Tonight's the night we're gonna get Leo Plastered 6

"There coming straight for us!" Raphael cried.

"Quick, Raph, run!" Leo shouted grabbing his brother's arm and pulling him along into the darkness.

Raph followed him stumbling on the cold hard earth that jumped up to meet his feet with each step. He turned hearing the noise behind him grow in intensity. "Leo ..!" He gasped glancing over his shoulder.

"Run" Leo snapped "Just keeping running, don't look back...just run!" He continued on at a blinding speed half dragging his brother behind him. His eyes scanned the layout before him.

/ run yes ... but run where?" / his tired mind gave a groan all he truly wanted to do was stop and lie down and drift into peaceful obviation. Everywhere he looked the same vast void assaulted his senses; everywhere the same rolling unending lifeless world.

Leo turned to look at his brother. Raph ran by his side still giving off his bright glow of life.

/ If only I could hide you ...but where/

"Leo.." Raph wheezed "There up ahead.."

Leo peered through the darkness to where his brother was pointing, and saw a small speck in the distance. A large cropping of boulders, surrounded by what looked like a vast forest.

Leo's heart sank at the thought of what they may find in those woods, so far he'd not met to much that was on friendly terms with him. / right now it was the best option we have/ Leo's mind confirmed.

"Come on Raph we gotta get to those trees then we'll be able to loose those things.

Veering sharply to the left they sprinted to the forest, skidding to a halt at the entrance.

"Are we going in there?" Raph asked warily looking in to the gloom. The trees were twisted and gnarled into bizarre and unnatural shapes. Dead limp leaves hanging from the bony limbs like skin.

Leo turned to see their pursuers coming up over the rise, he looked back at his brother still glowing bright, this was his only chance, and he had precious few seconds to hide Raph.

"Come on" he said running into the cover of the wood and being eaten up by the darkness.

Leo's mind raced as he searched frantically through the inky blackness for some means of camouflage. / I've got to hide Raph.../

Behind them came a loud crash as their pursuers entered the forest.

"Leo, what do we do.. What are those...?" Raph whispered.

"Shhh!" Leo hissed. He'd spotted something dragging his brother with him, he found a small crater in the forest floor. It wasn't the greatest camouflage, but it would have to make do. Moving quickly, they jumped into the hole, throwing the leaves and dirt up and over them as quietly as possible. Leo pushed Raph as far down as he could shielding the younger turtle with his own body.

Leo was silent, as he listened carefully. Heavy footfalls coming closer; he willed his body not to move. Underneath him he could feel Raphael tense up still as stone and he knew his brother was listening with every fiber of his being, waiting till they either had to fight or flee.

Raph didn't dare breathe as the pounding feet came closer. Though he wanted more than anything to grab Leo and pull him under with him, his little refuge of darkness and false safety, it would be suicide to try moving right now.

Leo lay motionless as one of the dark creature came to within a breath of his head, a heavy foot clomping door on his wrist. He gritted his teeth using every once of his ninja training to stay calm, and still. Finally they began to move off and onward deeper into the darkness of the forest.

Leo let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Getting up and helping his brother out of the hole.

"You ok?" Raph asked ashe rubbed his wrist.'s weird that should have broken my arm...But I barley felt a thing.."

Raph sat back on his haunches, blues eyes glittering in the dark. "Leo...? What were those things..?"

"Death "Leo answered simply. He looked over at his brother, "Raph" he voice hitched as he spoke "Are you here...are you really here..? Please tell me I'm not dreaming.."

"I'm here Leo...I'm real..." Raph whispered.

Leo, his lips trembling slightly closed the distance between them. "Raphael" he sobbed, grabbing hold of his brother, terrified that any minute he'd watch him vanish in the dust like everything else in this mixed up world. He held Raph in a death grip burying his face into his brother's shoulder. Raphael was warm; it was wonderful, not the same creeping cold he'd been met with since he'd found himself here.

He held the embrace longer than either of them would ever have allowed under normal circumstances. Finally Leo relented, loosening his hold and pulled back. "How..?" He asked "Raph, how did you get here? What happened?"

The other turtle shrugged "I thought maybe I could reach you if I meditated... you know like how Master Splinter taught us to do, leaving one's body behind and focusing on the astral plain of the consciousness here I am..." Raph gave a week smile.

Leo snorted at him "nice to see you've been paying attention"

"Hmmph.." Raph growled giving his big brother a light punch to the shoulder, before pulling it back like he'd been burned. "Leo your so cold.." he whispered.

Leo nodded "ya...I know... I don't feel it anymore though...can't really feel much of anything...I guess dead people don't need to.." he looked up at Raph "Sorry I'm being a bit morbid aren't I ?"

Just a Little.." Raph said. "Leo, we're gonna find a way out of here ...I didn't come here for nothing.."

Ya.."Leo mumbled looking into the unending dark. "So how did I get here anyway..? Was there a fight...was I hurt..?" Leo asked with sudden interest. He turned to look once more into Raph's blue eyes. "Tell me Raph, I can't seem to remember anything at all" he sighed rubbing his hands in the futile attempt at warming them.

Raph lowered his gaze becoming rather uncomfortable "um ya ..there was a fight ...of sorts. A lot of fighting actually and... You got hurt in the ...accident" He looked up meekly into Leo's eyes. "I came to help you Leo, to get you outta here...But now that I'm here I'm not sure how to do that"

"Well that makes two of us then.." Leo groaned

"Maybe if we just walk about a bit we'll find something..?" Raph offered getting up.

"I don't think so Raph.." Leo said in a weary voice "I've been walking this place for...well I'm not sure how long now...I don't think this place has time...or at least not as we know it. He scuffed at the earth with his hand, drawing strange and meaningless shapes in the dust, as quickly as the wind ate them up. "As far as I can tell there isn't much's almost like a check point of sorts, a stopping place before you pick your next journey."

Raph lay down next to him watching as he drew in the sand.

"Remember when Master Splinter told us the story about the souls in waiting?" Leo asked in a quiet voice. He waited till Raph nodded before continuing.

"How they waited sometimes for centuries, before coming to their understanding and facing their final test before they could go on and continue their journey..."

Raph looked a bit spooked taking of ghosts, while he was sitting in the land of the dead.

"Raph..You ok..?" Leo nudged him.

"What about the forgotten ..Leo..?" He asked


"In the story there were those who came to their understanding and found their way back to their path and then their were the forgotten, those who couldn't face the challenge, who refused to accept their fate and were doomed to float around forever in a great void, without purpose...just waiting...forever. I wonder what will our fate will be Leo..? To ascend or to wait ...and be forgotten."

"Well I guess that's what I'm doing. Waiting. Waiting to live...waiting to die ...I'm not sure anymore.." Leo sighed.

"Leo don't talk like that !" Raph pleaded "We'll get out of here I promise we will.." Raph settled back down in the small hole looking dejected and tired.

"Hmm" Leo thought to himself. The raven's haunting message running through his head.

/ the choice is yours...always yours to make it is.../

/ The choice what choice ..? I had no choice to be here, and I can't choose to leave so where is my choice..? ... What does it mean..?../

Leo closed his eyes mumbling in his sleep "If only I could remember how is was that I came to be here.."

Laying close beside him Raph tried to fall asleep as well. He glanced at his brother uneasily, his insides churning with an awful knowledge.