~*~ Ginny ~*~

I do not like Harry Potter. I shouldn't anyway, he doesn't like me...he wouldn't even know who I was if I wasn't Ron's little sister. Why would I like him? WHY DO I LIKE HIM? He's way out of my league, I can't believe how silly I am. Every non-Slytherin girl in the school loves him, and I'm just Ginny. I'm not popular, or stunningly beautiful, or even particularly smart. I tried to get over him, by dating Michael, but it didn't work. Michael got over me quickly enough with that bitch Cho.

Everything reminds me of Harry, when I'm around him I have to force myself not to stare. He is unlike everyone I've ever met. I don't even think he knows how wonderful he is.

I think I love him.


I do not like Harry Potter. He is such a git. I don't know what I was thinking, ever getting involved with him. He could never compare to Cedric. I miss Cedric so much, what if he was my soulmate? What if now that he is gone, I will be alone forever? I really thought things could work out with Harry, but he is so unsensitive. I should hate him, but I really don't. I think I could have fallen in love with him...I don't feel the same way with Michael.

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