TT: I noticed that lots of people have Kai drinking coffee in fanfictions...

Kai: Oh no...

TT: *ignores Kai* So I started wondering why Kai drinks coffee- and came up with this!

Kai: What did I ever do to you?

TT: You didn't give me a B-Day present! *sticks her tongue out at him* Anyway, a slight warning- Kai may be slightly OOC in this, its kinda hard to tell when your the author...

Kai: ...Thank the Lord she doesn't own BeyBlade! ...


It was quiet, and lady moon watched through the window as the group of boys sleep. One lay, half hanging off his bed, mouth open as he snored, while his companions donned less extreme positions. Each, at first glance, held a look of content and tranquility on his face.

But if you were to glance again, you would notice the one farthest away from the others- the snoring in particular- one would notice the slight, almost desperate expression that seemed to cross his features every moment.


Garnet eyes went wide with fear as the child looked up at the man. A whimper rose at the back of his throat, but he forced it down roughly.

The man in front of him looked down, his eyes ablaze in what the youngest could only assume was hatred.

A large, this hand made its way around the two-toned haired boy's throat, roughly lifting him from the ground.

A choked sob of pure desperation made its way out of the child's throat- despite how he tried to stop it. He braced himself as disgust crossed the man's face and he was roughly flung into a wall.

Slumping to the ground, the young Kai forced himself to stand up, it would be worse not to. He swayed slightly, but ignored to feeling.

Footsteps, the man- he refused to think of him as his grandfather- was walking over to him. Forcing his garnet eyes to focus, he looked up, his gaze resting on the face of Voltaire. He felt tears of pure desperation for behind his eyes and he hastily lowered his gaze.

Too late, watched as a hand gripped into a fist and was lifted, making contact with Kai's cheek. He fell to the floor, his cheek already bruising with the impact of the blow. A harsh voice cut through the pounding of his heart in his ears, "You are a Hiwatari! You do not cry like some little girl, you are strong, emotionless! Do you understand me?!" The last comment was emphasized with a swift kick in the ribs, causing Kai to cry into a fetal position, biting back the whimper that threatened to escape.

There was a slight sound of disgust above him, "Pathetic." Another, harder kick in the ribs- this time a cracking sound filled the air, as a rib was broken.

As Kai was overwhelmed with pain, footsteps echoed as his so-called 'grandfather' left the room, leaving him alone. Kai allowed some of the thousands of tears escape his eyes.


The sleeping teen's expression was blank, giving away nothing of his inner turmoil. If anything, he looked annoyed about something.

Even in his sleep, the mask he had created was still in place.


One statement, repeated over and over again until it became a simple droning- recited without even being aware of what was said. The statement etched into their minds as they trained, repeating a same move over and over again until it became little more than an impulse. Until it was as if the single statement had brainwashed them.

Russia, home of icy weather, frozen lands. But also home to a place of frozen hearts, birthplace of so many cold and emotionless warriors- or beybattlers if you wished to call them that.

Deep within Russian borders, a place of nightmares, events that few would ever even hear about. Events impossible to believe unless you were one of the unlucky few to witness them. Perhaps that was why he had blocked them out so long.

Ever looming in his subconscious, a nightmare he couldn't get rid of, was The Abby.

The endless chanting blocked out after years of being used to it, young Kai stared up at the masked man in front of him- someone he had come to fear long ago. Not that he let _him_ have the satisfaction of knowing that.


The man held a whip expertly in his hand, the youngster tensed as he braced himself- expecting a punishment.

He did not expect the scene to change.

Instead of Boris, he was looking over at a BeyStadium. A dark, yet powerful force residing in his hand.

He wanted to stop himself- he tried to stop himself- but Kai had no control over his nightmare. He could only watch, helpless, as the scene from long ago replayed. The blade was launched, and a power unlike any he'd ever felt made itself know.

Kai had been taught to embrace power, but this was different. It was dark, evil, instead of him embracing the power- it tried to embrace it, take control of the one who could give _it_ so much strength. Strength to fight, destroy, to kill.

Kai resisted, the child didn't understand what was happening, but he knew it was bad somehow. Infuriated and impatient, the blade took on Kai's power anyhow, and began to task it delighted in.

Kai could only watch helplessly as people began to scream and the Abbey was demolished before his eyes.

And somewhere inside his mind, he knew it was all his fault.


Eyes opened with a start, reveling the emotions and memories haunting him until he banished the emotions from his eyes. Expressionless, he got up. Silent, so as not to disturb the others, he left.

He refused to go back to sleep tonight.

Outside of the bedroom- with Tyson's snores muffled, it was silent. Silent as a tomb… Kai stopped the thought there- they haunted his sleep- there was no need for such thoughts to haunt his waking hours as well.

Wandering into the kitchen, he fiddled with appliance and slumped at the kitchen table as he waited, willing himself to stay awake. A single thought entered his tired mind, 'Will that coffee maker hurry up?!'


Ray wandered sleepily into the kitchen about an hour later. He'd just get something to drink- milk maybe- and go back to bed...

He didn't expect to see his team captain downing a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. A half-filled pot of coffee was sitting on the counter behind him.

"Kai?" Both his mind and voice were slow with sleep, "What are you doing up?" The blader stood, confused, in the doorway.

"Drinking coffee." The duo-colour haired blader answered simply as he walked over to the coffee maker, pouring himself another cup. As far as Kai could see, he'd been given a choice- sleep yet be haunted by nightmares of the past that threatened to overwhelm his sanity, or become an insomniac.

To him, the latter sounded a better choice.

Ray, however, didn't know this. He just blinked and walked into the kitchen, "You'll not going to be able to sleep tonight." He warned the other blader, who just smirked.

"Just pass the sugar."