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When the Cat Strikes

By Firehedgehog

Chapter Seven: Partners

      It was raining, it pored down from a dark sky as violent wind drove against his small form, Genki shivered under the rainproof cloak he wore over himself. He had already discovered that he disliked the feeling of wet fur, a cat thing he knew.

      The former human once again looked for shelter from the storm, still none... so he would have to continue walking.

      'Unless I get blown away first' the cat boy thought with a sigh, the former human looked with emerald eyes as lightning jolted across the sky... it seemed more real ten before.

      'Before you died you mean' Genki thought to himself with a wince, before his death and rebirth he had never considered the aspect of danger before. He had been so innocent, free, not realizing the dangers that he rushed so many times into.

      'Heh, looks like I can't just ignore it now' Genki thought, it was all too real now.

      It had been a month and a half since the confrontation, the confrontation with those who he had considered friends.

      It was hard, hard to wake up every morning alone with no prospect of talking with someone... and the same at night. He would sit at a fire at night, keeping warm... alone.

      "I'm not good at this," Genki whispered with a sigh, he hadn't realized how he had depended on them... hell he was a kid... well a kid but not human anymore.

      It had been very tough, thankfully with all this going on he had yet to meet any of Muus baddies... so that hadn't meant no really tough battles that he needed help with.

      There were scuffles of course, it was in these fights that the once human learned to use his new body to his advantage.

      Also, to his shock... he learned his monster attacks... now that had been weird.

      At that moment a strike of lightning only fifteen feet away brought the cat boy back to reality, he looked at the blackened earth wide-eyed. A slight smell of Sulfur came to him and he wrinkled his node some, he was still getting use to his enhanced sense of smell.

      'Damn, that was close' he thought, he felt the fur at the back of his neck prickled slightly as slight electrical discharges went through the area... harmless but annoying to feel.

      Finally as the storm seemed to go from bad to worse, the cloaked cat boy spotted a rocky outcropping not to far away, hopefully it would have enough rocks to shield him from most of the storm... or even better a cave.

      With agility not known in his human life, Genki slipped easily across the area towards that rocky clearing.

      He could only pray thankfully to some kami when he saw that there indeed was a cave, small but perfect for one person.

      Smiling he squeezed inside, as he lay there watching the storm outside his thoughts wondered to the images that he had seen while being 'dead' and in the monster disk before his rebirth.

      'How can I stop the carnage from happening, when I don't even know how to get back to earth... and can it even be called home still' Genki thought sadly, soon he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

      In another world, a digital one that was also filled with monsters. Another lone figure huddled away from a storm; it had been so long since it had felt anything but sadness.

      Long ago it had know that it would be partnered with a human child, the child never appeared... couldn't be found even by Gennai.

      Yet it felt something after so many years, the digimon could feel its partner after so long... the bond was faint but it was there.

      "Soon," the digimon said, soon they would be together and their destiny could begin.

       Morning slowly came to where Genki was; the first thing he became of was a warm drift of air coming against his still slightly damp body.

      His body shifted slightly, then his emerald eyes opened slowly to look upon the new day... where he would be alone still.

      'A new day, a new place, unfamiliar and alone' Genki thought with a sigh, with that in mind the cat boy crawled out of the small cave into bright sunlight.

      The area was mostly dry by now with only a few puddles damp spots, but the air was fresh to his senses.

      "Beautiful," Genki whispered with one of his true smiles; he didn't know why people couldn't seem to stop to appreciate this... not even on earth.

      With the beauty in front of him Genki began to walk in a random direction, he didn't know where he would go... he had no idea. Only one thing kept him going, to stop the vision he saw of the ravaged cities on earth.

      It was noontime when it happened, when it began he could say.

      A feeling of vertigo came over him, the world seemed to warp and merge around him.

      It was a rainbow of colors; all changing to unidentifiable hues that had no name.

      "Wha... whats going on!" Genki yelled; he may be young but knew this wasn't normal... even after all the many weird things he had gone through.

      It is time

      "Time for what, and who are you!" Genki yelled through his confusion, this was the same voice that had shown him visions of the future.

      For you to begin your destiny

      Genki could only give a confused cry as the world seemed to become to bright too look at, then darkness claimed him.

      Good luck

      She had found a way to the human world, all by herself to be exact.

      The digimon knew that Azulongmon would not be pleased, but she was not waiting any longer... she was going to find him by herself.

      'My partner, where is he' she thought depressed, she had waited so long.

      In reality, she knew that in human time he should be an adult by now. Yet, something within herself told her that this was not the case for her partner. She did now know how that could be, how could a human stay a child for so long.

      So many confusing thoughts, they were threads that threatened to strangle her. But she would not allow that, she had to find him.

      Her other half, her partner... the friend she was meant to have... a child who's name meant energy.

      At the moment the digimon was standing on a small roof in the older part of Odaba, her sapphire eyes gazed across the roofs of the building around her.

      She sighed for the thousandths time, she had been searching since before morning here and still not even a feeling that he was near.

      'Please, if any type of god, human or digital can hear me... please grant me this one thing... let me be complete' she prayed. She didn't expect an answer; the gods of the digital world had never answered what had happened to her partner, so they wouldn't answer now.

      Hours more passed, her desperation became more pronounced. She couldn't find even a trace of him, but something tugged at her heartstring yelled at her that he was here.

      It was then that it happened, at first her fur began to tingle and she began to detect a strange energy in the air.

      Her head snapped up; as it seemed to flux in the air at least twenty feet up, her sky blue eyes widened in shock at what she saw.

      For above was a small swirling matrix of energy, it was all colors that she knew and so many more. The air became windy ruffling her fur, she could only watch in awe as it grew to the size of five by six feet.

      Then slowly, it seemed painfully slow; something began to float down from its swirling masses. It glowed softly with the same colors, it was a beautiful sight to behold... and strangely she had a feeling that she was the only one to see this event.

      Finally it lowered till it was only a few centimeters from the ground.

      The glow flickered, and the digital being finally glimpsed what was held within. Inside was a small humanoid cat child with silvery white fur and wearing human style clothing, her eyes widened as the cat child seemed to flow from cat child to brown haired human child... but finally it settled on cat child.

      She knew it had to be impossible, it had to be... the one she looked for was suppose to be human.... And whatever the cat child was it wasn't human... but it wasn't a digimon either.

      Destiny works in strange ways a voice said, she spun around yet saw no one.

      "Who's there!" she demanded.

      Patience Renamon: all will be revealed in time the voice replied, her fur bristled in agitation.

      "Is... is this who I think it is?" she asked hopefully, she had a feeling this 'voice' knew many things.

      Yes, he lost his human body due to an accident. But he is still your partner, he will need your guidance since to him it has been only a year since he left somehow to a different dimension... but in fact at least fifteen have passed in truth the voice explained.

      Renamons eyes softened at those words, this explained a great many thing... but he was still her partner so that is all that matters.

      "How do I wake him?" she asked curious, she also wondered how she would explain the many years that had gone by to his one to him.

      You know how

      "Genki," she whispered, saying his name seemed to release something within her and at his name the energy released him gently depositing him on the ground.

      At the moment his eyes began to open; the strange multi colored portal above vanished, with only the sound of wind displaced.

      "..." The cat boy said opening his emerald eyed.

      "Welcome back Genki," Renamon whispered to him, he sat up.

      "A walking talking fox..." Genki said blinking in confusion, his eyes quickly widened as he saw the world around him. She knew what he saw... home.

      "Nothing strange about that, you're a talking cat," she replied.

      "Right... what was I thinking..." he muttered with a sigh, she hid a smirk seeing that he was still rather confused.

      "I have much to tell you Genki, much indeed," she said softly.

      "How do you know my name, and also what are you?" Genki asked.

      "I am a digimon, a rookie digimon known as Renamon. As to how I know your name, I am your partner," Renamon said, emerald eyes blinked once again and strared at her widely.

      "Partner..." he said.

      "Partner," she said firmly.

      Genki's confused mind took the best action suited to this, transported home to his home dimension in a very confusing way. Then confronted by a talking walking fox who knew his name, who also claimed to be his partner. He was also very tired and exhausted; he hadn't eaten very well for quite awhile... in fact since he left his so-called friends.

      He fainted...

      Blessed darkness took him once again...

      Hopefully this strangeness was all but a dream.


Next Chapter: Partners... a strange word that has so many meaning. Genki is soon going to find out them. To his shock he finds that over ten years had passed since he stepped into the monster world. Now the cat boy and his fox digital partner find out that a new battle is about to begin.

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