Title: The Most Convenient Definitions (1/4)

Author: Syn

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Rating: R--Kiddies beware, there's cursing and sex talk.

Content: Harry/Luna, Ginny/Draco

Spoilers: OotP

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to J.K. Rowling and all those important sounding companies. Concept by John Hughes.

Summary: When Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood and Justin Finch-Fletchley get detention, barriers will shatter and five misfits will find unexpected friendship.

A/N: Why yes, this IS heavily based on The Breakfast Club, though many things have been changed. Still, I loved the dialogue of the movie so much that I had to keep some bits and scenes in tact as much as I could. I wrote this because, randomly, I decided that Luna reminded me of Allison the Basket case and well...the idea took on a life of its own and I couldn't NOT write it. You're probably wondering why I put Justin Finch-Fletchley in the "Brain" role. I considered both Hermione and Ron, but I didn't want to include one and exclude the other. Plus, I had someone from every house but Hufflepuff. So I picked Justin (though not randomly). He works in the context of the story. You'll see what I mean.

A/N2: By the way, I'm American. Expect Americanisms. I can't help it.

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"...and these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through..." - David Bowie


Saturday. February 17th.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Dear Professor Snape,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Hogsmeade visit for whatever it was that we did wrong. What we did WAS wrong. But we think you're mad to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are--what do you care? You see us as you want to see us...in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, a hero, a loon, a brat and a troublemaker. Correct? That's the way we saw each other at seven o'clock this morning.

We were wrong.


Ginny Weasley impatiently pushed a strand of bright red hair from her face, cheeks colored the same shade in brilliant patches beneath her freckles. Her lower lip was worried between her teeth, a nervous habit she hated, but couldn't wean herself from. An impending sense of doom swelled over her.

She definitely didn't want to be here. Not on a Saturday. And especially not on a Hogsmeade weekend.

"I can't believe I can't get out of this." She muttered, staring morosely at the Library doors from around the statue of Marmaduke the Mistaken, a wizard captured in the throws of a spell gone awry.

"I can't believe you actually skipped Potions and went down into Hogsmeade illegally. What in the world were you thinking?" Colin Creevy asked, leaning toward her, a warm sweater on and a pair of gloves tucked beneath his arm. He looked ready for a day in the cold and Ginny felt more than a twinge of jealousy toward him. He was going to spend all day in Hogsmeade having fun and she was going to be stuck in detention with Snape for eight hours.

The unfairness of the situation was like a Bludger to her stomach.

Ginny glared at him. "I was thinking, 'Gee, wouldn't it be fun to skive off Potions and spend the day in Hogsmeade?' At least I was brave enough to try it. Unlike some people." She snapped back at him with much more force than she'd meant to. Colin looked taken aback.

"Don't snap my head off, Gin. You got yourself into this mess and you can deal with it." He said sagely, drawing himself up as much as he could. He flipped his scarlet and gold scarf over his shoulder and looked down his nose at her. "Have fun."

"Yeah right." She snapped back at him, rolling her eyes. He scowled and turned on his heel, stalking away into a crowd of fourth year Ravenclaw's on the way to the front doors. Ginny watched him go, feeling slightly sorry that she'd snapped at him. Then of course, she remembered about her impending detention with Snape and the feeling vanished.

Her attention turned back to the Library doors. She peered around Marmaduke's accidentally cloven hooves-for-hands for a moment, glanced at the time on her wristwatch and sighed.

"Prepare to meet your doom, Gin." She muttered under her breath as she stepped away from Marmaduke the Mistaken's plinth and started toward the Library, knowing that today was going to be a complete waste.


Justin Finch-Fletchley waved goodbye to Ernie MacMillan and Hannah Abbot as they swept out of the Great Hall, black cloaks swishing around the corner and out of sight. His attention grudgingly went back to the forgotten plate of kippers in front of him. He tried to swallow a bite, but it seemed to get stuck in his throat. With a sudden feeling of sickness, he pushed it away and rested his forehead on the heel of his palm.

He knew he should be on his way to the Library right now, but he couldn't make himself get up from the Hufflepuff table.

A sudden screech and the familiar flutter of wings near his ear called his attention back to the rapidly emptying Great Hall. A handsome barn owl had landed near his elbow, a letter attached to its leg.

His stomach dropped. He knew exactly whom it was from.

With trembling hands, he untied it and slit it open. His mother's familiar, loopy scrawl greeted him immediately.


I received the letter from your Head of House about your misbehavior. I can't tell you how shocked and disappointed in you I am! Your father and I didn't send you there so you could waste your life! This wouldn't be happening if you had attended Eton like I wanted! At ETON, you'd be getting a real education and using that brain of yours for something useful. As it is, I fully agree that you should get as many detentions as your so-called professors think you should and if I had my way, we'd pull you home right now. And if this takes your marks down at all, then consider yourself gone from Hogwarts! I saw how many O.W.L.S. you got and I know you could have gotten more. No wonder you didn't make prefect again! You'd better spend your time studying while you're in detention because I expect full marks on your next test!


The sick feeling in Justin's stomach swelled again, acid burning in his throat. No, I love you, no understanding words of motherly sympathy and no goodbye. Not that he'd expected any, but it would have been a nice change. He swallowed hard, crumpled the letter in his fist and then looked around the Great Hall. His attention caught on the clock near one of the suits of armor and he immediately jumped to his feet.

His detention with Snape was going to start in a few minutes and he'd have to run to get there on time. As he started out, sprinting past some first year Slytherin's, he had a feeling that the day was only going to get worse.


"Its bad luck mate. Snape's got it in for you, you know." Ron Weasley said as he, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter trooped down the stairs near the Library doors.

Hermione gave a little huffing sound that made both boys' attention swing toward her. Harry could see her exasperation written clearly on her face.

"What?" He asked, slightly annoyed.

"Snape has NOT got it in for Harry. We've been over this before. Besides, Snape had nothing to do with you getting detention and you both know it." Her dark eyes burned at them both. Ron and Harry exchanged dark looks.

"Well if he hadn't have said my Anti-Gravity potion was rubbish in Advanced Potions I--"

"Don't you dare try to blame someone else for what you did, Harry! You know full well it wasn't Snape!" Hermione exclaimed fiercely, her bushy hair falling across her face.

"Yeah well...I still don't have to like him."

"Of course you don't, he's horrible." Hermione said matter-of-factly and then glanced at the time on her wrist. "You'd better go and face the music, Harry. Good luck."

"Sorry, mate." Ron said, patting Harry none-too-reassuringly on the shoulder. Harry shrugged as Ron furtively grabbed Hermione's hand and led her down the corridor toward the stairs. Harry watched them go, a scowl on his face. He wasn't entirely happy that he was going to have to spend the whole day with Snape and they were going to Hogsmeade together.

Then again...at least he didn't have to be the third wheel all day and pretend not to see the little smiles the two of them exchanged. Compared to that, Snape's detention was almost tolerable, Harry thought as he pushed the Library doors open.


Upon entering the Library though, he was slightly taken aback at the sight before him. Ginny Weasley was sitting at the table nearest to the doors, looking as miserable as he felt. She was studying her neat fingernails with interest.

Harry didn't say anything, just stood there in surprise.

Ginny looked up, caught his gaze and flushed a brilliant crimson.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, her eyebrows drawn up.

"I have detention with Snape today. What about you?" Harry asked, walking up to her table, his hands in the pockets of his robes.

"Same thing."

"Really? What did you do?"

"I--" Ginny was cut off as the door of the Library swung open to admit a panting Justin Finch-Fletchley, whose curly hair was plastered to his forehead in the front, his face damp with sweat. He must have run all the way up there.

Justin stopped in mid-step as he saw Ginny and Harry, clearly uncertain about something. He blinked. "I...do you two have Saturday detention too?"

"Yes." They answered at the same time.

"Oh...okay." Justin said uneasily, looking rather nervous. Harry glanced back at Ginny and motioned to the chair next to hers. She shrugged and he sat down immediately. Justin wiped at the sweat on his forehead and crossed the empty Library to sit at the table behind them, the legs of his chair scraping along the floor.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to make it lie flat, even though he knew it wouldn't. As he looked over the rim of his glasses he saw a dark blur enter through the doors. Thinking this was surely Snape; he refocused his gaze in his glasses and felt his stomach drop even lower than before.

Draco Malfoy sauntered into the Library, a lock of silvery blonde hair across his forehead, a smirk on his pale, pointed face. His gray eyes shifted around the room, sliding over Harry and Justin and lingering for a few moments on Ginny, who was back to studying her fingernails. He walked by the counter usually occupied by Madam Pince, picking up random objects and stamps and flinging them away as he reached something new.

Harry couldn't help but glare at him. Ever since last spring, when Harry had gotten his father caught in the Ministry with all those other Death Eaters, Malfoy had gone from bad to worse. But Harry had expected that. Malfoy had always treated him like that, but nowadays Malfoy took his anger out on anyone and everyone he could get his hands on. Including the teachers.

It was like he didn't care anymore. Before, Malfoy had never wanted to get into trouble for causing mayhem, but now...he almost went out of his way to make sure he got caught. He'd even been kicked off the Slytherin Quidditch team and had his prefect badge taken away from him because of it.

Harry didn't feel sorry for him. He was just wary of what he could be planning. And Harry was sure he was planning something against him. With his father in Azkaban and his mother on the run overseas, there was no way Draco Malfoy wasn't looking to pay him back.

Draco didn't meet his burning gaze though as he sauntered around his and Ginny's table and stopped at the one Justin was sitting at, still trying to catch his breath. Justin looked up into Draco's blank face and shrank back a little in his seat. Draco kept staring.

Justin took the hint and quickly abandoned the chair, heading for the table immediately adjacent as Draco folded himself gracefully in the seat and propped his feet up on the back of another chair with a dull clunk. He didn't look at Harry or acknowledge he'd seen him; just sat there, his long fingers folded over his stomach.

Harry turned back around in his seat just in time to catch a familiar blonde haired girl drift through the doors, obviously in her own world.

Luna Lovegood's long blonde hair was piled up on her head in a large knot. Not even the long, straggly strands that had managed to escape the bunched knot and fall across her face could hide her wide, permanently surprised eyes. She stopped dead in her tracks as she spotted first Harry, then Ginny, then Justin. She seemed to take no notice of Draco.

"Hello." A small smile played on her lips.

"Hi." Harry said numbly, wondering what on earth Loony Lovegood could have done to get detention. She looked around the room again, as if seeing it for the first time.

"What are you all doing in here?"

"Detention." Ginny said glumly, her hand on her chin.

"Oh yes, of course you are." Luna said vaguely and then drifted across the Library, leaving Harry and Ginny to stare after her as she chose a table to herself behind Justin. Harry and Ginny exchanged amused glances and stifled their laughter as she heaved a large bag onto the table with a clunk.

Harry looked up in time to see the door swing open again. He barely suppressed a groan of dread as he saw Professor Snape walk in, severe black robes billowing behind him, greasy black hair trailing across his hooked nose. His shrewd eyes narrowed at the five of them, looking from one unhappy face to the other. A small, cold smile curled the corners of his lips as he stopped dead in front of Harry and Ginny's table.

"Well...well. Here we are!" Snape said staring them all down. "I suppose I should congratulate you for being on time..."

Ginny suddenly raised her hand, glancing at Harry from the corner of her eye.

"Excuse me, sir? I was just wondering...why are we all together? I mean, usually we do individual detentions..."

Snape ignored her and pulled back the cuff of his robes to reveal his pale, bony wrist and the strange watch strapped to it. "It is now seven-oh-six. You have exactly eight hours and fifty-four minutes to think about why you're here. To ponder the error of your ways...though I daresay the severity of your punishment will get through those thick, rule-breaking skulls of yours."

He looked hard at Harry, and then let his gaze flicker to Draco's. Harry stirred in his seat, suddenly noticing the icy way Snape was glaring at Malfoy. Malfoy seemed not to notice as he ran his fingers through his hair, mussing it up from its usually sleek look. His silver gaze ticked to Ginny and then back again.

Snape called Harry's attention back to him.

"There are, however, rules to your detention that I expect you to follow. You may not talk. You will not move from these seats. And you," Snape said, moving up the aisle beside Harry and suddenly wrenching the chair out from under Malfoy's feet. Malfoy glared at him. "Will not sleep. Now, your detentions were assigned to me even though I am a busy man and I don't have time to baby-sit you lot like a bunch of first years, but you will not be idle. You are going to write an essay--of no less than a foot long--describing to me who you think you are."

Snape smirked at them, eyes meeting Harry's for a moment and flicking away.

"Is this a test?" Draco's drawling voice spoke up boredly. Snape ignored him; pulled his wand from the folds his black robes and waved it at the desk before him. Five quills and several rolls of parchment materialized from thin air. Without hesitation, he passed them out, speaking in his cold tone.

"When I say essay...I mean essay. I do not mean a single word repeated a thousand times. Is that clear Mr. Malfoy?" He turned on Malfoy who boredly picked up his quill and fingered the feathered barbs.

"Quite clear..."

"Good. Maybe you'll learn a little something about yourselves. Maybe you'll even decide whether or not you care to return to school next year."

Justin, who had finally caught his breath and was now looking peaky, raised his hand.

"I can honestly say that I've um...seen the error of my ways, sir and I would indeed like to return--"

"Shut up Finch-Fletchley." Snape said dismissively as he swooped back to the front of the tables, his lips pursed.

"Yes sir..." Justin mumbled and shrank in on himself.

"The teacher's lounge is right down that hall. Any funny business is ill advised. Questions?" Snape asked, looking as if he didn't care if there were any at all.

"Yeah...I got a question." Malfoy drawled, dropping the quill and glaring at Snape, who glared right back. "Do you ever wash that greasy head of yours?"

"I'll give you the answer to that question, Mr. Malfoy, tomorrow." Snape said coolly and with a subtle lift of his eyebrow. Then he promptly turned on his heel and swept out of the open door of the Library, leaving them sitting in the huge, dusty room, the sounds of an unnaturally empty school settling around them.

Quiet encased them and was suddenly interrupted by a loud popping noise from the corner. Harry swiveled in his seat, as did Ginny, Draco and Justin. They all stared at Luna Lovegood, who seemed to take no notice of them as she took her left wrist in her right hand and bent it backward as far as it would go. There was another loud pop as her wrist gave. A faint smile played on her lips and she reached for her right wrist to do the same to it.

She caught sight of everyone watching her and faltered mid-pop.


"Do you mind? Some of us are trying to study." Draco said mock-scathingly, motioning toward his scroll and quill. Luna just stared at him unblinkingly. "I've seen you before you know...you run with Potty..."

Luna stared. Malfoy rolled his eyes and turned to Justin, who was sitting at the table next to him, running his quill under his nose and muttering to himself.

"Who am I? Who are you? WHAT am I?" Justin mused seriously to himself, then balanced his quill over his top lip, the barbs resembling a mustache. "I...am...a...walrus..."

Malfoy lifted an eyebrow and leaned forward at the table, toward Justin. Justin caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and let the quill drop into his open palm. He looked slightly embarrassed.

"Detention's bloody awful, eh?" The Hufflepuff hazarded, swallowing hard.

Malfoy didn't answer, just glared. Justin gave a nervous laugh and quickly averted his gaze to the empty expanse of scroll rolled out before him.

Malfoy shifted in his chair, straddling it with both legs. There was a crumpling sound and then a large wad that must have been Malfoy's scroll flew past Ginny's ear. Ginny's face went rigid with rage, but she didn't say anything. Suddenly, Harry's shoulders tensed as he heard him humming a very familiar song under his breath. It was "Weasley is Our King"; beside him, Ginny also tensed again, her slender fingers closing into fists on the table. Malfoy's humming got louder and louder as he started drumming on the table with the flat of his palms.

"I'm going to kill him." Ginny muttered under her breath. The song went on until Harry couldn't take it anymore. He whipped around in his seat and glared at Malfoy.

"Shut up!"

"You're pretty sexy when you get angry, Potter." Malfoy said with a wink. His gaze flicked to the back of Ginny's bright red head and then over to Justin, who had gone back to his paper looking flustered. "Hey, Hufflepuff. Why don't you whip out that big fat wand of yours and close that door? We'll get Weasley here impregnated!"

Ginny immediately turned in her seat and glared at Malfoy, her cheeks flaming. She looked ready to kill him.

"Hey!" Harry interjected, his fingers clenched into fists. Malfoy ignored him, his gaze on Ginny. "HEY!"

"What?" Malfoy asked, tearing his eyes away from Ginny.

"You don't want to make me mad, Malfoy." Harry said testily, his wand in his fingers. Malfoy lifted an eyebrow.

"Oh? Going to use one of those lovely curses you've learned from Dumbledore on me?"

Harry's insides went cold. "What are you talking about?"

"Everyone knows, Potter. You're learning advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts from Dumbledore to use against the Dark Lord. You can't possibly think we're all stupid enough not to figure it out?"

"I wouldn't put it past you, Malfoy."

"Well then...let's see something. A demonstration from the famous little Potter..." Draco waved Harry to stand up. Ginny glared.

"Just shut up, Malfoy. You're trying to make Harry fight you and its not going to work. Just sit there and shut up like a good little ferret." Ginny snarled and then promptly turned around in her seat. Harry turned around too, still seething with anger.

"Really." He muttered. "Bloody git."

"What I'm wondering is, what did Dumbledore's Pet do to get in here? Forget to kiss his ass before you went to bed at night?" Draco mused nastily, clearly trying to get a rise out of Harry, who turned around once again to glare at him. Over his shoulder, Harry caught sight of Luna watching them, her round, silvery eyes on Harry. Her lips were pressed in a thin line.

"Excuse me?" Justin interjected rather nervously. "I think we should...we should just work on our essays like Professor--"

"Look, just because you're a spoiled brat whose mum and dad abandoned him doesn't mean you have the right to be a pain in the ass! We're going to be in here for a while, so why don't you just knock it off before I have to beat you right senseless?"

Malfoy registered mock pain on his face and clutched his heart. "Oh, that was so...womanly of you Potter! Just like a girly Gryffindor!"

"He's just trying to make you angry so Snape'll come in here and give you another detention. Just ignore him!" Ginny said under breath, even though she looked ready to turn around and hex him herself.

Malfoy gave a small chuckle. "Weasley...you couldn't ignore me if you tried." Ginny turned in her chair again and saw him staring at her. She rolled her eyes. Malfoy looked from Harry to Ginny and back again. "So...wait...are you two like, boyfriend/girlfriend?"

Harry and Ginny turned around in their seats; Harry red with embarrassment and fury and Ginny blushing scarlet.

"Do you date? Take her into Hogsmeade and buy the POOR wittle Weasley gifts with the money your dead mommy and daddy left you? Are you two...lovers?" He gave another dry chuckle as Harry wondered just how hard he'd have to hit him to knock his head clean off his shoulders. "Level with me Potter, is she better in bed than she looks?"

Harry and Ginny both wheeled around to face him. "GOT TO HELL!"

"ENOUGH!" Harry screamed, drowning out the torrent of swearing coming from Ginny.

"Don't make me come in there!" Snape's sudden bark reminded them of where they were and why. He didn't come in though and they all relaxed, looking at each other appraisingly.

"Asshole." Harry muttered to Malfoy, who smiled, got up from his seat and walked over to a low bookshelf next to Ginny. He eyed the open Library door with narrowed eyes as he sat down on top the shelf.

"What do you say we close that door?" He proposed, "We can't have any kind of a party with that git Snape listening in on us."

"The doors are supposed to be open, I believe." Justin spoke up matter-of-factly.

"So what?" Malfoy challenged him.

"So why don't you sit down and shut up? There are four other people in here, you know." Harry snapped, picking up his quill and twirling it in his fingers to keep himself calm.

"God, you can count! See! I knew you had to be smart to be a Gryffindor!"

"Who the hell are you to judge anybody anyway?" Harry asked, disgusted. Beside him, Ginny snorted in agreement.


"You know, Malfoy...you don't even count. If you disappeared forever, no one would care. You don't even exist at this school anymore. Look at how popular and powerful you are now that everyone knows about your dad! No one's afraid of you! No one cares!" Harry said scathingly.

Something flickered across the surface of Malfoy's eyes. He looked away for a moment and then licked his lips and let a nasty smile cross his arrogant features.

"Well then, maybe I'll run out and join the goody-goodies. Walk the straight and narrow." Harry and Ginny couldn't help but laugh. "Join one of your little defense clubs..."

"Yeah right. We don't want you." Harry said darkly.

"I'm hurt."

"You know why guys like you act so nasty toward others?" Ginny asked, looking Malfoy over in a calculating way. He gladly turned his attention on her and looked her over, as if considering her question.

"This should be interesting...proceed..."

"Its because you're afraid." Ginny said calmly, almost primly. Harry was forcibly reminded of Hermione.

"Oh, GOD! You're so right! That's exactly why I don't hang around with you in your little clubs!"

"You're a big coward." Ginny said with a heavy sigh. "You're so afraid we won't take you, that we can't look past your rich daddy and that bad boy attitude. You don't belong so you just have to walk all over us..." She shook her head and he turned his bemused smile into a scowl.

"Well...it wouldn't have anything to do with your people being assholes...now would it?"

"You wouldn't know. You don't even know any of us." She said, lifting an auburn eyebrow at him.

"Well, I don't know any Muggles either, but I'm not gonna run out and join one of their fucking clubs."

"Watch your mouth." Harry said, glancing at the door. Malfoy shot him a dirty glare.

"I'm in the Charms Club." Justin piped up out of nowhere and Malfoy turned his attention on him.

"Who cares?" He retorted in a flat voice. Justin looked down at the floor and mumbled something none of them could hear. "What was that?"

"Umm...no one, I guess..." Justin said louder.

"Leave him alone, Malfoy." Ginny snapped angrily and Malfoy looked back at her.

"What? Is he your boyfriend too?" Ginny colored and clenched her fists together. "Aww...did I embarrass, you Red?" Draco drawled, smirking down at her from his perch on the bookshelf.

"Look, why don't you guys shut up? We've got a match against Ravenclaw coming up and I'm not getting another detention because of you two." Harry hissed, clenching his fists and glancing at the open door again.

"Oh, and wouldn't that be awful? Missing that bloody stupid game!"

"You never seemed to have a problem with it before you were kicked off the Slytherin team. Bitter, are we?" Harry retorted with a certain amount of grim satisfaction.

"Yes...It was so important in the scheme of things! I'll never be the same without it!" Malfoy said mockingly, clutching his heart again.

"You miss it." Harry said sagely, narrowing his eyes. "It was the only thing you were good at. Without it you're nothing."

"No, I've got a new hobby now!" Malfoy said, nodding his head and throwing more wispy locks of silver-blonde hair across his face.

"Yeah? What's that?"

"I'm trying to be just like you. I figure all I need is a Mudblood mother and a scar." Malfoy sneered.

"Don't call her that..." Harry warned him.

"Your mother was a Mud--er...Muggle born?" Justin asked, suddenly interested. Harry ignored him, but Draco smiled and glanced at Justin.

"You're a Mudblood eh? I should have smelled the stink coming off you--" He cut off in mid-speech as a voice sounded in the corridor outside the Library. Quickly he jumped off the bookshelf, grabbed a chair and sat down between Harry and Ginny.

Everyone tensely watched the doorway, then relaxed as The Fat Friar and The Gray Lady glided by and disappeared. Malfoy laughed, got up and started toward the open doorway.

"There's not supposed to be any funny business!" Justin fretted anxiously, afraid of what Malfoy was going to do.

"Muddy, have you finished your essay?" Malfoy said in a Snape-like voice, pointing a finger at Justin. He reached the doorway, poked his head into the hallway, and then pulled out his wand. Luna, who was still watching them all curiously, widened her eyes even more so than normal.

"What are you going to do?" Ginny called curiously.

"Drop dead if we're lucky." Harry muttered beside her.

Draco waved his wand and uttered something too quiet for the rest of them to hear.

"Malfoy...that's Hogwarts property...you really shouldn't mess with it! We could get into even more trouble!" Justin called, running a nervous hand through his curly hair.

The door suddenly slammed shut of its own accord, clanging loudly against the frame. Malfoy quickly ran back to his seat, stashing his wand deep in the folds of his robes.

"Malfoy, that's not funny! Un-jinx it!" Harry said, looking from Malfoy to the jinxed door.

"You really should fix it..." Justin said, nearly bending his quill in half with worry.

"Am I a genius?" Malfoy seemed very proud of himself.

"No...you're an asshole." Harry growled. Malfoy waggled his eyebrows comically.


"Un-jinx the door Malfoy!"

"Everyone just shut up! I've done this before. Just stay calm!"

The door was suddenly pushed open from outside, though not easily, since it wanted to lock back to the frame, its wooden bulk protesting. Slowly but surely, Professor Snape inched his way inside, skinny, greasy body popping through in time to get the ends of his robes caught.

He tore them free and turned on them, completely livid. "Who put a Barricade Charm on this door?" Everyone kept their eyes down, white with fright under the Potions Master's terrifying glare. "Who did it?"

"How are we supposed to know? We're not supposed to move, right?" Draco said to his desk, keeping his silver eyes pointed to table.

"Why?" Snape growled, directing his question to Ginny, who jumped slightly.

"We were just sitting here, like we were supposed to." She said in a small voice. Snape sneered at her and then turned his attention back to Malfoy, as if he knew who'd charmed it in the first place.

"Who charmed the door?"

"I think Peeves did it, sir." Malfoy offered, trying not to smile.

"It just closed, sir." Harry found himself saying, much to his surprise.

Snape ignored them both and turned his terrible gaze on Luna, still quiet and unblinking in the back. "WHO?"

Luna stared at him, studied him like she'd never seen him a day in her life. Harry caught her gaze and held it. She tilted her head and then picked up the The Quibbler, turned it upside down and lost herself in it.

"She was in her own world sir..." Malfoy said lazily. Snape wheeled on Malfoy and nearly growled with rage.

"Give me your wand!"

"I didn't bring it with me, sir. This is detention, after all." He said in a silky voice.

"You want me to yank you out of that seat and shake it out of you, boy?" His hands itched like he really, really wanted to do it too.

"I didn't do it, sir. Peeves came flying in here, raspberried us and slammed the door behind him..."

"Give it to me, Malfoy." Snape continued, ignoring Malfoy's finger pointing at Peeves.

"Excuse me, sir, why would anybody want to Charm a door?" Ginny interjected, then realized her mistake and quickly amended it. "Besides Peeves. He's always wreaking havoc. Everyone knows that."

"Watch it, Weasley..." Snape growled at Ginny, his eyes flashing. He turned smartly on his heel and stalked over to the door. He tried a few counter-curses on it, but the door wouldn't jump away from the frame for anything longer than three seconds. Evidently, Malfoy had put a really, really powerful Barricade Charm on it.

"Peeves really did a number on it, huh?" Malfoy said with no small amount of pride, leaning back in his chair and then attempting to slick back his hair. Snape wheeled on him and stared him down, greasy black hair caught on his hooked nose in a haphazard manner. He stared Malfoy down, as if daring him to admit what he'd done. Malfoy smiled blandly back at him.

"You're not fooling anyone, Malfoy! The next stunt you pull will be your last. I will see you out of this school personally."

Harry and Ginny exchanged looks again and with good reason. They had always been under the impression that Malfoy was Snape's favorite pupil. Something had changed. Snape glared and then turned on his heel again, heading for the door.

"Suck my wand." Malfoy said under his breath. Snape immediately turned around to face him again.

"What did you say?"

"Suck. My. Wand." Malfoy said louder, lifting his chin and meeting Snape's burning gaze.

"You just earned yourself another detention. And it won't be as cozy as this one."

"Oh...Merlin, I'm crushed." Malfoy rolled his eyes.

"Another, then? And perhaps you'd like me to take points from Slytherin, while I'm at it?" Snape suggested with barely concealed glee.

"As If I cared." He said smartly, gritting his teeth.

"Fine. Ten points from Slytherin and another detention for good measure. Instead of going to Azkaban like your father, you can stay here with me in my dungeon. What do you say? Are you through?"

"No!" Malfoy said defiantly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm doing the wizarding world a favor! One less Death Eater on the loose."

Malfoy hesitated a moment and then spat, "So!"

"Another! And another ten points. Would you like another one?"

"Yes!" Malfoy hissed like an angered snake.

"You've got it! Another one you stupid little worm!" Snape hissed back, equally as angered.

"Stop it Malfoy!" Ginny suddenly yelled, catching Malfoy's eye. He softened slightly under her wide brown-eyed gaze as she mouthed to him to stop.

"Are you through?"

"Does it look like I am?" He said in a dangerous voice, tearing his eyes away from Ginny's once more.

"Another one, then! And ten points from Slytherin." Snape was clearly enjoying this. Malfoy looked him over as if he were some nasty little insect he'd found beneath a rock.

"Do you really think I give a damn, Severus?"

"Another...and twenty points." Snape said, not correcting his manners. Harry swallowed hard, torn between his both his hatred of Snape and of Malfoy. He didn't know whom he was rooting for. Malfoy just glared at Snape. "Are you done?"

"How many is that?" He sneered in response, almost lazy in his anger.

"Seven detentions. Including the one when we first came in and you asked Professor Snape here if he ever washed his greasy hair. And fifty points in all." Justin piped in, holding up his fingers, his eyes far away as he mentally counted them up.

"And now it's eight and sixty points." Snape said nastily, sparing a moment to glare at Justin. "And you stay out of it!"

"No sir, it's seven and fifty!" Justin exclaimed, holding up his fingers again as Luna gave a funny laugh. Everyone ignored her though.

"Shut up Finch-Fletchley!" Snape snapped and turned back to Malfoy. "You're mine Malfoy. Eight detentions. Eight of them. Just you and me. I daresay your fellow Slytherins will be most displeased by your loss of points..."

"Like I care what they think." Malfoy said forcefully, his lips twisting into a carefree smirk.

"I know you do. You know something, Malfoy? If you spent less time worrying about what others thought of you and your foolish family pride, you'd be better off and you'd certainly be better off on my good side." Snape sneered, apparently unaware that the rest of them were listening. The tips of Malfoy's ears went red. Snape turned to the rest of them. "Since...someone...has been so kind as to Charm the doors, they will remain closed, but be aware that I will be right down the hall. If I have to come in here again, I will not hesitate to transfigure you all into stinkbeetles and keep you in a jar for the rest of your lives."

He turned around smartly, walked to the door, which was still trying to keep him out and managed to squeeze through. It slammed shut with a resounding crash.

Everyone stared at Malfoy, not sure of what to say. Harry saw something flicker across the surface of his silvery eyes as he hit the desk with his fist.

He thought it might have been regret, but he could never be sure.

(end chapter)