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.: Epilogue :.



The man paced the halls restlessly. The newly appointed Royal Knight of one year rolled her eyes heavenward, "Your Majesty, you must calm dow—"

"Calm down…? CALM DOWN…?!" the Sovereign echoed, wild eyes ablaze with cinnamon fire, "FOR WHAT REASON MUST I CALM DOWN?!?!"

The cherry-haired Guard took a careful step back, "No reason in particular, M'Lord – please, carry on…" Once out of earshot, she mumbled to herself, "Just thought I should save the carpets, is all…"

"Blasted Spellmistress…" the Crowned One groused, finally taking to a chair but mangling the cushions instead, "If she hadn't Silenced the whole Royal Bedchambe—"

"Is it here? Is it here?!" another bounced into the antecedent room, only adding to her misery as Lady Brotherhood groaned into her hand, "Come on – I've got to be an Royal Uncle by now…!! Mama Puckworld's been in labor for more than half-a-mornin—"

"Hey-hey-hey…!! Guard your tongue, O Prince of Ridiculous Petnames…" the eldest amongst them began, snapping at the lad, "She whom you call Mama Puckworld outranks you by half…!!"

"Please, O Lord of Stringent Rules and Regulations – she likes me calling her that…"

The taller of the pair towered over his rival, "You'll take that back and hold your beak—"

The blond haired teen stuck out his tongue, "Make me…!!"

"Why I outta teach you a Royal lesson—"

"Haha…!! Can't catch me! Can't catch me…!!"

The crimson-crowned woman standing behind them shook her head, And they thought they'd never get along as brothers…

Had it only been a year…?


Blood examinations were performed on the newly reunited brothers, determining the truth behind the Mage's words. Less than a fortnight following his confirmed identity, the Kingdom received a new Heir to the throne…

A pledge between brothers led the Kingdom to greater distinctions – the elder attending to matters of the Court and State in general, the younger managing matters pertaining to the People… Their greatest feat was the elimination of any and all suspected to be involved with the Saurian Onslaught, tried and hung for treason to the King…

The Kingdom was rebuilt, aid enlisted from the bandits led by the Country's Young Heir. Villagers were relocated nearer the castle until their lands recovered from the untimely invasion, a time would come when their farms would prosper, their businesses would thrive.


All this aside…

Her constant complaints were not ignored by the Winged Empress, to whom she remained ever loyal. A small plot of land within the Palace Gardens transformed into a memorial for those lost in the Wars. By a small waterfall a single gravestone lay, bearing the name of the King's Personal Guard of 15 years, the Brotherhood's most admired Leader of 13, and her lover of 11…

She missed him dearly, the ring on her finger her faithful reminder…

She had not mourned his death alone – her shy friend had locked herself in her Spell room, refusing food and water, for a week… By the time she climbed through the window to rescue the shaken Sorceress, she was more ill than plagued by a thousand Mage Fevers…

New duties kept the Court Magician's days full of activities, lifting her spirits little by little. An invitation to join the Council, attending to the Young Heir's needs, guiding her newly appointed apprentices – yes, yes, apprentices…!! Eight young women, previously her maids… After witnessing her prowess with a wand, they begged lessons – to the extreme of allowing her full authority to change them into whatever furry forest creature she deemed worthy if they made a mistake.

She chuckled at the memory…

Shortly after her friend's promotion, she received one of her own : the Kingdom's First Lady Knight guarding the Royal Household – the King, the Queen… and the child they would conceive…

It was more than she could hope for… her charge with child, of course – though, if she were honest, her elevated status was a wonderful bonus…

Everything was alright…



"Hey, Girlfriend…" a bright voice startled her from her musings, blond locks whispered against her cheek, "You alright…? You've been kinda quiet over here…"

She swatted at the boy's head, though it was not meant to hurt, "I am fine, my Prince…"

"We decided on a truce, just so you know…" the younger one announced, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. She peered over his decorated tunic—

"Your Majesty…!!"

The sullen young man was nursing a tender bruise just above his right eye. "I have your attention at last, my Knight – thank you for aiding me against my brother…"

She glared at him, her hands on her hips, "Now, now, Your Majesty – your specific instructions were to never interfere with your sibling rivalr—"

The doors separating the rooms burst open, a disheveled but otherwise beaming Magick stepping into the light.

"Congratulations, M'Lord…" the cheerful woman announced, holding a bundle to the neo-father's eyes, "You have been blessed with a prince…"

No words could describe the father's joy as he cooed at his tiny daughter. "And my Cherished…?"

"The Queen wishes to see you also, M'Lord…"

He rushed into his bedchambers, "Beloved…"

Paleness and exhaustion hid not the maternal glow as she stretched out her arms towards both her husband and her babe in his arms, "My husband…

"We have a son, my love…"

"Indeed, Ambrosia…"

"Lemme hold him! Lemme hold him…!!" a golden blur bounced into the space opposite his brother, "Pleasepleasepleaseplease…!! My nephew has been waiting for 9 whole months to see his Uncle…!!"

"Do you even know how to hold a baby, brother mine…?"

"O ye of little Faith!! I had a cutsie little sister back home in the village and she turned out alright, didn't she?!"

Leaning against the doors, two women looked onto the happy family.

"How fares our future, Lady Brotherhood…?"

The shorter one snorted, "With the exception of the Prince of Thieves teaching the Prince how to swipe the Palace Silverware…?" A sigh, "What do you think, Spellmistress…?"

The golden haired one smiled, "Mm… Everything's alright.


She nodded too, "Right."


.: Finale :.


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Origin notes:
[1] Blood examinations were performed to determine the paternity of long-lost children of highly-ranked officials and of suspected royalty, to keep the bloodlines pure. It involved a priest, a pair of silver daggers, and a bowl of water. I don't know how THAT could EVER determines paternity, but sigh...


BTW, the 'Once upon a time' riddle in the 'Introduction' 's chapter 2) goes like this:

One would be blinded by time, another by duty, the third by the darkness…
Time = Nosedive, for losing his memories and never recovering them until later...
Duty = Wildwing, for being King and never able to experience life outside his duties to the throne...
Darkness = Canard - do you really need me to expound on this...? Draggy gouged his eyes out for goodness sake - oops... did I just reveal something some people have yet to figure out...?

One would betray his King, the other his beating heart…
King = Falcone, for being a traitor to the throne...
Heart = Duke, for dying in the fields...

One would find her place among her books, the next her sword, the last her people…
(intended for Books = Mallory, Sword = Ambrosia, and People = Tanya, but the change in original plot did not show in the end...)


Scenes inspired by music: Tenkuu no Escaflowne (OST 1, 2, 3 and Lovers Only), GundamSeed collection (all themes and inserts), Lord of the Rings: Return of the King OST (esp 2nd half of 'The return of the King' for Epilogue)


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