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Roses of Glass Epilogue

Slightly less than a year and a half later, just after they finished high school, Kyo and Tohru were married amidst the blooming cherry trees. They had opted for a Western-style wedding and, due to help from the other Sohmas and Uo and Hana, it ended up being quite elaborate (Ayame provided the dresses for Tohru and her attendants). In the end, it seemed as if everyone either of them had ever known was there, with the exception of Akito, who had been receiving treatments for his "withdrawal from reality." Even Tohru's aunt, uncle, and cousins had come and were, at her grandfather's insistence, on their best behavior.

After the wedding, Kyo and Tohru moved into their new house, located between Shigure's place and the main house. This had caused some whining from Shigure about losing his cook and housekeeper, but when Tohru offered to continue on, he declined, saying she had her own house to worry about. He had to reassure her several times that he would actually be all right on his own.

Kyo took on work at Kazuma's martial arts school as an instructor and Tohru continued to work part-time until the arrival of their first child, a son named Hibiki (taken from my brother's Sims game). Kyo turned out to be a great father, which a few people found surprising, and he was extremely proud of his son. No one was shocked to find out that Tohru was a good mother. Their friends and family were expecting the couple to have a fairly large family. Right now the two seemed more concerned with trying to convince Kazuma to get out, meet a nice woman and eventually settle down and get married.

After high school, Yuki had decided to take advantage of the new freedom offered to the Sohmas, and left to study abroad. In his letters to those still in Japan, he would occasionally insert ambiguous comments about a female friend. There was a lot of speculation amongst the Sohmas as to how close Yuki and this "friend" were. Although after a few years of hearing about her, most of the family assumed it was a pretty serious relationship. There were rumors circulating that she would be joining him on his next visit home.

Shigure and Mii had officially become a couple, but that hadn't changed Shigure at all. Now, he simply had more time to torment her. Mii, for her part, was starting to be able to tell when he was pulling her along and was a bit less stressed then she once was, though he could still her on edge when he really tried. Shigure was currently working on a novel loosely based on the Sohma curse, with names changed, of course.

Hatori had been hooked up with a friend of Mii's but has been somewhat hesitant to let the relationship become serious. Still, his two closest cousins were glad to see him getting back in the dating game. While they knew he could never forget Kana, they agreed that it was time he tried to start moving on. Most of his dates are double dates with Shigure and Mii, to ease him back into the waters.

Ayame's shop continues to do business and he and Mine have continued with the same relationship they've always had. Yuki and Ayame actually grew a bit closer after Yuki moved away. The two started to keep up a formal but polite correspondence and some people suspect Ayame might actually know details about Yuki's female friend.

Kagura met and started dating a boy named Ryo. Shigure found this quite humorous and he has plenty of time to tease her about it, as she decided to take over Tohru's duties as Shigure's housekeeper and cook.

Since the curse was broken, Haru had not again turned black. He was attending a small, mid-ranking university in Tokyo. He remained single, and seemed to be reasonably content that way. He was handling Yuki's absence better than anyone would have expected.

While Momiji's personality had remained the same, he had, during his last year of high school, finally matured physiologically. His new looks were really popular with females and caused his own fan club to form. Being continually chased by girls, he wasn't about to settle into a real relationship. He was enjoying his newfound harem to the fullest.

Kisa and Hiro were probably the most serious couple behind Kyo and Tohru. AS they finished high school, they stayed close and had definitely attained true itemhood. It was being assumed that theirs would be the next wedding in the Sohma family, but both said they were going to go to university before they even considered it.

The most unusual new development came about due to a wisecracking comment from Kyo. He had mentioned, after seeing them at the wedding, how funny it would be to see Ritsu and Uo in the same room more often. Surprisingly it turned out that sometimes opposites really do attract, and the pair had been spotted together with some frequency since then. Nobody in the family knew quite what to think of the new not-quite-yet-couple. It was pretty strange.

Hana had taken a job working for Ayame. When he met her, he decided her style might do well at his shop. So he had hired her on as a design assistant and together the two had developed a more gothic line of outfits for him to sell. She was, like Haru, still single, leading Tohru to occasionally wonder how they would work as a couple. So far, she had done nothing to push them together.

Akito had eventually come out of his trance-like withdrawal, but he had not, much to the relief of everyone, ever really returned to his former self. He had lost a lot of the anger in his heart that had made him so evil. After the curse was lifted, his general health began to improve. He still spent most of his time locked up in his quarters by himself. But even when he was seen, he had a less malevolent air about him.

Looking back, it appeared that Yuki's plan had accomplished everything he had wanted it to. By breaking the curse, the lives of every one of the formerly cursed family members had been improved. It had made him feel amazing at Kyo and Tohru's wedding to see everyone looking happier than he had ever seen them before, and know that he had played a part in that.

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