It takes awhile to get use to new word programs, and other then almost deleting the file by accident a few times I managed to finish.

This is pretty much a filler chappy/sidestory... but also quite important.

A Robots Soul

Ark Two: Silver Angel

By Firehedgehog

Sidestory: Fragile Reflections

Dr. Light frowned as he did his best to speed up Megamans repairs without causing the armour to become weaker. This Razor had done quite a job on the blue bomber, and now they had more worries.

He had no doubt that this was Wilys attack, it was his style... yet intensified a hundredfold to the killing point.

The white haired scientist sighed, in the end he knew the other scientist had gone off the deep end.

'Takato... how would you feel now, your grandfather has finally lost his humanity in his insanity' Light thought sadly.

He could easily imagine Takato's sad red eyes.


"Damn them, damn them all!" Wily snarled angrily.

"Razor was the weakest, and the battle was interfered by outside forces Master. Megaman was just an attack from oblivion. The next time, he shall not be as lucky to have help," said the other in the room.

"True, very true. This time I'll send Razors sister," Wily smirked, then he was alone.

Frowning he peered at the few imaged he had managed to gather, they were of the one that had stopped his revenge.

'Who are you silver angel' Wily thought angrily, either way this silver would soon be trash under his feet.


If Silver had been human, the sneeze gag would have happened. But as a robot this did not happen, the author sighs and just makes Silver look around strangely.

Whoops, right.. Back to the fic.

Silver.. Is something the matter? Pulse asked.

"Just a paranoid feeling someone is talking about me," the golden eyed robot replied.

They probably are, after all you just appeared in your first official battle Silver replied.

"Greeeat," Silver sighed, just what he needed while looking for his past.

Could be worse.. Pulse said trailing off.

"How so?" he asked.

You could have fangirls


"Renamon.." Rik said, as she got ready for the day.

"Yes Rika?" Renamon said phasing into the room.

"I have the sudden urge to kill a digimon otaku with a laptop," Rika said, Renamon tried not to sweatdrop.

"Should I kill Kazu, he did just get one?" Renamon asked jokingly.

"Renamon, I said I would kill. And no, it feels female," Rika grumbled.

Renamon decided not to mention Jeri also had a laptop.


Silken hair fluttered in a gust of wind, golden eyes shone in morning light. He was sitting in front of a mirror, it was the size of a door and reflected the world.

Except, it wasn't his face reflected back.

Crimson eyes on an older teens face, brown hair eternally messed. His expression was sad, as if he wished to tell Silver something but couldn't.

"Who are you?" Silver asked, reaching out a hand and touched the mirrors surface.

The figure in the mirror did the same, there hands seeming to almost touch a thin barrier separating them.

"You already know the answer."



With a small gasp, Silver came out of sleep mode.

"That was the strangest dream ever," Silver said.

You were suppose to wake up hours ago Silver, something kept you asleep Silver said, worry evident in his voice.

But Silver wasn't listening, he knew that 'dream' was important.

Those crimson eyes.

They had been so fragile yet strong.

Like his own.


Were a reflection

Of Himself

His true lost self.

'Soon, I feel I'm getting closer' Silver thought.