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I don't know how long I've been walking.  My aching feet are dragging the ground, and my throat screams for water.  But there is nothing here in this desolate place, nothing but sun-hardened earth.  I think I was supposed to be meeting someone, but I can't remember.

As I walk the endless walk faces flash continuously through my mind like a bad film.  Edea, my beloved matron, the first person who ever really cared about me.  Rinoa, who looked beyond my cocky exterior and loved me in her childish belief that she could 'fix' me.  Chicken-wuss, no, Zell.  Zell whom I always teased, but never will again.  Quistis, the haughty blond who was always better than me.  Selphie and Irvine, facing me in battle with eyes full of determination and fatigue.  But the person I see the most of is Squall.  The look of shock as I cut into his face, the surprise when he found me alive, the pain he tried to hide as I tortured him behind a mask of hate and indifference.  The worst vision is the deadness and pity I see in his eyes as we fought before Time Compression.

I sigh as I look all around me, seeing nothing but dry cracked earth and dusty skies.  I continue walking, not sure I could stop now that I've been continuing the motion for hours, maybe even days on end.  It's funny how time means nothing in Time Compression.

Finally I've reached the end of time and can go no further.  I can't even summon the energy to curse as I turn to head in a different direction and find that way blocked as well.  There is nothing on all sides of me; I'm floating on an island of time.

            With a sigh I think I deserve a break.  I remove my ragged trench coat and fold it carefully, placing it on my lap as I sit cross-legged on the ground.  The blood red cross on the sleeve catches my eye.  It was once my symbol, the mark I was going to leave on the world.  Now it's just a cloth reminder of better times.

My eyelids drop lower and lower as I sit there, and I decide it's high time to get some rest.  I place the folded coat on the ground and lay my head on it.  As I stare up at the surreal gray sky, something changes.  A bright light shoots up from the ground to my far left and drives away the darkness and despair.  I'm lying in a field of beautiful flowers.  I think I hear somebody call my name, Squall perhaps, but I'm beyond caring.  All I want to do is sleep, and I know my dreams will be full of light and laughter.  I smile peacefully at the thought, and allow my eyes to fall shut.  The darkness has never looked so warm and inviting.

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