Chapter 20: Across Time Indeed!

            After almost 2 weeks in the hospital, Kagome was finally given a clean and healthy report and allowed to go home. She had slept for 9 days straight without waking once. When she awoke, the doctors were finally able to finish examining her. Considering what she had went through, she should be dead or hurt, but she didn't have even the slightest scratch. Kagome was overjoyed to find out that in spite of her attack, the baby was doing fine and it should be a new year's baby.

            Inuyasha had stayed with her in the hospital the entire time. At that moment though, he had returned to the hotel to get her some clothes and to pack their things. A cart was sent to take them from the hospital directly to their place in Tokyo, which suited them both perfectly. By 11:00am he had returned to the hospital and by noon they were on the road headed toward home.


4 years later…

            A woman with very long black hair, dressed in a light blue and white miko outfit stood outside her family shrine sweeping leaves into a large pile. She knew that the common miko outfit was red and white, but past experiences caused her to detest the red and white uniform, so she opted for the light blue and white instead. Over the last 4 years she had learned tons about being a miko and what was expected of her. Her powers which were 300 times more powerful than her grandfathers, who had none, were under control and they varied from healing to defense to many different attacks.

            "Kagome!" shouted a voice from somewhere down the long steps leading to the shrine. "Kagome!" A second later a man with long black hair in a braid flew over the top of the steps and headed straight for the miko that was sweeping. Silently he ran up and scooped her up in a spinning hug while laughing. I just got my first official assignment as a Mythologist!" He stopped spinning her and placed her on her feet.

            Kagome smiled up at her husband. "That's great! What's the assignment?"

            "Um ya…well…They found some interesting "artifacts" dated from 500 years ago…The items were a soda can and a Styrofoam ramen cup…"


            "Ya oops! They want me to research more on the Feudal Era and the Legend of the Shikon no Tama. Hey by the way where is the fur ball?"

            "Who me?" asked a 15 year old boy as he walked over the top of the stairs with another boy about the same age.

            "NO Shippo. I was wondering about-"


            Inuyasha was suddenly attacked by the pile of leaves. Out jumped a 3 ½ year old girl with silver hair and dog ears. SH then leaped at Inuyasha's leg and latched on. "I got daddy!"

            H reached don and pulled her from his leg. "No daddy's go Ummei!" They both started to giggle.

            "Oh I have some good news if your interested." Stated Kagome as she started to rake up the leaves again.

            "Oh, what is it?"

            "Kikyo release hearing was today but she was denied. Plus we've been invited over to Sango and Miroku's place for their anniversary dinner."

            "Great news about Kikyo. But I still can't believe those two eloped while  we were on our honeymoon. Plus Sango got pregnant with twins, serves them right."

            Kagome giggled as she listened to her husband. "By the way, your brother asked if we could take Ken for a day. He wants to take Rin out and hey want to be toddler free.

            "No problem we'll toss all the kids into the well house and see what happens."

            "Oh ha-ha Just what we need, a bunch of children running around feudal Japan. You know how fascinated Ummei is with the well. So much so we had to chain the doors shut. I don't want her to fall in and have to go through what I did." Kagome stopped sweeping and looked toward the well house, a forlorn look on her face.

            "Ya but look what you got in doing so." Inuyasha gave her a charming smile.

            She turned and glared at him. "Ya and look what I went through to get it."

            "True, but you have me now and your happy right." Questioned Inuyasha as he placed Ummei up on his shoulders.

            "Hai, I am. And all you had to do was cross time." Kagome winked at him then went to put the broom away.

            "Across time indeed! Now I have relive it for my research." Inuyasha sighed as he followed Kagome to the shed.

            As she exited the shed, she looked up at him with a warm smile. "Should be interesting huh."

            "Ya very."

            "Well shall we go home?" Kagome walked beside Inuyasha with Ummei up on his shoulders. They had moved into a larger apartment shortly before Ummei was born. Miroku and Sango and done the same, but with twin boys they needed too. Luckily though, they both had managed to get an apartment in the same building. So hey were all neighbors and Kagome was close to home.

            They walked side by side in silence. Both were thinking of the well and the past. Neither would admit it first but both of them missed the feudal era. They then began to wonder what life would be like if one of them hadn't went…Across Time.

The End!