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Author's Note: This is just the quickest of all short little one shot fluff thingies. ^_^;;

It's based off a conversation my friend Miroku and I had in algebra class a while ago. ^_~



Kagome sat at her desk in her bedroom, flipping dully through her algebra book.

'Gods, I hate math. . . why do we have to learn it? Can't we just go back to counting sticks and stones like in the old days?'

Finding her long, drawn out assignment in the back of the thick volume, the girl sighed deeply.

'Well, here goes. . .'

M- hl= c + S

"How the heck am I supposed to know?" the girl hissed at the question, waiting for it to answer itself.

Yeah, right.

With another deep sigh, Kagome began working on the problem-

But as her eyes caught on her history book, her thoughts began to wander. . .

"M= Miroku when hl is hell hole," the girl muttered, half paying attention. "c= child with S= Sango. . ."

After a few moments of blank calculation, Kagome looked down at her paper and blinked.

Where had that come from?

M= Miroku?!

S= Sango?!

She was either spending too much time in Feudal Japan, or her mind was totally fried.

. . .


Next problem.

SJ/1,000= SS

"SJ= Shikon Jewel divided by 1,000 = Shikon Shards- - - and one long quest. . ." Kagome mumbled as she jot some numbers down on a piece of paper.

U + eb = k

"Urasue + earth and bones = Kikyo. . ."

Kagome didn't like that problem.

Glaring at the little numbers, she took a pen and blotted out that question.


Much better.

Only two more problems to go. . .

I + gt = 50

"Inu-Yasha + god tree equals 50 passing years. . ."

And now the longest, most difficult problem on the assignment.

KA * ( I - k ) = TL

That wasn't so hard. . .

"Kagome times (Inu-Yasha minus Kikyo) = True love!" the girl proclaimed, throwing down her pencil and beaming.

That was the most fun she'd had with math in a while.

Gathering up her books and papers, she jumped slightly as she heard her window slide open.

"What the hell are you doing, woman?" Inu-Yasha barked as he leapt inside, looking slightly annoyed. "You were supposed to be through the well a minute ago!"

"Sorry, Inu-chan," she beamed, making the hanyou melt. "I was finishing some algebra."



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