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Sleepless in Sohma House



It was a stunning May afternoon. The sun danced energetically in the sky over the main house, while down below in Tohru's private garden the cherry trees were in full bloom. It was on this perfect day that the entire Sohma clan was once more gathered together. Waiting.


Yuki had been in the bath when Shigure phoned. Having just acquired the newest volume of Gravitation, Yuki had blissfully secluded himself within a happy tub full of Mr. Bubbles, wanting to lose himself for a while. Yuki was embarrassingly addicted to Gravitation. He even had a bit of a crush on Shuichi Shindou. Unfortunately, Haru was completely aware of this, and tended to tease him mercilessly about it. In order to avoid this, Yuki kept his habit to himself. He didn't actually hide the books, Haru's apartment was somewhat small, and Haru tended to be quite nosy. Haru knew that Yuki religiously read Gravitation; he just never actually caught Yuki reading it. This morning would be the exception.

"Yuki!" Haru pounded on the bathroom door, and then threw it open.

"What is it?" Yuki wondered, very annoyed at having his sacred bath time interrupted. 'Why didn't I lock that door?' he asked himself, realizing that it was too late to stash the book inside his towel. He was busted.

"AH HA!" Haru said happily, momentarily forgetting his reason for invading Yuki's private time. "So this is why you never let me bathe with you. You're cheating on me with Shindou!"

"How do you even know his name?" Yuki asked, deciding that his bath was obviously over and standing to step out of the tub.

"You whisper it in your sleep, Yuki. I worry about you sometimes." Haru informed him, and Yuki blushed, did he really do such a thing?

"So did you have a reason for barging in here?" Yuki asked coldly. Haru had picked up Yuki's towel and was busy helping Yuki to dry off, his mind wildly distracted by thoughts of his naked lover. "Um… Haru, did you actually need something?" Yuki pulled the towel away, and wrapped it around his waist, but he couldn't keep from smiling. Haru hadn't changed one bit now that they were living together. He always had only one thing on his mind.

"OH, YES!" Haru suddenly remembered. "Shigure called, we are to meet everyone at the main house. Tohru is having the baby!"

That was several hours ago, and now Yuki sat in the garden surrounded by his cousins, waiting.


Kyo was a nervous wreck as he sat talking with his quiet cousin Kureno in the garden. As usual, Yuki and Haru were getting on his nerves. Yuki was propped up against one of the blossoming cherry trees, and Haru was lying with his head in Yuki's lap. Haru was sleeping, and Yuki was reading, both boys were ignoring the rest of the family. They were both so damn lovey dovey. Kyo just found it so… so… "ANNOYING!" They were visiting the main house, and this was an important day. They should show Akito some respect by at least pretending to be straight.

Things were certainly different these days. Kyo was no longer the outsider. These days that would be the rat. Yuki had become downright unsociable, since the wedding. He moved into Haru's the very next day, and now except for at school, none of his cousins saw much of him. Kyo on the other hand was the new Yuki. Only in his opinion, he was an improved version. The club formally known as The Prince Yuki Fan Club had found a new, and embarrassingly willing, obsession in the orange haired boy. Kyo knew that it pissed Uo off to see a bunch of coo coo chicks fawning after her boyfriend, but Kyo was just too flattered by the whole affair to care. The King Kyo Fan Club was the talk of the school, and you better believe that Kyo was happy.

Two months ago Kyo had moved out of Shigure's. Akito and Tohru had invited the cat to move into the main house, and they didn't have to ask Kyo twice. Kyo had always desired to be a true Sohma. He had long dreamed of being accepted into the main house, and loved by the head of the family. Kyo and the newly "cured" Akito had become fast friends. It was weird at first. There had been so much bad blood spilt between them. It had taken Kyo quite a while to warm up to the idea, but facts were facts. Akito's curse had vanished. It had been sent on it's way along with the family ring, and without the influence of the curse Akito was a pretty pleasant guy.

Actually, now that he was no longer ill, Akito was a lot of fun to hang out with. The head of the family cherished life. He had taken up martial arts, at the suggestion of Kazuma, and although Akito was a complete amateur, he loved to spar against Kyo. At first it had made Kyo nervous. Akito was so scrawny that Kyo was worried that he might accidentally kill him. After a while, however, Akito had managed to put on a little weight. This was when Kyo discovered that it was a hell of a lot of fun to kick Akito Sohma's ass, and to actually get away with it. Talk about a dream come true.

Of course, things in the house of Sohma were far from perfect. Akito, himself, might be cured, but that did nothing to help the rest of the family. For the rest of the zodiac members it was a wait and see game. Eight months had passed, since the wedding, and except for Yuki's asthma attacks nobody had yet taken ill. The worst part was that none of them really knew what to expect. Tradition had dictated that the head of the family was to die, before his twenty-second birthday. It was written that the zodiac members themselves would die in his place if this tradition were ever broken. However, since nothing of this sort had ever occurred, in the thousand year history of the zodiac, it was impossible to be certain what the next couple of years might bring about.

'It's not like I'm going to sit around here worrying about it.' Kyo thought to himself. He had too many reasons to live now. A girlfriend, a father, a family, Akito's respect, and his own all girl fan club. Kyo's life was nearly perfect. Nearly being the operative word. Kyo still had one little problem.

Kyo wanted Uo. He really, really, wanted her. If things were different. If he wasn't cursed. He would have already taken her a million times over. Uo, herself was more then willing. The pretty blonde had done everything short of just coming out and saying so. Kyo just couldn't do it. Well, it wasn't actually that he couldn't do it. He was certainly capable of doing it. He just didn't feel right about it, not under the present circumstances. The reality was that Kyo was less afraid of dying then he was of leaving Uo behind. There was no way in hell that he was going to take her virginity, and then just abandon her when the stupid curse decided to kick in and take his life. Instead, Kyo released his frustrations during his martial arts training, and tried to tell himself that he was doing the right thing. 'So why does it make me feel like such shit?' He found himself wondering. Turning his head he peered in through the glass door at the newly remodeled nursery. Inside Uo and Hana were helping Aya decorate the room with numerous banners and balloons. Catching his eye, Uo held up a big blue banner that read: Welcome home, Baby Sohma! He smiled at her and gave her a nod, before turning his attention to Kagura and Ritsu. 'Now there's a strange couple.' He laughed to himself. As he watched, Ritsu got to his knees and started bowing out an apology to Kagura for some dumb reason or other. Kyo shook his head, and stood up. Maybe he would go see if they needed any help with the decorations.


Akito was in pain, serious pain; in fact he couldn't remember anything ever having hurt so bad. Tohru had a hold of his right hand, and she was literally squeezing the life out of it as she screamed at the top of her lungs, and pushed her way through her latest round of excruciating contractions.

"Hatori, can't you do anything to make this any easier on her." Akito begged the doctor. The contractions passed, and his wife relaxed. Tohru looked up at him, with eyes full of tears, and he leaned over to place a kiss upon her sweat-covered cheek. "I'm so sorry that I did this to you." He apologized to her, and she looked like she might smile at him, but instead her eyes grew big as the next contractions began.

"Don't worry, Akito, it's almost over." Hatori informed him. "Tohru are you ready to push again?"

"Do I have to?" Tohru wondered tiredly, as her body was once again racked by pain, and Akito's right hand was once again pulverized.

"Yes, you have to. Come on, Tohru. It's very close now."

Yoshi, who was standing at Tohru's other side, helping with the delivery, placed an encouraging hand at her back. "Tohru, there's a little baby inside of you that is just dying to come out and meet his family, so you have to stay strong." That was exactly what Tohru needed to hear. Gritting her teeth, quite unattractively, she gave an energetic push.

"That's it Tohru." Hatori coached. "Look Yoshi, there's the head. Just once more, Tohru, okay." Akito's eyes went wide, as his wife let out a blood-curdling scream. A moment later, Hatori was holding up the ugliest thing that Akito had every laid eyes upon.

"What is that thing?" Akito wondered fearfully, and Hatori and Yoshiya laughed at his cluelessness.

"Don't worry, daddy." Yoshi grinned at him. "We just need to clean this little cutie pie up a little."

A moment later the baby was crying vociferously. Hatori handed the baby into Yoshi's arms so that he could cut the cord. It was at that very moment that Akito's world went black, and he fainted to the floor in a worthless heap.


"Well, everybody, it's a girl!" Hatori announced to his family, as he entered the kitchen where dinner was being served.

"What? A girl?" Kyo and Yuki said at the same time.

"I thought that Sissy was having a boy." Kisa said.

"Is that even possible?" Hiro added.

"Well, we all just assumed that since this was the new head of the family it would just be a boy. It appears that Tohru has surprised us all yet again."

Momiji, Aya, Uo and Hana entered the kitchen, having missed the announcement, because they had been busy putting the finishing touches on the nursery.

"Ha'ri, did she have it, already?" Momiji wondered happily, jumping up and down in enthusiasm. "Did Tohru have it? Did Tohru have the baby?"

"Yes." Hatori smiled at the little bundle of energy. "Tohru has just given birth to a beautiful seven pound baby girl."

"A GIRL!!! TOHRU HAD A GIRL?" Momiji announced loudly. Unable to control his excitement he threw himself into Hana's arms, since she was the closest to him.

"Did you hear that Hana? Tohru had a girl!" Momiji laughed. Hana smiled accommodatingly and hugged the happy boy back.

The room went deathly silent.

Yuki and Kyo's mouths dropped wide open.

Hiro jumped straight up out of his seat, knocking over his glass of milk, and pointed at Momiji and Hana. "I knew it. She's a guy in drag." He decided.

"She is?" Shigure wondered. It sort of made sense, but no that wasn't possible. Well, actually this wasn't possible either. He rubbed his eyes, blinked, and then rubbed them again to be certain. It was still there.

Hana was hugging Momiji. She wasn't hugging a rabbit; she was actually hugging the young boy himself. Momiji simply hadn't transformed.

"The curse. Could it be?" Hatori wondered.

"Broken." Shigure finished for him. A look of hope dawning in his eyes.

"Quick!" Aya said. "Somebody hug somebody." Haru obeyed by hugging Yuki which did absolutely no good at all, but still made Haru very happy.

Turning quickly, Shigure wrapped Uo in his arms, and although she slapped him, quite painfully, he did not transform.

"WHAT THE? GET YOUR SLEEZY HANDS OFF OF HER!" Kyo shouted, and then it registered in his brain? "IT'S BROKEN?"

The room went wild with elation. Kyo hugged Uo, and refused to let the others near her, so Aya hugged Hana instead.

"This feels fantastic!" Aya decided, and added a little pat to Hana's behind, which earned him a nice electric shock. "But don't worry Shigure, you will always be my first true love."

Yoshi entered the room with a very tired looking Akito.

"What's happening in here?" Akito wondered, but was too out of it to really care.

"Yoshiya, can I borrow you for a moment. There has been something that I have been meaning to do for a really long time." Without waiting for a reply, Hatori pulled her into a tight hug and placed a long lingering kiss on her mouth.

Akito stood looking around the room without a clue as to what all the excitement was about. For this new father, it had been a terribly long day.

TOHRU * (a few day's later)

Tohru sat up in bed trying; quiet unsuccessfully, to rock her newborn daughter to sleep. The baby was crying loudly, and Tohru who was still feeling rather worn out felt a bit like crying herself.

There was a soft knock, and then the bedroom door slid open. A very shy looking Yuki entered the room, leaving the door open behind him.

"Yuki." Tohru smiled up at him as he walked towards her holding a cute, rat shaped, stuffed animal.

"I hope that you don't mind me coming like this. I wanted to see you." He told her.

"No, really, I am so happy to see you. The others all visited yesterday. I was sad that you couldn't make it."

"I'm sorry, Miss Honda. I wanted to come with Haru, but I had a student council meeting." Yuki told her. He sat the toy rat down on a nearby table, which was overflowing with flowers and gifts. Yuki smiled when he noticed the small stuffed cow that Haru had brought, great minds think alike.

"Yuki, I can't believe that the curse is actually broken. It's so amazing." Tohru said loudly, trying to make herself heard over the crying infant.

"May I?" Yuki asked, holding out his arms toward Tohru. Without waiting for a reply, he picked the baby up and cuddled her to his chest. Immediately, the crying stopped.

"Yuki! She likes you!" Tohru realized, a giant grin breaking out on her face as she watched Yuki admiring her daughter.

"She looks like Akito, but she has your eyes." Yuki noticed, taking a seat in a chair next to the bed. "Haru said that you decided to name her after your mother."

"Yes." Tohru grinned big. "Her name is Kyoko, after my mother."

"I see. That's a very good name." Yuki smiled, and turned his attention back to the Tohru's daughter. "Miss Kyoko, my name is Yuki. It's very nice to meet you."

"Hello, Yuki." Akito said, as he entered the room carrying Tohru's breakfast on a tray in his arms.

"Hello, Akito." Yuki said uncomfortably, and stood up, carrying the baby to her basinet and laying her down carefully. "I stopped by to say hello to Miss Honda, but I was just leaving."

"Akito, I think that Kyoko really likes Yuki. Do you see? She finally stopped crying." Tohru told her husband as he sat the tray of food down, and handed her a cup of tea.

"I can see that. Yuki, I was just thinking about going out for a little exercise. If you don't have other plans would you mind, perhaps, keeping Tohru and Kyoko company for a bit?" Akito smiled at his wife, and then turned his smile upon his cousin.

"Yes, Yuki! Please stay for a while. Have you eaten yet?"

As if on key, Yuki's stomach grumbled. "Well, actually Miss Honda, I guess that I could eat something."

"Good then. It's settled. I will ask Yoshiya to bring you in some breakfast." Akito told him, and bent down to give his wife a goodbye kiss on her cheek.

"Thank you." Tohru whispered in his ear, and Akito gave her a sly wink, before…


Exiting the room, Akito slid the door closed behind him, and hesitated for just a moment. Inside the room he heard his wife laugh about something, and a moment later he could hear his cousin laughing as well. Looking pleased with himself Akito headed down the hall.

"Kyo, I am feeling like a little martial arts training." Akito announced, as he slid the door to Kyo's room open, and stepped inside.

"What the hell, Akito. Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" Kyo growled at him, and Uo hid herself under the covers.

"Excuse me?" Akito said, turning his back on the couple, with a tiny snicker. "I didn't realize that we had a guest."

"Can I meet you in the dojo in just a bit?" Kyo wondered, as Akito took his leave.

"No problem, take your time."


"Um… Now where were we?"

"Right about here." Uo answered, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately.

"That's where I thought we were."


Akito sat in front of the dojo waiting for Kyo to arrive. He looked up as he saw Hatori and Shigure heading his way. Walking between them was a dark haired man who looked to be just a few years older then himself. "Who is that?" Akito wondered. He looked so familiar, and yet Akito was certain that he had never seen him before in his life.

"Akito, Yoshi told us we could find you here." Shigure said. Akito found himself staring at the handsome green-eyed young man. 'This man, his eyes are a different color, but otherwise… he looks almost exactly like… me?'

"Akito, this is Ryo Sohma. He's your half brother. We've decided that it was time for the two of you to finally meet."

Akito looked shocked at first, but then his face came alive in happiness.

"My brother? I am so pleased that you've come home. I've been wondering where Hatori was hiding you at." Akito grinned, and Hatori choked. Of course, Akito knew… He had always known.


"Well, mom. This is everybody." Tohru said. In front of her mother's grave the Sohma family had all gathered, all of them, the 13 former members of the zodiac and their former master. "I wanted you to meet the whole family mom."

"This is stupid." Hiro whispered to Kisa, and got socked in the arm.

Three-year-old Kyoko, who was presently being held by her father, began to cry and squirm around in his arms. "Um… Yuki, do you think you can?" Akito said to his cousin, handed the child over. Of course the crying stopped at once, and was replaced by a tiny innocent giggle.

"Look, mom. Kyoko has a crush on Yuki." Tohru told her mother.

"Doesn't she realize he's gay?" Kyo wondered.

"No, but I'm sure that she realizes that you are an idiot." Yuki shot back.

"Stop it you two. I'm starving, let's eat." Uo said, opening a picnic basket, and pulling out a blanket.

"WERE NOT GOING TO EAT RIGHT HERE, AGAIN? ALL OF US?" Kyo complained, but took a hold of the blanket to help lay it out.

"Well, this is different." Hatori decided, as he took a seat.

A while later laughter could be heard throughout the gravesite as the entire Sohma family, and friends, enjoyed a rather nice picnic lunch.


Hana was just about to place a chunk of rice ball into her mouth when her attention was distracted by a soft warm gust of wind.

"Kyoko?" She whispered, and gazed off towards the nearby grove of ivory silk lilac trees.

Hidden behind the orchard of graceful trees a shadow loomed, watching. As the sound of laughter grew louder, the shadow swelled menacingly and crept forward. The wind rushed through the trees, showering them with a soft burst of dappled light. Darkness halted in its tracks. It was swallowed up by the warm bright wind. A subtle battle raged, darkness and light, love and jealousy, anger and hope. A whirlwind formed, swirling and flowing pure white, leaving in its wake only a ring. Made of pure white gold and thirteen tiny stones, it dropped to the dirt, and glittered in the sun. When the wind blew again, the ring had disappeared.

The end!


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