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Dear Father,

How are things? We are doing well here. The Elders of the Li clan (Yelan is now the first woman elder) have consented to our match between Li Ryo and Hiiragizawa Umeko. The kids are too young to really understand, but they get along very well, much to our pleasure.

Yukio has already proven to be very athletic. He can already run at three years, a full year earlier than his older brother. He does not look like me or Syaoran, but Touya. Mother's black hair has lasted yet another generation, as have your hazel eyes, Father. We considered a match between Yukio and Hiiragizawa Sachi, but they do not seem to like each other as their older siblings do. Syaoran says it is because Sachi is born in the year of the rat, whereas Yukio is born in the year of the horse.

Funnily enough, Meiling's daughter, Edwards (what an odd name!) Aiko, spends much time with Yukio, for she is a horse as well who loves adventure. The matchmaker has seen this and is pleased. As for me, I am with child again, as is Tomoyo. I shall give birth in the Spring, and she in Summer. How I would love a daughter! Of course she prays for a son, which I am sure she will receive. If I have a daughter I shall name her Haruko, but a son I will name Botan. I have been blessed to have so many children.

Syaoran has appointed his old first-mate as captain of his old pirate ship. The man makes stops in port from time to time to bring us news. Before I became pregnant again, we took a trip to India—what an incredible place! The people were so dark of complexion, yet their customs so refined and beautiful. I am wearing a 'sari' that Syaoran bought me there. It is very comfortable.

Touya and Yukito are well, for the Clan has let them teach the children. Yukito was the son of Touya's tutor, strangely enough. Speaking of tutors, how is Madame Barakat? Will you please invite her to Hong Kong on my behalf? In your letter you mentioned the wedding of Yamazaki. Tell him my congratulations (no hard feelings, right?). Though many years have passed, I still often think about my adventures and about my home. That is, when I'm not worrying about Yukio knocking over my ink well. Please write back soon to tell me that you are well, Father, we think about you often.

Your dutiful and loving daughter,


Sakura set down here quill (what a terrible tool—how she missed her brushes!) and stretched, rereading the letter for errors. Yukio still reached over the desk, trying to find the ink well she had placed out of reach.

Satisfied with her letter, she folded it up and sealed it with wax. For a moment she stared at the Li family crest, taking in the fact that she was Lady Li. Incredible.

"Sakura, what's the matter?"

Syaoran had come into the room and picked up Yukio, who was extremely fussy and would only be held for a few minutes at a time.

"Oh nothing," she replied brightly, and together they left the room for the port, so that she could send her letter. The air was cold outside—it was almost winter. Yukio insisted on coming too, running and weaving through the people who dashed to the sides of the road to make way for Li and his wife.

"Why don't we use the palanquin again, Sakura?" Syaoran asked, annoyed by the stares cast at him and his wife.

"Because Yukio refuses to sit still for longer than a minute," she replied, pausing to let a little girl touch her expanding belly.

They came to the dock and sent the letter off, but stood together looking at the sea as Yukio ran in circles around them, looking for sandcrabs.

"Do you remember?"

"Like it was yesterday."

They kissed, Sakura's belly interfering a little.

"I love you," they both said happily, and they went home.

Sakura began making orders for dinner when she passed by the sabre closet she had been locked in the day her father came to Hong Kong. On a whim she opened it.

"What is this?"

There was Ryo, looking like Syaoran, blushing and smiling at her, and Umeko, also blushing furiously and staring at her shoes. When you couldn't see her eyes, she looked distinctly like Tomoyo, but her eyes were blue like her father's.

"There will be time enough for this after you are married," she said exasperatedly, shooing them out of the closet. At 13 he was almost as much of a handful as his brother.

Why it had taken so long to get pregnant again, Sakura didn't know, but she suspected that the rigorous fencing training that left them too tired to do anything other than sleep may have had something to do with it.

She glanced at herself in the reflection of a sabre. Her face was still youthful, but her hair was distinctly graying. Everyone gets old, after all.

"Well, well, who do we have here?" Syaoran's voice came mischievously from behind her. He closed the door and held her against the wall.

"Syaoran this is extremely dangerous, there are swords in here…" but her protests dissolved into laughter and moans as he kissed her neck.

"You are so beautiful, Sakura…"

The End!

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Children name meanings:

Ryo: Excellent

Yukio: one who gets what he wants; God will nourish him

Haruko: Spring

Botan: Peony

Umeko: The Child of the Plum Blossom

Sachi: Joy

Aiko: Beloved