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Fireworks By Tessa Marlene -------------

Tsuzuki walked down the dark street, hands shoved deep into his pockets, head bent and shoulders hunched. His entire demeanor projected sadness and defeat, and that was exactly how he felt: sad, rejected, alone. Everybody hated him. It kept on happening with him. He wondered why they put up with him in the first place; he was such a screw up. But then again, his joyful behavior and funny goofs always cheered them up. After all, he worked so hard to put the cheerful front so that no one would see the darkness inside. Yet it still didn't work. And now everyone at Meifu was mad at him exactly because of that, because he had tried to make them happy, and because, as always, he had screwed up big time.

It was supposed to be a great idea for the Spring Celebration. They had bought fireworks and organized the show that was supposed to go off by nightfall. Only, in the last minute, Tsuzuki had come up with the remarkable idea of adding some fuda magic to the pyrotechnics to make them even more dazzling. Big mistake. Only when the first rocket strayed off its path and into the stunned audience did he realize what he had done. And that was just the beginning. People had gathered there to watch the sky light up over their heads, not under their feet. And the special appearance of a confused Suzaku--who for the life of her couldn't figure out why her master had summoned her in the midst of a frightened crowd--had been the last straw. It had taken the other shinigamis hours to clean up the mess and calm people down. It would certainly take more to rebuild the destruction caused by the rockets and a disorientated Suzaku. All of which had to be paid out of the Shokan division's budget, causing everyone to be out with an axe for the one responsible. Tsuzuki shivered at the memory of what had happened next. Who would have thought Konoe could shout like that? Too bad for Tsuzuki that the boss didn't seem to be affected in the slightest bit by tear-filled puppy eyes. And Tatsumi...sweet and kind Tatsumi...why did he sometimes have to be so mean? After Konoe-kacho was done with him, it was Tatsumi's turn to go at him. He told him that he would scratch every single bonus until the next millennium, plus no food budget for the entire month. He had to make do with what he had saved from his last paycheck or starve to a second death. Tsuzuki had wailed and blubbered, which for once, had had zero effect on the stern secretary. Tatsumi must have been really, really mad.

A cold wind blew through the street, making tree branches rustle and discarded newspapers fly around Tsuzuki's feet. He wrapped himself tighter in his dark trench coat, sniffling miserably. Would Tatsumi have changed his mind if he knew Tsuzuki had absolutely no money left for food? That he had already spent his last dime on a box of cupcakes that morning, which he had chomped on the spot? Would he have pitied him if he knew he was starving even now? He sniffled again. What was the use? He knew Tatsumi was a thrifty man. He cared about Tsuzuki very much, but when it came to department expenses, he was crueler than Muraki.

He felt his stomach growl as he rounded a corner and stepped into what seemed to be a deserted square. At least there was a circle of streetlights here and it wasn't as dark as the alley. There were also flowers and a small fountain at the center of the square. Tsuzuki walked along the stone wall, keeping his left hand instinctively on the wall for support. He was feeling really hungry now. "Serves you right. You made everyone angry. Hisoka didn't even want to talk to you after what you did. I'm not even sure he would want to be my partner anymore. He's been burdened by my stupidity so many times it's a wonder he stayed even this long. That's probably why he's so snappish all the time, calling me 'baka' and such. Because that's what I am, a clumsy screwed-up idiot..."

A spike of hunger burning through his stomach cut him off from his thoughts and made him bend over in pain. His hand pressed onto the wall to keep him from falling. It was no use. He needed to eat something soon. How stupid of him to waste all that money on sweets. If only there was someone here now...

"Hello, Tsuzuki-san." The deep, velvety voice coming from a close distance made him jump and look around. His eyes caught a hint of white before they could fully focus on the smirking face of Dr. Muraki Kazutaka. He was standing there, elegant as always, with his vibrant white trench coat flowing in the nightly breeze and his trademark smile plastered on his face. He almost looked like an angel, albeit an evil one.

Tsuzuki felt limp, as if energy had left all muscles in his body. He turned toward his arch enemy, the man who haunted his dreams almost every night, who had raped and killed Hisoka and was using every opportunity to torment and harass him. He still kept his hand on the wall, but with his muscles all turned into jelly, coupled with his earlier feelings of starvation, it did little to provide him any support. Eyes transfixed on the white clad man standing only a few feet away, his body slowly slipped down to the ground until it came to rest in a sitting position. He watched Muraki warily as the doctor slowly approached him, a rose held casually between the fingers of one hand. Pure white filled Tsuzuki's vision and he had to look up to see the doctor looming over him, the unfailing smile still on his lips.

"Look what I've found," Muraki whispered gleefully.

Tsuzuki shrank back, his eyes widening in fear as he continued to look at the oppressive figure. Now this was exactly what he needed to make this awful night complete. Muraki, being the evil man he was, even his timing was synched with the rest of Tsuzuki's miseries.

"What do you want?" Tsuzuki said in a gruff voice, trying hard to keep himself from shaking too much and giving away how frightened he was.

A pale hand came down to caress one soft cheek. Tsuzuki flinched at the touch and tried to edge away. Muraki's smile turned into a grin.

"What I want? Why, I thought that should be rather obvious. You of all people *must* know what I want."

"Don't touch me, pervert. I hate you." Tsuzuki snapped and slapped the offending hand away, unable to control himself anymore. This was such an awful position to be in: trapped under a psychotic killer with no way to escape and too weak from hunger and fear to even think straight, let alone remember any spells. Life truly sucked sometimes.

Muraki bent further down, bringing his face closer to his captive. Unlike the trapped man, he was obviously enjoying the encounter. His eyes sparkled as he spoke the next words.

"Oh, I think I'm hurt. How can you say you hate me, my beautiful doll? You know how much I love you. And you belong to me anyway. So why are you denying it so much?" The hand returned to run affectionately through his hair. Tsuzuki closed his eyes and curled tighter into himself, feeling helpless and unable to do anything. Muraki let out a possessive growl as his fingers tightened on the silky strands and tilted the shinigami's head up.

"Hmm, so beautiful," Muraki whispered. "Did I ever tell you how irresistible you are, Tsuzuki-san? You are truly a work of God. So perfectly flawless even with that demon inside you. You are letting it all go to waste hanging out with those idiots you call friends. What happiness have they brought you other than constant complaints? Where are they now when you need them most?"

Tsuzuki sobbed at the words. What was Muraki saying? The bastard was playing with his head (literally!) and he knew it. But why would his words strike such a deep, painful cord inside his heart?

The hand stroking his hair slowly went down his jaw and grabbed it to keep his head up. Silver eyes reflecting yellow lamplights fixed him with the concentration of a snake. Tsuzuki looked up at him, turning moist, pleading eyes toward his tormentor.

"Where are they, Tsuzuki-san?" Muraki repeated his question. "Do you think I can't sense your feelings? How depressed you are, how desperate for a touch, for some comfort? And who's providing that for you? Who is here to give you what you need?"

Tsuzuki's eyes filled with tears.

Muraki kneeled down, grabbing Tsuzuki's upper body and pulling him into a tight embrace. Tsuzuki rested his head on the white clad shoulder and let his sobs break free, desperately needing comfort and uncaring of who was giving it. Muraki stroke his back, murmuring reassuring words in his ear. "It's alright. I'm here now. I'll make you forget it all. Just give yourself to me."

As gently as a doctor would handle a patient, Muraki pushed Tsuzuki down to the ground and bent over him. Tsuzuki closed his eyes and turned his head to one side as Muraki slowly relieved him from his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. The man's touch was so cold it made him shiver, or was it the traces of his unwillingness still lingering on his skin. In any case, he didn't resist. What was the point? Nobody loved him. No one would care what happened to him. Why should he? Of all the people, he was one who hated himself the most.

Muraki's eyes were gleaming in the glow of the streetlights, voracious and demanding. He finished unbuttoning the other man's shirt and his hands immediately went for the planes of white skin revealed to him. A huff of breath, almost like rapture, escaped the white man's lips. *This* was what he had wanted. *This* was what had haunted him every waking hour of every day and made up his wet dreams at night. To have this man, to hold him in his arms and break him like a doll, to see the fear and the pain and the curious, infant pleasure radiate in those beautiful lavender eyes. He slid his arms around his beloved's torso, beneath the shirt, and pressed his body to him. Tsuzuki closed his eyes tightly and a blush appeared on his cheeks. Muraki could feel the other's body shiver and it made him smile. This fear, this revulsion. The knowledge that he held in his arms the most powerful shinigami in Meifu yet could reduce him to this trembling, blushing beauty. It only made his desire grow. He clutched the brunette with one arm and felt for his belt with the other. It was then that he heard a muffled sob from the other man and he raised his head, tipping the shinigam's body slightly forward to look at the face. Tsuzuki's eyes where still tightly shut, although the evidence of twin rivulets of sparkly tears running down each side of his face was there. His lips where parted and his breath came in short, ragged gasps. Muraki's smile deepened as he finally yanked the belt loose and watched the effect on his captive's face. At that, Tsuzuki's eyebrows came together and his lower lip trembled before his teeth came down to bite it. He was unconsciously pushing himself away from Muraki, but had little success achieving anything. Muraki felt true bliss when he finally undid the zipper and slipped his and inside to grab the waiting manhood in an almost bruising grip, earning himself a whimper from the charming man.

"Shh," he whispered, "Don't be afraid. It will only hurt a little. Just let yourself go and enjoy. Enjoy me." He moved his hand and watched as the other grit his teeth, eyes drawing tightly together and throat suppressing a scream that came out as another whimper.

"Hold it right there!"

~Continued in part two