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"Angry Situation" - by Val Shrum (kiyonekatz at yahoo dot com)

'My name is Katherine Pryde. I'm a teenager. I attend Bayville High School and my grades rank up within the top two percent of all my classes (maybe even the whole school). I like to shop, hang out with my friends, you know... usual stuff. I'm also a mutant. Feared and hated pretty much universally. I live at an institute for kids just like me, learning what our place in the world really is. But at this moment, it doesn't seem very important to me. All I can think about is how I'm going to make it through the night alive.'

== Two days earlier ==

Dusk had fallen upon the grounds of the Xavier Institute. A few young kids played a round of what appeared to be catch as the lights inside the mansion gave the atmosphere a gentle glow mixed with the setting sun. Dr. Hank McCoy, a rather unique looking individual covered entirely with a blue fur, stood at the back door announcing to the players that dinner was ready.

Inside didn't seem quite the same kind of environment. Kurt Wagner, a boy in his mid-teens, leaned against the wall next to a doorway. He glanced at his watch as his stomach growled, 'What's taking Kitty so long?' He leaned closer to the door frame, listening carefully as the tone of voice inside the room took on a louder volume.

"No! How could you possibly do this to me, Mom? Like, what am I supposed to say? 'Thanks for letting me know?' When I'm away at school! Right, you didn't want me to be upset! I'm going to be there in less than twenty four hours, and you couldn't have told me in person? Didn't want me to make a scene?! What a joke! Fine! Whatever! Thanks for ruining my evening, and possibly my life!"

The sound of hard plastic crashing into the floor echoed from inside the room. Kurt stood back from the door, unsure if he should knock or if he should walk away. 'It is my best friend in there... she sounded upset.' He thought to himself. "Kitty?" He voiced, "Are you okay in there?"

"M'fine! Go away!" Kitty replied with a yell.

"Ja... but it's dinner time." Kurt gulped. He could recall many times where Kitty would overreact to things. Still, it didn't help him not worry about what exactly that phone call was about.

"I'm not hungry, Kurt. Just... I'll catch up later, okay? I still have to pack." Her tone moved down a notch, sounding less angry and more like a resignation. The door opened to fully view the voice behind the door. Katherine Pryde, a young girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair was down and hung past her shoulders. She looked defeated, looking down at the floor instead of at her friend. "I just... like... totally don't feel up to social interactions right now."

"Now I know you're not feeling like yourself. Have you been crying?" He voiced his concern, trying to meet her eyes with his.

"Mn, maybe. Really, fuzzy. I'll be fine. I'll sneak down later after I finish my homework. I don't wanna fall behind because of my trip, y'know?" She urged gently, "Go on. I know dinner is your favorite part of the day."

"Okay then, Katzchen. I'll be back later though! Mark my words." He smiled as he attempted to lighten the mood.

"Oh, I'll be counting on it." She half-heartedly smiled and closed the door to her room, hearing a light 'bamf' noise from the hall marking Kurt's departure.

Kitty wiped the still wet tears from her cheeks. 'Can't get emotional, can't make a scene. It's going to be a happy vacation. Try to keep it together, girl.' She assured herself and brought down an average sized backpack, setting it out on the bed. She took in a deep breath, going through a mental checklist of items. A few pairs of jeans, shirts, and any essentials. Kitty went through the motions, folding and packing her bag - lastly tossing in a small book and a walk-man like device. Zipping the bag closed, her heart sank, 'This is it, just do it and not do anything else? What else can I do?' She felt the tears return. Kitty let out a shriek of anger, throwing her backpack across the room and crumpling into her bed with a defeated cry.


"Hey Kurt, I thought you were going to get Kitty?" A boy in his late teens wearing dark red sunglasses asked.

"I was, Scott. She didn't seem very hungry. More for me then!" Kurt joked as he took his seat.

"She must be excited about her trip home. It's not every day you go to a wedding." Ororo noted. The beautiful goddess of a woman started on her meal, "I just hope she doesn't worry herself over school."

"School is important to her. I just wish some of the others would take their studies just as seriously as Katherine." A bald man seated in a wheelchair commented, glancing down the table to some of the other kids who knew perfectly well who he was referring to.

"If only it were that simple." Commented a brown haired boy at the end of the table. The other students laughed, carrying on with dinner.


'Unnngh. What hit me?' Kitty thought as she sat up in her bed. '2:43 AM. Wonderful. I totally slept through dinner and then some. I'm going to be so dead at school tomorrow.' Her stomach growled at her intently. 'Shut up, you.' She pulled her loose hair back into her traditional pony tail and wandered down the hall. She occasionally triggered her mutant power of phasing to avoid making anymore noise than she had to, moving through walls and lightly across floors before finding herself in the institutes kitchen. Kitty pieced together a salad and a bowl of microwavable pasta before settling down at the table alone to eat.

A rustling sound of familiar heavy feet moved down the hall. 'Must be Mr. Logan.' She noted, not to alarm herself. As sure as clockwork, the gruff adult known as Logan entered the dining room. He was clad in only in a pair of sweat pants and a white tank top. No words were spoken, just him going straight to the fridge and getting together a small meal for himself. He sat across from the young student, taking a bite of his late-night snack.

"You're up late, half-pint."

"So are you."

"Yeah, but I don't got school in the morning. What's got you down, kiddo? It's usually Hank who joins me for the late-night snacking."

"I missed dinner, right? Well I have to eat sometime." She brushed off the older mans question.

"So ya did." He nodded, taking another bite from his freshly made sandwich. "Anxious about your trip?"

"I guess."

"You weren't guessing a few days ago. Something happen?"

"Not really."

Logan furrowed his brow. He knew how excited she had been about this trip home. 'Something's not right, now.' He took a drink from his glass and spoke up, "I won't go easy on you when you get back. Might have to train you extra hard for all the time you'll miss."

"M'Kay." She shrugged, taking a few idle bites from her salad. "Don't do me any favors or anything."

Despite his concern, he couldn't help but smile, "That's my girl." He cleans up his side of the table and says, "I know something's buggin' you, pumpkin. It's not my place to say how you should feel or even know what's going on with you. No matter how bad things get, just remember everything I taught ya."

"Lot of good that's going to do me." She poked at her plate of pasta, taking a final bite. "I know, I'm an X-Man. I should act like it." Kitty cleaned up her plates.

"Sleep well." Logan moved out to the hall, lighting his cigar.

'Sleep well, he says. Yeah, right.' She headed back to her bedroom. 'I hope I wake up and this has all been a horrible dream.'


The school day zipped by without a hitch. Kitty seemed back to her usual self. She gathered her packed bag and said her goodbyes to her fellow team-mates, "I'll be back before you know it!"

"Have fun at the wedding, Kitty!" Jean hugged her friend, "Don't go doing something crazy like catching the bouquet, right?"

"Gyah! Like I'd want that to happen!" She made a face. The girls laughed together.

"Time to go, Kitten." Ororo stood at the drivers side door of the schools' Jeep. "Regulations state you should be there at least two hours before your flight. We must leave now before it's too late."

"I understand." She nodded. 'I really don't want to go, though.' Kitty sighed inwardly. She put on a brave face and waved, "G'bye guys! See you in a week!" She climbed into the passanger seat of the jeep as it drove off to the city. '...goodbye life as I knew it.'