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She was flying over the ocean… Wearing only a cotton frock, her hair loose in the wind, barefoot, she gazed down at the blinding brilliance of sunlight on the water…


With a slight jolt, a 16 year old girl, with light auburn hair and inky green eyes lifted her head off her elbow and turned her attention once again to her sewing. As usual, she had been daydreaming… She rushed through her next stitch, hoping to mask that sleepy confusion that comes when one's dream is interrupted.


A spot of crimson blood appeared on the handkerchief she had been embroidering. She quickly hid it from view as Madam Barakat looked up from her own equally boring work. Unfortunately for Sakura, her teacher knew immediately what had happened. Sakura suspected that, like all sharks, she could smell blood. But as she opened her mouth to speak, adjusting her pince-nez pompously, an explosion echoed throughout the sleepy seaside town of Tomoeda.

Completely forgetting Madam Barakat's existence, Sakura rushed to the window, open to coax a nonexistent breeze into lifting the oppressive heat of the day. Fires raged through some of the dockside buildings, and a large ominous looking pirate ship was in port. Multitudes of people poured through the streets, screaming, as the ship's crew pillaged for all it was worth.

"Well, now..."

Sakura watched in horrified fascination as the pirates made their way through the entire city. She suddenly wondered where her father was. But before she could say "probably hiding" the door burst open. A well dressed man with toffee eyes and wild brown hair strutted in with a tall black man with a tattoo on his forehead. Of a shark.

"Who are you?! What are you doing in here?"

Madam Barakat was apoplectic with rage. She stood up to shake a finger at the two men. Rolling his eyes, the black one pulled out a long rifle, and tapped her head with the handle. She crumpled to the floor, much like the fabric she had been sewing. Sakura gasped in horror, thinking she might have died.

"It's alright, lassie. She's not dead."

Sakura looked up to see the black man's yellow, toothy grin. She was busy thinking of something both rude and brave to say when she was cut off by the other man.

"However, she will be, as will this entire town, if you do not come with us."

"What could you possibly want with me?"

At once Sakura realized the idiocy of her question. Ransom. She was the daughter of the wealthiest man in Tomoeda. They probably wanted to kidnap her to gain money...

"Can you cook? Tomoyo needs an extra set of hands."

Sakura blushed at what the black man said. This was definitely not like in all her story books...But before she could protest at the lack of conformity and tradition in her kidnapping, the black man picked her up and slung her over his shoulders, rather like a sack. How humiliating.

"Off we go!"

The well dressed man pinched her at the sensitive spot between her neck and her shoulder, and she drifted off into blackness. What a very un-boring day this turned out to be...

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