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"Kai! You're awake!"

"Are you alright?"

"How do you feel?"

"I can't believe it! You're actually awake! This is awesome!"

"I'll go tell the doctor!" Kenny ran off, leaving Kai at the mercy of the rest of the, suddenly hyper and cheerful, bladers.

"Kai! You don't know how glad we are that you're finally awake!"

"You've been unconscious three days, Kai. We were worried."

The crimson-eyed blader blinked in confusion, sitting up, still being bombarded by yells and questions from his team.

"Do you know how worried you had us?"

"He awake! He's awake! He's awake!"

"This is great! You finally woke up!"

Kai moaned softly, rubbing his forehead at the headache that was rapidly forming.

"Ahem." They all turned to find the doctor standing in the doorway. "Its nice to see you're awake, Kai, but if your friends would please leave, I need to run some tests."

"Aww man, already?" Tyson asked. The doctor nodded. Heaving a sigh, the Tyson led the BladeBreaker's out of the room; pausing in the doorway, "See ya tomorrow, Kai!"

Kai groaned, slumping deeper into the pillow, less than keen at the prospect.

He looked up to see Ray, the last of his teammates, about to leave. Calling the amber-eyed blader's name, he allowed their eyes to meet briefly as he said one word none of his team ever expected to hear from him, "Ray, thanks."

Ray's brow creased in confusion for a moment before lifting in understanding. Nodding his head slightly, he left the room.


After a week of being stuck in the hospital and having to suffer the BladeBreaker's continuous visits, Kai was finally allowed to leave, though he was supposed to take it easy for the next few weeks.

Kai's nightmares had also become less and less frequent after he had woken up, now little more than an unpleasant memory that Kai tried to keep out of his mind.

In other words; everything was more or less back to normal.

"Tyson, get up."

"Mm... five more minutes, grandpa..."

There was a growl, "Now!" followed by a bucket of water being introduced to Tyson.

"Waaahh!!!" Crashed into the floor, where he looked up, groaning, "Ow, my head."

Kai glanced at him. There had been a time when he would have glared, but Kai seemed to have simmered down a little since the whole 'incident'. Not that it meant much. "Training starts in ten minutes."

Tyson glared at the crimson-eyed blader as he left the room, "I almost wish we'd left him unconscious."


The rest of the BladeBreaker's had been eating in the kitchen during this little exchange. The radio was on, reporting that the man Boris Balcov had been put under arrest for kidnapping, child abuse and many other serious charges.

He barely looked up, "Training in the minutes." As he walked over, out of habit, to where the coffee maker was kept.

Kai paused for a moment, his mind replaying what he'd gone through because of the caffeinated beverage, before shaking his head and walking over to the fridge, pulling out a coke while mumbling, "That's it, no more coffee for me."