leo sighed stretching his muscles, Don was acting a bit odd. "I wonder if I was too hard on him today,?" he thought knowing how easily Don's feelings could be hurt. He took a drink of his tea

" tastes different somehow?" he mused , then laughed softly " I must be tired the tea is no different then yesterdays or the day before's . He finished his cup, and started to the door, he must have a talk with Don, he didn't want any ill feelings between him and his brothers.

But as he made his way there the room blurred ever so slightly, and he stumbled a bit.

Leo shook his head , and went out in to the living room area, he could smell something cooking and realized that he hadn't eaten yet today. Mike came into the room with a couple of soft pretzels. "Here Leo have some" he offered.

Leo smiled and tore into them .They were delicious, warm and soft but so salty , he was about to ask for a drink when Raph sat a large glass of orange beside him.

" Leo, have a drink .." Raph offered

"Unn..thanks Raph" Leo said unsure of were this was going

"Leo, I want to apologize..." Raph started

"It's ok Raph " Leo smiled ( So that's what he wanted ) he fell back into the chair content things were going so good , his brothers were happy , he was happy, very happy and he couldn't figure out why , as he chugged down the orange juice.

He blinked a couple of times to clear his vision, the room seemed to have shifted to it's side, He attempted to get up, but was shoved back down by Raph, who handed him another drink.

Leo was going to decline but everyone seemed so happy he didn't want to spoil it by being a stick in the mud.

He grabbed the glass from Raph's hand and downed it.

Leo gasped, as his eyes bulged out . This wasn't tea or orange juice it burned all the way down.

"Raph" Mike asked "are you sure you should give it to him straight ?"

"Aw come on Mike it ain't gonna hurt him.. see he looks pretty happy to me " Raph laughed

Leo's head lolled back on the couch, he knew he had come out to do something but he couldn't

remember what. He noticed Raph was laughing , so he started to laugh too.

Don that it he was going to talk to Don

"Raph whersh Don?" he asked badly slurring the words. Raph started to laugh even harder at this

"HA H...H...HOLD ..ON..I'll....ha..ha...g..get..em" Raph choked as he ran to Don's room. "Don hey Don you got see this "

"Why?" came a small voice from the corner. Raph walked to the other side of the bed, to find Don crouched in the corner.

"Why ... what do yo mean wh.." Raph stopped and hauled his brother from the floor "Aw for christ sakes Donny what are ya doing crying for!!!!!"

"Raph I know something bad is going to happen" Don whimpered.

"Gahhhhh" Raph sighed heading for the door .

"Raph..please stop this " Don grabbed his arm,

Raph turned and clasp his fingers around Don"s neck "Listen up!!!" he roared shaking Don for all he was worth. "Nothing is going to fucking happen,!!!!!!!! stop being so danm....arraghh!!!!!" he swung Don into the wall and was about to go at him again when Mikey screamed out to them.

"Raph, Don .....Leo's Dead!!!!!!!!!!"

END part 1