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Sleepless in Sohma House



Yuki awoke to the bright, white, pain of the sun in his eyes. 'Why?' He wondered, squinting into daylight, which was breezing into his room through his open window. Turning away, from the offensive morning rays, he attempted to hide his sleepy, violet, eyes underneath his pillow. During his restless night, as so often happened lately, he had awaken from a most powerful dream. He didn't really remember opening the window so that he could breath the cool night air, but he obviously had. Too bad, now the sun was blasting against his body with it's cruel heat.

Pushing the useless pillow away, and curling himself into a ball in an attempt to move out of the sun, Yuki wasn't at all surprised by the bit of wetness that he felt between his legs. "Not again," he whispered to himself, a soft pink color staining his otherwise pale cheeks. What is up with these dreams. "God, if anyone knew, if Miss Honda knew. What would she think of me?" Thinking of sweet Miss Honda brought his dream back to him in full force, immediately his body came to life on it's own. "No" A moan of disgust escaped his lips "I can't take it anymore, I am such a perverted bastard". He jumped up out of bed, deciding what he needed now was a really cold shower.

Heading down the hall to the bath Yuki found himself stopping in front of Miss Honda's door. This wasn't the first time that he had found himself doing this. Yuki stood there quietly for a moment, putting his hand to the door, he found it so tempting. Something inside of him wanted desperately just to see her. He could picture her sleeping peacefully. Her beautiful face surrounded by that gorgeous honey brown hair. What it would be like to lean over and kiss her while she slept, to reach out and touch her soft skin. Biting his bottom lip painfully, Yuki whispered to himself, "I could never," what would she think if she awoke to find him pawing her? Overcome by Frustration Yuki dropped his hand back to his side and continued his way to the bath.


Kyo was only half awake as he sat watching the morning sky, the sun felt hot and warm against his skin. It made him fell safe, enclosed in an invisible fire. He had stayed up all night on the roof, again, "It's not like I can sleep anyway." Recently Kyo was finding is harder and harder to fall asleep. He knew it had everything to do with the realization he had come to a few months ago. It was all the fault of that horrible night, the night when his master, no when his father, had taken his beads and forced him into transforming into his true form.

Closing his eyes, Kyo's mind traveled back to that rainy evening. For a moment his body filled with the crushing emotions he had experienced that night. Kyo's fists clenched, digging his fingernails into his palm and drawing blood, as he recalled the hurt, the anger, and the pain that he had experienced that stormy night. But then, his hands suddenly relaxed and a soft smile touched his lips as he remember the last emotion, the strongest, most powerful emotion, love.

Kyo had fallen in love with Tohru that night. It was the only reason he had been able to forgive his father for betraying him that way. That night, Kyo's father had opened a door in him, and Tohru Honda had walked through. And so that night everything had changed for Kyo. Overnight the ugly, harsh world that Kyo had grown up in had become almost tolerable, and even at times pleasant. The feelings of self loathing had been replaced by self respect, and self realization.

Simply put, Kyo had started to notice things about himself, to come to terms with his feelings about Tohru. Unfortunately, this also brought to light his feelings towards Yuki. As Kyo became more in touch with the world around him, he was able to clearly see Tohru's relationship with Yuki. Thinking of Yuki was the biggest reason he couldn't sleep last night. That stupid rat, Kyo thought, he likes her too. He tries to be all discreet about it, but it's so obvious with the way his eyes follow her around all of the time. "Man, I am going to kill that stupid Rat."

"Kyo, are you up here?" It was her, sitting up quickly Kyo looked at the girl who was standing on the ladder peering over the rooftop at him, her beautiful face smiling that innocent smile that he loved too much. She smiled that way at Yuki too, he reminded himself.

"Have you been out here all night, Kyo".

"And what if I have." He snapped at her, and bit at his own tongue, hating the nastiness that had came across in his voice.

"Well, breakfast is ready, are you hungry?" she asked, worried that she had bothered him.

"I'll be down in a minute". He said, speaking slower and trying to sound kind. 'I'm not good at that,' he reminded himself, 'at being kind, that was all Yuki.' Thinking of Yuki, got Kyo's blood boiling.

"Okay, I'll keep your breakfast warm for you." Tohru was already halfway down the ladder.

Kyo called after her, "You Don't have to do that, I'm coming, and you don't have to be so nice all of the time."

Standing up Kyo made a sudden decision, 'I am going to tell her. I have to, and soon.' Finally, this would be something he could actually beat that stupid rat Yuki at. That thought brightened his day considerably. Feeling smug Kyo took a step to the edge of the roof and in one pouch; he jumped to the green grass below. The confident look on his face belied the fear that he felt in his heart.


Shigure was concerned about Yuki. Sitting at the breakfast table, discreetly peeking at him from behind the newspaper he was pretending to read, he wondered if he should dare say anything to the moody boy. Although, Yuki had always had a bit of melancholy to his presence, over the last couple of months Shigure had started to worry that the boy was seriously depressed.

Looking closer, Shigure noticed that Yuki's usually warm violet eyes now seem cold and strangely empty. And he hadn't been sleeping well either. The dark circles under his eyes only told half of the story. There had been a few occasions, last night for instance, when Yuki had been moaning loudly in his sleep. Shigure had went to Yuki's room to check on him, and had found him tossing and turning and covered in sweat. After opening up Yuki's bedroom window, the room had been stifling, Shigure had placed a calming hand on Yuki's shoulder, careful not to waken him, and that had been enough to bring Yuki peace.

"How did you sleep last night, Yuki?" He finally got up the nerve to ask.

"What" Yuki turned to Shigure, his face turning a bright shade of pink. "Fine, I slept fine, why do you ask?"

"Nothing, I just wondered, it was really hot last night, that's all" Reaching for his cup of green tea, Shigure's eye caught Kyo's sudden descent to the front lawn. "Oh, Kyo." In contrast to Yuki, Kyo seemed to be positively glowing with happiness this morning. "You look well today."

Kyo took two quick steps towards the table and dropped himself down on an empty cushion. "I am very well today, It's not like I have any reason not to be well." Yuki gave Kyo a look that could kill a dead man. "What's the matter with you, you stupid Rat?"

"You are, you stupid Cat!" Immediately, both boys were standing up, the next minute they were fighting, and the next Yuki had, once again, knocked Kyo through, the house.


"I'm worried about Yuki and Kyo, mom," Tohru spoke to herself as she cleaned Yuki's room.

"They seem to be getting along worse then usual, and it's like they really hate each other these days. This morning at breakfast Yuki knocked Kyo through the house again. Shigure threatened to kick them both out the next time it happens. He was joking, I am sure, mom, but that would be terrible. I love living here with Yuki and Kyo and Shigure, I want us to be together like this always" Pulling Yuki's sheets off of his bed Tohru noticed something, "I wonder what Yuki spilt all over his sheets, he's usually so clean?" Smiling, she carried the sheets down to the laundry.


On his way to the main house, Yuki took a side trip to check on his garden. Noting that the strawberries were finally ripe, he bent down so that he could pick one. "At last," Putting the fruit to his lips he bit into it, "these are perfect, Miss Honda will love these." Smiling for the first time in weeks, Yuki decided he would return in the morning, with a basket, to harvest the berries.


The shoji leading to Hatori's office was open but a tiny crack. It was enough, however, to allow Akito perfect opportunity for his favorite past time of eavesdropping. Sitting silently, his back pushed up against the wall, Akito listened intently to the conversation between Hatori and his violet eyed patient.


Yuki sat, shirtless, and uncomfortable as Hatori held the chilly stethoscope to his bare chest. He hated visiting the main house, always in fear of crossing paths with Akito. Still, Yuki had finally came to the conclusion that he needed to talk to another man about whatever it was that was going on inside of his body. Shigure, Kyo, and Haru were all out of the question, and Yuki would rather spend a month tied up naked inside Akito's special room then discuss such intimate issues with his brother Ayame. This left him with only one option, Hatori, his doctor.

"Breath out" Hatori instructed, and Yuki did as requested.

"Your lungs sound fine." Hatori stated, trading the stethoscope for a otoscope, so that he could examine Yuki's eyes.

"You're not sleeping?" Hatori questioned.

"Well, I'm sleeping a little." Yuki said, a soft pink glow slowing covering his cheeks. "There are these dreams that I have been having."

"Dreams?" Sounding concerned, Hatori moved the otoscope to his patients ears, "Are you having nightmares again, Yuki?

"Well," The pink brightened to a nice shade red, "not nightmares exactly." Yuki's voice dropped nearly to a whisper "The dreams… they are about Miss Honda."

"Oh," The doctor took a step back from his patient, and turned his back to the boy in order to hide the laughter in his eyes. "I see, those kind of dreams." Smiling softly, he tossed Yuki his shirt. "Get dressed Yuki, I think perhaps it's time you and I had a little talk."


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