Star Wars: The Shadow War: Episode I My Little Pony

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes for Chapter: Kyle Striker is given command of an expadition to explore the Unknown regions, as Corenth Striker's Order of the Shadow prepares for war.

Chapter One

It will begin in Ponyland

Location: Jedi Imperial Palace, Curosant Core Worlds of the Jedi Empire.

The room was filled with sunlight as Emperor Skywalker gazed out the window at the new day that had dawned. Thoughts raced through the Jedi Master's mind that day, thoughts of the recent surge in activity in the Unknown Regions, and of the detection of life on some of the worlds in the Unknown Regions.

"Lord Skywalker," a voice said, Luke turned to face a young Jedi Warrior, "Force Knight Kyle Striker has arrived."

"Thank you Corpral," Luke replied, "Show him in."

"As you wish my lord," the Jedi said, he motioned for a handsome young man, dressed in all black, with a flowing cape draped around his shoulders, and a black lightsaber at his side to enter. This was Kyle Striker, one of two brothers who were said to be the last of the most powerful breed of Jedi ever, the Force Knights, Jedi capable of controling both sides of the Force with out falling pray to the Dark Side's deciete.

Luke gazed at Kyle for a few moments, before motioning for the Jedi Warrior to leave. Kyle and Luke looked at each other for a few moments before Luke spoke.

"Kyle," Luke said, "I'm sure you want to know why I've called you here?" The tone in Luke's voice was one of hope, yet regret. Kyle was like a son to him, for he had raised him since he was nine, and Kyle looked upon Luke like a father.

"Of corse Master," Kyle replied

"I've authorized today that an expadition be deployed to the Unknown Regions to investagate the strange reports we've been receiving from our outposts," Luke paused for a minute, "and I would like you to lead it." Kyle was speechless, even though he was a Force Knight, and one of the most capable of all Jedi Luke had seldom if ever let him leave the palace. As Kyle looked into the eyes of his adapted father, Kyle could see that Luke ment it.

Location: Order of the Shadow Stronghold, Luna III, Unknown Regions

"Today," the cloaked figure said, "a new age begins, an age of a new order," he pointed to the two large paintings behind him, one was of the Galatic Emperor Palpatine, the other of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, "a new order begun by the great men you see behind me. What we are about to do here is historic, and our great grandchildren shall remember this day. The day when those who are not sensative in the Force are exterminated, or made to bow before the true masters of the universe, The Sith and the Force Knights. All of us remember the glorious reign of Emperor Palpatine, an era of peace and prosparity ubruptly ended by the fools of the Rebel Alliance. We all curse that day when the great Emperor and the great Lord Vader fell, and for over 50 years we the Order of the Shadow have kept their memories alive. No the war begun long ago isn't over yet, but once again the might of the Sith and the Galatic Empire will rise again, and we shall punish the Galaxy, and those who follow the Jedi Empire, there is only one true leader of the Galaxy, and that is the Sith," he saluted in a manner that hadn't been seen since the fall of the Galatic Empire, and shouted as loud as he could "HAIL PALPATINE, HAIL VADER, HAIL THE GALATIC EMPIRE, HAIL THE SHADOW." Instantly the thounds of troops, both Human, Alien, and Droid repeated that chant, "ALL FORCES OF THE ORDER OF THE SHADOW TO BATTLE." The dark figure, raised a hand that was covered in a black glove to his hood, and removed it to reveal a scared face. Though the hand he had was that of Darth Vader himself, his name was Corenth Striker, brother of Kyle Striker, Force Knight, Leader of the Order of the Shadow, and Lord of the Sith Empire. As the sounds of thousands of boots echoed across the moon, Corenth punched up a map of the Unknown Regions, and pointed to a small planet, labled with one word Ponyland.

"The war will begin in Ponyland," Corenth said to himself, "and will end on Curasant."

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