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A/N: This is my first Fruba fic. It's definitely a Kyoru fic, even though the first chapter has a lot of Yuki, so if you are a Yukiru fan, you probably shouldn't read it. But to be honest, Yuki creeps me out a little bit. Anyway, the title comes from the translation of the song Scarlet, from Ceres (I don't own that either). The full line is "when they're more fragile and fleeting than roses of glass, why should it be our destiny to have dreams?" Hopefully it will make sense later why I chose this title. It takes place after the end of the anime.

Roses of Glass

Chapter 1

Yuki sat on the porch of Shigure's house, watching Tohru and Kyo share a picnic lunch on the lawn. He watched without emotion as Tohru leaned over to feed Kyo some specific delicacy that she had picked out. Inside, Yuki was somewhat in awe over the fact that he felt no jealousy towards the cat anymore. It had been about a month since Kyo's transformation and the visit to Akito. In that time, Yuki had come to realize a few things. First was that, while he did love Tohru Honda, he was not IN love with her. The second was that he was somewhat relieved by this, as he watched Tohru and Kyo struggle to start a relationship in which they could never embrace each other. He supposed it could be said that he no longer hated the cat. If anything, he felt a bit sorry for Kyo to have finally found someone he truly loved, who love him in return, and to never be able to hold that person.

Thinking back, he realized that he should have figured out sooner about his true feelings toward Tohru. He should have realized on the day the she fell ill and Kyo made the leek soup for her. Kyo had cared enough about Tohru to make a meal that he would otherwise never have gone near, while he himself had been more concerned with the fact that Kyo had taken the leeks from the secret base.

Along with all these other realizations of Yuki's came the knowledge that if Kyo and Tohru were struggling in their relationship, that meant that if Yuki were ever to find happiness in such a relationship, he would have to fall for one of the female members of the Juunishi. Or find a way to break the curse.

Coming out of his thoughts, he glanced again at the new couple. Breaking the curse would be the best solution for everyone. It was just too bad that nobody know how to do it. With a newfound resolve, Yuki decided that he would do everything within his power to find a way to break the curse, not only for himself, but also for Tohru and Kyo and all the other Juunishi. They all deserved a chance to live normal lives, even if it meant going against Akito.

Meanwhile, Tohru and Kyo were totally oblivious to the raging current of Yuki's mind. They were completely absorbed in thoughts of each other. Tohru looked up into Kyo's eyes. She had always known that she would eventually have to choose between Yuki and Kyo. She had thought that it would be the most difficult decision she would ever make in her life. But when Kyo had held her and repeated her name in a choked whisper after his transformation she knew, without a doubt, which boy had won her heart. She was glad that Yuki seemed to be handling the decision well. And now, as Kyo faced her with a tentative smile, she knew that she had made the right choice.

Kyo was busy marveling over the fact that Tohru had accepted him, even after seeing his monstrous form. She had said that she wanted them to stay together. That would have been enough for him. But she had gone a step beyond, and chosen him over the damn rat. Actually, he didn't really think of Yuki as the damn rat anymore, having finally beaten him at the one thing that Kyo felt really, truly mattered. While he was staring into Tohru's eyes he thought to himself that the only thing that could make him any happier than he was at the moment, would be if he could hold Tohru in his arms without turning into a cat. But he had to admit that even though turning into a cat had some benefits. Unbeknownst to Yuki or Shigure, he had spent a few nights in Tohru's bed in his cat form. He doubted he would get away with that as a human.

The mood was suddenly disrupted as Shigure came flying out of the house, being chased by his editor, Mii. Kyo and Yuki both groaned. When was Shigure going to grow up? Even Hatori, who Shigure usually listened to more than others, had told him to stop picking on his editor, but it didn't make any difference. Shigure ran right between Tohru and Kyo, causing Kyo to glare at him and open his mouth to yell something foul-mouthed. Luckily, Tohru noticed and silenced Kyo with a soft kiss.

Yuki, watching the whole scene, chuckled as the cat turned a deep shade of red. It seemed that even Shigure could benefit from having the curse broken. Maybe it would finally cause him to settle down and act more like an adult. Yuki sighed as he watched Shigure dancing around a tree like an idiot. Or maybe not.