X-Men Evolution is a trademarked product from Marvel, all the characters are owned by Marvel and not me. This is a work of fiction based off of said series. I make no money off this, yadda yadda yah. This is my first X-Men Evolution, or even X-Men related fic I've written. Be gentle.

"Angry Situation" - by Val Shrum (kiyonekatz at yahoo dot com)

Final notes


This is where I address questions or any sort of comments in the reviews made. Easier to read, and it didn't disrupt the story any.

It's sort of hard for me to place where this story takes 'place' within the Evoverse. It's somewhere after Evan leaves and before Jean and Scott graduate. So pretty much somewhere near the end of the technical third season. You know, around that Cruise Control episode, or something. Problem with writing fics like this is that future episodes (since the series is still currently moving along) could contradict anything written here (such as introduction of Doug Rasmey, and definitely the way I handled the interaction with Kitty and Piotr). Usually I'm pretty much a stickler for continuity, but then I realized it's fanfiction. Risks have to be taken. A good example would be that I was under the impression that Rogue and Kitty were roomates, but in a recent episode, she offered up her room-space to Danielle Moonstar - so Rogue's got her own room now? Jinkies! Henceforth needing to place this into the past a little bit, but not too far back.

Should I write a sequel? Should I do something more to continue this concept/version? I am considering it, but I'll wait until the end of the season so I'll feel better about where things are going with the show. As I mentioned, writing within the season was getting to me a little because I'd see something on the show that would almost conflict or might invalidate things. Yeah yeah, I like to be within continuity ^_^; Let me know!

So now, to the reviewers!

*B: My first review! You were so great to continue reviewing the fic throughout the story. I was a little worried no one was reading it, but you kept on. That was really great. I'll be honest that the plot became more complex as I wrote, I really didn't intend for it to... uh... get where it ended up. I did try my best to add little in character nuances, like her going back to school or her wanting to contact the X-Men. After everything was said and done, she had to do something. Just it was different and far less dangerous than intended.

SOMEONE2003: Thanks for the early review. I've tried to update as much as possible :) Hope you liked how it turned out. I actually thought about turning her into an acolyte or something of that nature, but eventually I figured I wanted to make it a little 'seamless' with continuity, so technically everything went 'back to normal' after it was said and done.

miz_pop: Sorry, it sort of moved into that Kiotr sort of zone. It was never to be a romance fic in the first place. But in all honesty, Piotr's a good guy. I think there's enough Pyro/Remy/whoever fics with her (and all the other characters) around. Sorry!

Kinotu: You tease ^.-

Sprocket: Thanks for the review!

Silver Spider: Glad you liked the pairing. I have always enjoyed early Peter, so it was a surprise to see him involved in Evolution at all (considering uh... comic stuff). He's a great character, especially before all the angst bull happened to him!

AngieX: You've also been really great about adding your two cents to every other update. It helps remind me that people are actually reading and coming back. That's really something I'm new to. Yeah, it ended up semi-Kiotr-ish, but what can ya do?

Eternal Sailor Serenity: You've been really supportive throughout this fic. It's great to read the different points of view, commenting a little on the story as it happened. Great stuff.

Blaze RisingMoon: Of course, cliffhangers technically are what keep people coming back :)

xxxrokiexxx: Thanks for the review! Yeah, Kitty turned out to be fine... sorta. Worked out anyway.

Katgirl: Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it.

Anonymouse: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE ^.- And uh, no.

Rogue Pryde: I'm really shocked that this fic got reviews. Thanks for reviewing twice (despite that you said you don't review more than once). It's awesome that you did, thank you.

Danfred: Yeah, it got a little strangely deep. It was more or less trying to make a strange, relatable parallel so it wouldn't raise suspicions. Made sense, even if it was a little... geeky. I never intended it to be a romance/paired up fic, but it sort of hinted that way for a few chapters. And I did add your Russian Translations at the end of chapter 8!

silhouette-Kitten: That's very endearing coming from a Lance/Kitty shipper. I realize seeing just Evo-Kitty and Evo-Piotr, it's REALLY hard to see how they'd work. They worked in the comics at some point, though, so I had to demonstrate how they could possibly work even if they never had (or will)... in Evolution.

Araya-Michiru: My bad, I think I made Kitty too insightful at points. I'm just a wordy person. I like dialog. Yeah, Piotr does seem to get the shaft a bit. This is probably because he's said a total of maybe five lines in the show - but Pyro has said like about the same amount but gets more attention because of (bigger) movie exposure, and he looks younger. Thank you for the compliments! Also thanks for putting me as a favorite story! That's awesome.

kittyfan: Thank you for the review!

DemonRogue13: That was pretty much my intention. Kitty's a smart cookie! They just don't play on it that much in the show.

Deacon: Yeah, I'm just a *little* evil. Good point about Magneto, though. He fluxuates between self-appointed leader of mutantkind that has delusions of grandure, to even the Claremont written very-similar-to-Xavier Teacher version that most tend to forget about. He has done some evil stuff in his past (and in Evolution), but he's never totally evil. You're also one of the few that listed me as a favorite. Thanks :)

Random Reader: I'm like totally weirded out that you're referring to me as "Shrum-san", not sure if it's just something you're doing because it's polite japanese-stuff, or actually because you know me (like, really know me through other means like message boards or whatnot). Not sure at all. Pretty much you hit the nails on it all. I did try my best to weave a little comic-goodness in the story. And unfortunately, I tend to write dialog while thinking of Claremont-Era X-Men. It's a hard not to since that's what I grew up with, while adding a little slice of Evolution into the mix. So saying I'm writing TOO much like Claremont is a definite compliment, but I realize it's was little wordy-and-slightly-OOC for Evolution. The point is I was trying to show how Evolution-Kitty could possibly progress into (current incarnation) comics-Kitty. My ruse was too obvious to you, sir! I pretty much left it open... in case I did decide to do more. What do you guys think?

Cassie-bear01: Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it.

keebler-elmo: Thanks for the reviews! Yeah, she did lose a bit of faith in Xavier's dream. Sorry I couldn't fit in any ROMY. Maybe in a future fic, eh? Who knows. And don't worry, she's not getting with Doug. Doug was one of those characters that was similar to her (intelligence, etc) so they got along beautifully, but nothing romantic occured. It's hard to show their friendship without thinking they might hook up. Not gonna happen.

Daheim: Thanks for the review! And for letting me know about the dashes - gosh, I didn't even go back and read to see them. That must have really annoyed people. So sorry ;_; Glad you loved the story though!

Pixie Flyer: You're the first person that demanded a sequel. I'm glad you thought it was a good story, thank you.

crimson cutie: You're right about that. I couldn't imagine how it would be like to be intolerant of other people of different types. Where I live, that doesn't exist that much. However, I have visited other places where it's downright backwards. I suppose that's why the message of the X-Men is still a valid point, why harmony will always be something to struggle for, it's just not a perfect world yet. Glad you caught the holocaust reference. Sort of tied everything together in a way.