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Hermione pulled her coat closer to her body, desperately trying to keep the heat her body put out, in. She was waiting at an outdoor airport for her two best friends to arrive via plane. They had spent three years at auror training in America to become the best at what they were about to enter. Only about five potential aurors were sent and they chose only the top scorers on the post-Hogwarts test given to all those who wished to become an auror. Both men were so excited to find out about going away that they hardly thought about her and how they had just given her one good shove in the opposite direction they were heading.

She had cried for days about them. Her Harry. Her Ron. They were leaving her for years! It pained her so to smile and be happy for them because it was their dream. She would want the same from them.

And so life went on for Hermione Granger. She threw herself into her studies to be a healer and she graduated a whole two years in advance against the odds. She was top of her class and was immediately taken into St. Mungos to be second only to a senior healer, Thomas Haans. The man was incredibly old and was due for retirement soon. Hermione still worked on liberating house elves but took a step up in writing articles, first for the Quibbler (much to her dismay) and finally in a wizarding magazine, Modern Housing for Wizards and Witches Alike. She was getting somewhere, but very slowly. She was able to create a group of witches and wizards who agreed with her cause and joined her in her fight to give house elves around Europe freedom.

A freezing gust of wind blew up the edges of her coat revealing her arms to the bitter cold for a few seconds. She shivered and shifted her weight on her other hip in anticipation. Their plane was supposed to arrive fifteen minutes ago, and one thing Hermione wasn't, was patient. She growled in frustration, "They're buying me hot tea after this."

As if on cue, a plane in the distance began to descend out of the sky. It was a medium sized red and white plane and it was heading in her direction at a descent speed. A few minutes later the plane was landed and in front of her about twelve meters away. She waited until she saw waves of black hair come off the plane to begin her approach towards the plane. Soon after came a blur of red hair blowing in the wind. She was now in tears and running towards her two best friends as fast as her legs could go. When she got close enough she leapt into Harry's arms and dangled there until the tears subsided. She dropped from his arms only to jump into Ron's next. She stayed there until Harry cleared his throat and laughed at the redness in Ron's face.

"You better not have grown any Ron Weasley!" Hermione grinned widely at him.

"It's nice to see you too Hermione." Ron said still a bit pink at the ears.

Hermione linked arms with each of them and dragged them to her car parked near by. They both looked reasonably different. Ron's hair was shorter and his body was much more wide and bulky. He wasn't fat - but muscular. Hermione felt a shiver of pleasure go through her body at the thought of seeing that body naked, followed quickly by disgust with herself at thinking this. Harry was a bit taller and he filled his clothes a little better, but he was still a bit lanky.

"Whoa. Herms, where did you get the money for a car like this?" Harry asked nearly dropping his one bag.

While in America they weren't allowed to write or receive letters much to their disappointment.

"This car is just a tip of the iceberg," Hermione responded.

"What do you do for a living Hermione?" Ron asked next.

"Let's get into the car before we discuss this, shall we?"

They all got into the car with Ron in the front seat and started off towards the Burrow, two hours away.

"So." It was five minutes into the car ride. "What do you do?"

"I'm a healer."

Harry took this in while Ron began to talk again.

"But, Hermione, not even healers make enough money to buy this after their first year working."

"Well, they had to put in a sort of bribery to make me work at St. Mungos, not to mention I'm the best they have, as far as healers, there."

"Hermione, bloody hell. you really are amazing!"

Hermione blushed at Ron's comment.

"Aren't you supposed to have another two years of school left Herms?" Harry asked.

"Ah well, I couldn't afford to go for five years and so I just finished up early."

She noticed Ron's jaw drop in shock and took Harry's silence as a good thing.

"So what about you guys? Have you got any plans or offers lined up?"

"Just a few," Ron answered looking out his window.

"What Ron meant to say, Herms, is a ton of requests." Harry said matter of factly. Ron even got an offer from Japan!"

"Isn't Japan the safest country to live in?" Hermione asked.

"Well, yeah. but - "

"Not to mention Russia, Brazil, or Spain's offers." Harry interrupted.

"Wow, so you guys have got it made just about."

Ron blushed again.

The remainder of the trip was exchanged telling each other stories from the years they spent apart until they pulled up into the road the Burrow was on. Ron and Harry gaped up at the house they hardly recognized. It had expanded to be about double the width and its height, instead of teetering, was straight and brightly colored. Hermione smiled at their expressions. After Mr. Weasley became the minister of magic their income had greatly increased and they needed to be more protected from outside danger. This all happened their seventh year at Hogwarts, but it seemed that their fortune had been put to good use since.

Hermione parked off to the side and got out of the car. Taking in a deep breath she sighed at the surge of good memories that radiated from this house. This house would always be a part of her.

Together they walked into the house, with Ron and Harry in the lead. All at once everything went from dark to bright with people popping out of random places and yelling surprise at them. They each smiled brightly at the number of people that showed up and seeing each after so long.

Hermione had to push them out of the door way to get past them, to where Percy waited for her. Her Percy. After they had left her, he had moved into her life to comfort her. After a while it just seemed like common sense to start seeing each other. He gave her a light peck on the cheek and smiled brightly at her. He was really good to her. He was as a man should be to the woman he cared about. He took her out to nice places for dinner and even to a few muggle movies that confused even him. He never pushed for anything more than what she gave and she was almost content. However, there was always that part of her that ached for something more. For years she wondered what it could be, and to be frank, she still did wonder what it meant. She was so convinced that she loved Percy Weasley, but could she have fallen for the wrong Weasley? Seeing Ron after so long brought back a rush of feelings that she had long forgotten about. At first she was convinced that it was that longing for her best friend, but then, why were the feelings so different than the ones she felt for Harry?

She tried to mingle with everyone in the room and avoided Ron almost all together if possible until it was almost midnight. She yawned into her hand and began making her rounds to say goodbye to everyone. Her last stop was Ron.

"Hermione, this was the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me, thanks!" Ron said all while smiling at her.

"Well it was your mum's idea."

"Oh don't lie to me Ms. Granger. She told me about all of the extra work you put into it." He pulled her into a hug before she could object and squeezed her tightly around the middle. "You're the bestest best friend a guy could ever ask for 'Mione."

"Wait - what'd you call me?" Hermione asked.

Ron blushed. "So are you going home already?"

"What do you mean already?" Hermione asked huffily, "I've got work in the morning."

"Oh, well sorry to keep you up so late. Goodnight." He swiftly bent down to brush his lips on her cheek.

Hermione lost all train of thought, "Uh. yeah - sure thing. You too."

She found her way outside and apparated back to her modest home, where a warm bath waited for her.

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