Star Wars: Shaodow War Episode One

The Smooze Campagn

BY Dragonfang33

Chapter Six

Festival, Darkness Rising

Location:Baby Bonnet School of Dance, Dream Valley, Ponyland

Rehersal for the upcoming dance contiued, as Spike kept playing the same note, and Baby Lickady Split kept preforming her same rutene.

"No, No Lickady Split," Spike said, "can't you just do what Buttons taught you."

"Why should I," Lickady Split replied, still as stubbern as ever, "I can do whatever I want, keep playing." Once again Spike played, and once again Lickady Split preformed her own moves instead of the moves of the dance. Suddenly a bright yellow baby Pegasus Pony flew by, followed by the other Baby Ponies.

"What's going on?" Spike asked

"New Firends," Baby Half-Note replied, "Baby Lofty say have magic powers, and come from outer space." Spike was about to ask something else, when Lickady Split decided to follow the others.

Location: Spring Festival, Dream Valley

The Festival had ground to a halt when the Jedi and their friends entered. The Jedi were indeed quite a curoisety to all of the Ponies, who had gathered, but the Droids were even more of a curoisety.

"Oh they seem very friendly." 3PO said, as the Pony known as Heartthrob came up to him.

"Yes very," Kyle added, in his typical stubbern tone

"Come on daddy," Kit said, "at least they aren't Gundarks or Imperial Loyalists."

"True," Kyle added, as a light blue Pegasus pony, with bright red eyes emerged from the small crowd.

"I'm known as Wind Whistler," she said, "and who are you?"

"Jaina Solo," Jaina said, "Jedi Knight."

"Kyle Striker," Kyle added, "Jedi Force Knight," the rest of the group had no sooner finished introducing themselves when the hologram within R2 activated, and the image of Luke Skywalker, Emperor of the Jedi Empire appeared.

"See I told you they had magic powers." Fizzy said, laughing.

"Quiet," Wind Whistler replied, as the hologram began speaking.

"Greetings," it said in a calm tone, "allow me to introduce myself, I am Luke Skywalker, son of Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Master and Emperor of the Jedi Empire, I come before you in an effort of peace and deplomacy. I believe that the peoples of the Unknown Regions have as much right to dwell within the borders of the Empire as any creature in this galaxy, therefore in an effort to open up relations, I have sent these four ambassadors to your world, all are loyal and trustworthy and will, I hope, serve as a pretext to your world eventually joining the ranks of the Jedi Empire." With that closing remark, the hologram faded. Before long Wind Whistler was asking questions.

"The hologram said there were four of you, but I only see three." she said

"Kit is not an ambassador," Kyle said, "My Padawin, Laz is currently in charge of our ship, and the other member of our group, Jacen Solo is out exploring." Wind Whistler was about to ask another question when 3PO asked about the festival, and it wasn't long till the Spring Festival was underway again.

Most of the activaties remained the same, but the addition of the Jedi and the Droids seemed to brign a new life to the Festival. Jania, Kit, and the Droids seemed to attract the most attention, while Kyle just leaned against a tree, as a group of squirils began sniffing around his lightsaber.

Jania, seemed to be attracted to the Dart throwing game, which was hosted by the bright yellow and green pony Magic Star. Jania walked up to the line, and picked up a dart took aim and prepared to throw it.

"Come on Jania let it rip," Magic Star said, laughing, feeling the Force flow into her arm, Jania threw the dart. The Force guided the dart to its target, a bright red balloon, which popped the moment it was hit. Instantly Magic Star and the small animals began cheering at Jania's triumph.

On the other side of the valley, 3PO, Kit, and R2 were entertaining the Baby Ponies, and the Dragon Spike, with stories of the Clone Wars, the Galatic Civil War, and the Yuuzhan Vong Conflict.

"Then Master Anakin," 3PO said, reminicing about the events of the Battle of Geonsis, and the following Lightsaber duel, "followed Count Dooku to the hanger, drawing his great lightsaber," 3PO imitated the sounds of a Lightsaber engaging, " once there he dueled the evil Count to avenge his one true love," The Baby Ponies, who had never heard of the Clone Wars, were intreaged about the love story of the Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amadala, 3PO told them how Anakin had lost his arm in the duel with Dooku and how he wed Padme in secret, in derect violation of the Old Jedi Code. When he finished, Baby Half-Note, a bright pink earth pony began dacing on her hind legs.

"More stories more stories," she said.

"Okay," 3PO said, "um," he turned to R2 and Kit, "what should we tell them next."

"How about Emperor Skywalker's attack on the Death Star at Yavin?" Kit suggested.

"Okay," 3PO said, and immedatly went into a monoluge about the Battle of Yavin.

"Master Luke took his mighty X-Wing, and flew down the trench," 3PO said, after about ten minutes of talking, "but out of no where came Darth Vader. Vader fired at Master Luke, but killed his friend Master Biggs. But suddenly the mighty Mellenium Falcon came, and Vader was defeted, paving the way for Master Luke to destroy the mighty Death Star, BOOOM." Once again the Baby Ponies cheared, wanting more stories, and 3PO went on to tell them about Hoth, Endor, Bespin, the wedding of Han and Leia Solo, the Battle of Naboo, and the rise of Emperor Palpatine and the fall of Anakin Skywalker.

Kyle had just about fallen asleep, when Fizzy, Gusty, North Star, Whizzer, and a bright purple pony, with white and purple hair known as Sweet-Stuff nugged him in the foot.

"What," Kyle said, spooked.

"We're going to play volleyball," the white unicorn Gusty said, "want to join us?"

"Well I don't," Kyle said confused

"Oh please Kyle," Fizzy said, "you can be on my team."

"Well okay," Kyle said, getting up and stretching, "But I warn you I'm not that good."

"Don't worry," Sweet-stuff said, "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, so long as you try your best." Kyle was about to reply, when Gusty nudged the Force Knight into a small field, surrounded by flowers.

"Hay wait a minute," Gusty asked, "were's the ball?"

"Right here," Fizzy said, as she kicked, a small white ball into the feild. Once the ball was in place the game began. At first things went well, the ball was batted back and forth, but suddenly the Pegasus Whizzer lept into the air, and knocked the ball into a tree.

"Hay," Sweet-stuff said, giggling "no fair flying."

"Forget that," Gusty added, "how do we get our ball back?"

"Allow me," Kyle said, as he drew a small cylender, suddenly, as if he had wings, he lept into the air, and the cylender in his hand soon produced a bright green blade of pure light, and with a quick swing the Lightsaber cut threw the tree limb, holding the ball. The ball fell to the ground quickly, but not as quick as the Force Knight, who landed first, and quickly deactivated his Lightsaber. As the ball continued to drop, the Force suddenly drew it into Kyle's hand.

"Game, Set, Mach," Kyle said, laughing, but after that display of Jedi power, the Ponies were no longer interested in playing volleyball. Instead they began asking Kyle all sorts of questions.

"How did you do that?" Gusty asked

"Are you a real Wizard?" Sweet-stuff added

"Can you teach us how to jump like that?" Whizzer, who was a little red in the face after being oneuped by a stranger, said

"What else can you do?" Fizzy enquired, even more courosly then before. As Kyle went on explaning about the Force, and the art of the Jedi Knights, the group remained unawhere that they were being watched.

Location: Witches Cottege, the Volcano of Gloom, Black Mountains

The House of the Witches of Gloom was more then a pigstye, it was similar to that of Jak's old dinner on Curasant in the days before the Clone Wars. The entire house was a mess, rotting food was scattered across the rotting table in the center of the room, and tatterd clothing littered the ground. Sitting on a moldy old couch were two young ladies, one was tall and skinny with bright red hair, and the other was short and fat with jet black hair, and a cooking pot over the top of her head. These were Reeka and Draggle, daughters of Hydia, the Dark Witch of the Volcano of Gloom.

"Oh I love the part where the Wolf eats Red Riding Hood." Reeka said, laughing, at a small popup book that was sitting on the table.

"Yeah," Draggle replied, "to bad he doesn't live."

"Turn the page," Reeka said, and it didn't take long before the two Witches were fighting. But soon the fight was quickly broken up by the sounds of screaming.

"Reeka, Draggle," a loud voice shouted, "get in here."

The two Witches made their way into a small dark room, with a large black culdren in the center. On the opposite side of the room, was a small, hunchbacked woman, with a face only a mother could love. This was Hydia, Reeka and Draggle's wicked mother, only she never liked to admit it.

"Come over here," Hydia said, Reeka and Draggle, hesitantly followed their mother's order and approached the pot. Instantly the liquid inside of the pot showed an image of the Little Ponies enjoying their Spring Festival.

"Once again," Hydia said, "those accursed Little Ponies are enjoying their Sping Festival, playing, having fun, and laughing, it makes me sick."

"Ew," Reeka said, eyeing one of Sweet-stuff's homemade pies, "that pie looks awful." As the Witches continued to watch, dispite it making them sick beyond sick. One of the Jedi suddenly appeared, it was Jania Solo.

"Who's that," Reeka asked

"Ew she's hedious," Draggle added, desgusted at Jania's good looks.

"I don't know," Hydia replied, "maybe the Ponies have new friends," with that though, Hydia flew into a rage, "I've put up with this for too long, you two are going down there and drive those Little Ponies and their friends out of Ponyland once and for all."

"But momma," Reeka said, suddenly Hydia grabbed her by the coller.

"What did you call me," Hydia asked, with fire in her eyes

"Sorry," Reeka said, "we'll get right on it yes mame."

"Good," Hydia replied, releasing her daughter, "NOW GET MOVEING." The two witches rushed out the door as fast as possible, unawere that they too were being watched.

Location: Wrath of the Empire, Main Bridge

"Two lifeforms," the Stormtrooper said, "just emerged from the structure."

"Continue Captain," Corenth replied, folding his hands across his lap

"Two females, each with a Froce Sensitivity rating of 51%." the Trooper replied

"Lucky for them," Corenth said, "Continue observations of the house, I will be down shortly to join you." Corenth suddenly got up and began walking toward the Star Destroyer's Hangerbay, when suddenly an Imperial Officer stopped him.

"Sir," He said, saluting, "Priority one message from the Star Destroyer Ravager, Sited Jedi Shuttle heading toward the planet's surface, request instructions."

"Send a message to the Ravager," Corenth said, "tell them to let the shuttle go, I don't wish to launch an attack on the Jedi just yet."

"Very good sir," The officer repleid, "HAIL PALPATINE." and quickly walked off.

"So brother," Corenth said to himself, "you've made your move, well soon all the peices will be in place."

Here's Chapter Six, I apologize for not updating in awhile but I was having major problems with my keyboard anyway I've decided to propose a nice little question for an upcoming part of my War of the Blades Saga (Part One of Which is my Kindom Hearts: Blade Masters Fanfic). Which Fantasy World is better, Hogworts (Harry Potter), Middle-earth (LOTR), OZ (Wizard of OZ), The Star Wars Galaxy (Star Wars), Ponyland (My Little Pony),or Gaia (Escaflowne)