Hey this is my first story that crosses over with Megaman, it's with Digimon. This Megaman is from the series with Rush, Roll, Dr. Wily and Protoman... I just had to write this after seeing the first thirteen episodes from the first Three Disk set.

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A Robot's Soul

By Firehedgehog

Chapter One: The Kidnapping

A visored face looked at the glorious sunrise. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Yet he did not feel joy in its warmth, after all why would a robot feel that.

Protoman let out a soft sigh, here in the privacy of some unnamed park he relaxed.

Unlike Dr. Wily's other robots he was different. He had emotions, and of all things he had a soul.

'Strange, I wonder what Megaman would think if he knew I thought like this' he thought, he let a smile come to his face... not his usual sarcastic and smug smile... a real smile.

To tell the truth, he didn't know how anyone would react to the true him. Of course Dr. Wily knew, after all; the insane scientist knew everything about Protoman's creation.

Not knowing why the red and gray armored robot lifted his helmet off, seconds later messy brown hair fluttered in a gentle wind. Startling crimson very human like eyes looked out from a heart shaped face; he looked around sixteen years old.

Sadly he looked at his orange metal hands, long ago before he was Protoman he had normal hands... he had been human.

'Why can't I let it go, my human body died after Grand... no Dr. Wily transferred me to this body. Everyone I knew thinks I died five years ago, Takato Matsuki is dead... I'm Protoman now' he thought closing his eyes, for comfort he touched his yellow scarf... the last thing he had from his human life.

He remembered those last days as a human so well; the bakery had exploded killing his parents and sending him-self to the hospital. He was dying; the most the hospital could do was make him as comfortable as possible. Then to his shock his reclusive grandfather came... Doctor Wily, he kidnapped him from the hospital and took him to his far away lab.

The next thing he knew he blacked out painfully, when he awoke next he was in this body his old one dead. He was forced to work for his once grandfather by programs inside him, he hated all this... he wanted to be free. He envied Mega of all people; if only Wily would drop over dead... then he would be free.

Suddenly he heard a beeping sound, with a sigh the robot slipped on his helmet and put on his usual mask of smugness and hate of humans... he didn't hate them for he had once been one. Reaching to his side he picked up his communicator, flipping it open the face of his creator came into view.

"What is it Doc?" he asked, he knew it was probably another mission. Do something stupid to take over the world or something, cause damage to the city, fight Megaman and so on.

"I have a mission for you, you will be heading into the city with Cutman and Gutsman," the wild haired scientist said, Protoman waited patiently for the mumbling scientist to finish.

"You will be kidnapping a human teenager and bring him to my lab, I'm sending you the data now," Wily said, seconds later information went across the screen. Protoman easily memorized it all, then came the picture of the teen... and Protoman froze.

'Henry' he thought with fear, for the picture was of an old friend... a tamer. A blue haired teen with green-gray eyes looked up at him, even after all these years he could recognize the tamer of Terriermon.

"Do you have all that?" Wily said, Protoman nodded.

"Got it, I'm on my way," he said and then Wily was gone, Protoman sighed and tugged on his scarf.

'This was something I never thought I'd have to do, I'll have to go to a place I never wanted to return to as Protoman... West Shinjuku' he thought, but knowing he couldn't disobey the order (he swore under his breath about obedience and loyalty programs) he started sprinting to the area the two other robots would meet him.

Dr Wily smiled sadly as he turned away from his computer, it was something he never let anyone see... after all it was a weakness. His eyes darkened in sadness, but he knew this must be done.

He knew all too well what Protoman was feeling... or should he say Takato, he had ripped his grandson's life apart when he had transferred his grandson's soul and memory into the body of a robot. But if he hadn't, he would have lost his last surviving family member.

When he heard about the problem he had almost completed Protoman, he had no way of saving his grandchild... then he had a way.

By transferring everything of the child into the metal robot weapon he had created, but he still had to put the obedience and loyalty programs in. Protoman would be part of his revenge against Doctor Light, because of that he had to control his grandchild completely.

He knew that if not for the programs Protoman would have been long gone; the robot hated this and wished for the fighting to stop. No one else but Proto and himself knew this of course, and after all this time he knew it was time.

Guilt had finally filled him and he knew that it was time to free Protoman from his prison, but he knew he couldn't make it easy. Proto had to break free himself; if he didn't that blasted Megaman would track him down still and destroy him.

He knew that by Kidnapping Takato's childhood friend Henry Protoman would be able to start to break free; it would probably go even faster if the blue haired teen somehow recognized Takato as Protoman.

"Let it begin, and it looks like I'll be looking for a new second in command soon," he said with a sigh, but he didn't mind... this way his grandson would be free.

Mind you he still thought robots should rule the world with all other humans as slaves, but when it came to family (even one stuck in a robot body) all bets were off.

Henry yawned; it seemed way too early to head to school. But since he was in high school he had to go, if he didn't go he might never graduate. With a slight stretch he ran his slim hands through his messy blue hair, it pretty much looked the same as it did when he was twelve.

He sighed as memories came to him; it was at that age he had lost his best friend to death... Takato.

He missed the gogglehead a lot; the crimson eyed boy had been the first Tamer he had met after he had become one and also his best friend.

He knew everyone missed Takato also, since his friend's death all of them had grown ever closer. None of them wanted to be alone; they had lost one of their members and didn't want it to happen again.

Sadly Takato never got a chance to see Guilmon again, a few months after his death Yamaki had opened a gate to the digital world and retrieved their partners... minus Guilmon who he couldn't find.

"Momentai, if you don't hurry you'll be late," an ever familiar voice said, Henry swore and began to run ignoring Terriermon's voice for him to wait up.

'I can't go down memory lane now, I have school to worry about' he thought, he also blushed remembering his date with Jeri was tonight.

He was worried about it though, especially since the attacks from the robots of Dr. Wily's were increasing and it was dangerous to go out.

If only he had known.

Shinjuku, no matter what it never seemed to change. The city looked the same as it had five years ago, mind you a little more technologically advanced but the same.

In the distance he could see the park Guilmon had stayed in, if he looked a little closer he could see Guilmon's shed.

'Strange, after I changed so much I expected the city to change also' he thought, he caught himself before he sighed sadly and mentally reminded himself to play the part of smug annoying bad robot.

"Our Target should be coming down the street any moment now," Cutman said, Protoman didn't answer... he usually didn't.

"There he is," Gutsman said," in his loud voice, Protoman sweatdropped and wondered why Wily hadn't given the huge idiot more intelligence chips.

"Let's do this then, and remember Wily wants the human unharmed," he reminded them, as it was he didn't want his once friend hurt either. With that he motioned the two robots to attack.

'Be careful Henry, I don't want your death to be on my conscious' he thought, with that thought he also leapt down from the building towards the blue haired human.

Henry knew there was something wrong, he knew it immediately when he heard two thumps behind him. Startled he spun around and gasped in shock.

Standing there were two figures he had seen only on the news, Dr. Wily's robots. He looked around for an escape and saw one, quickly he ran in that direction.

"Oomph," he said as he landed on his butt. The force of someone landing in front of him had caused him to fall backwards. With a groan he sat up, and then he paled... this wasn't good.

Standing in front of him he saw a robot he had seen plenty of times on the news, Protoman. The red colored robot stood calmly in front of him an ever present smirk on his face, and his plasma weapon ready to fire.

Henry opened his mouth to speak but no sound came out, as it was he had no idea what to say anyway.

"Hello Henry Wong, Dr. Wily wants to meet you," Protoman said in a calm voice, Henry could only yelp as metal hands pulled him to his feet and tied his hands behind his back.

"Why?" he whispered feeling scared, of all things this wasn't something he expected. He now wished he had waited for Terriermon, with the rabbit digimon he would at least had a chance to fight against these metal monsters.

"Because Doctor Wily said so," Protoman smirked; it was at that moment the ground beside Protoman exploded.

Protoman wanted to sigh in relief; it was his good luck that his blue counterpart had arrived. Megaman looked ready to kick some bots butts to the moon, but since he was under orders to kidnap Henry that meant he had to fight back and no matter what get the human teen to base.

"Gutsman, Cutman take care of blue boy," he said with a sneer, it wasn't a real snare but the dimwits couldn't tell.

"My Pleasure," Cutman smirked, quickly the cut robot sent one of his weapons towards the blue robot.

"Nice try, now try Plasma power," Mega said, Protoman frowned slightly knowing that it would be easy for Henry to get hurt here... that meant he had to get the human to a safer area.

"See you later little brother," he called and he picked up Henry, quickly he ran down an ally where a very quick machine would fly him away (it would put Rush to shame at its speed).

To tell the truth he did think of Mega as a brother, both were Robots created from the same plans evolved different ways... but he couldn't tell Mega that he actually liked him.

"Help!" Henry called; Proto actually sighed that time... Mega must have heard that. He had to hurry to get out of here; if he didn't when Mega went after him Henry could be hurt... badly.

"Terrier Tornado," a voice called, he quickly jumped over the air attack and turned to see the attacker. He felt his eyes widen in shock, standing there was a digimon... something he had thought he would never see again.

"And who might you be?" he sneered at the creature; if he let it out that he knew what the creature was Terriermon might figure out who Protoman once had been.

"I'm Terriermon and that's my partner you're holding, if you know what's good for you I'd let him ago," the bunny-dog digimon demanded, Proto wished he could but his orders wouldn't let him.

"Too bad," he said, he then let a-low-level plasma bolt head to the digimon... he winced when it knocked the digmon out. He hated doing this, but thankfully he had no orders about the digimon... kidnapping Henry was bad enough.

"Sound like Mega is almost through with the other two, time to get out of here," he told his prisoner, Henry remained silent shocked at the sight of his partner being easily knocked out.

"And here we are," he said, in front of him was a hover bike (Looks a lot like the one Roll uses all the time), it was the fastest one in the world. Quickly he climbed onto it, activating it he zipped away leaving a surprised blue robot lost in his dust.

'Sorry Henry, I only wish I knew a way I could get free from these programs... then you can be free' he thought, soon in the distance he saw Dr. Wily's ship waiting to pick the two of them up.

Megaman sighed as Protoman and the kidnapped human vanished from sight, and since Rush had been damaged in the last fight he had no way of going after his counterpart.

'I'll have to find them quick, I have no idea of what Dr. Wily will do to the kid' he thought, it was then that he heard a moan behind him. Turning he found himself looking at an injured creature, the least he could do was get this creature healed by Dr. Light.

Gently he picked up the unconscious Terriermon, then after calling Rush they very slowly flew home (Rush was flying very slowly because he was damaged).

'Next time Protoman' he thought.


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