Some nights, I guess, thugs and druggies come to places like the Fifth Baptist Mission, not just hungry people who need a place to crash. Sometimes I guess, good people who are just trying to help other people out get messed up for it. I guess its a little different for my bros and me. Okay. A lot different. I mean, we can kick butt. But this lady I found, real small and probably no idea how to even throw a punch, who comes into one of the worst areas of town every night to try and feed some people who may just beat her to death, well, I guess that's what a real hero is.

I'd come up to get a candy bar. Yeah. I know, I know. But you know what? It gets really really cooped up down in my pad. So I guess it wasn't really for the candy, I guess it was just to get away for a little while. I love my t.v. and my dvds and my XBox (courtesy of April) as much as the next turtle, but sometimes they just aren't enough. And to keep from getting caught by Leo, who'd just drag me back, or Raph, who'd just come along and start something and make trouble, you gotta kind of become one with the sewers and get out aways before you pop up. Which is how I ended up in that neighborhood that night.

Her attackers got one good look at me and took off. I'm not like Raph. I was glad. It meant I could take care of her instead of fighting them. I expected her to scream or shy away even though I really tried to be as gentle as I could as I picked her up. It felt like everything in her body had been broken. There was like, this wind, you know, one of those really wet cold fall winds that make you feel like you're standing in the middle of a horror movie. Those things creep me out, I can imagine what she felt like, sitting there in the arms of well, a giant turtle monster.

"Hey," I said. "I'm uh, just gonna get you to a hospital."

She smiled at me. She was tiny. I can't really tell how old humans are, but she didn't seem very old to me. She had black skin and her hair was done up in a bunch of little braids. "I think it'll be too late," she whispered. There was blood trickling down her chin and out of her nose and her shirt felt wet too.

"You aren't freaked out by me?"

She shook her head. It looked painful. I wanted to tell her to stop it. Instead I started to walk, you know? It was gonna hurt her too much if I ran. "God doesn't make mistakes," she said.

And that was cool. I really wished more people would think like that, you know?

Now if I were Don, or Leo, I would know exactly where the hospital was, or maybe I would have located a payphone and called an ambulance, only I was scared to leave her. What if those guys came back, or she died in the street? I somehow had this idea that if I held on to her, she'd hold on to life. Only out in the surface night, I was horribly lost. It started to rain, which was good, cause I had started to cry, and I didn't want her to notice. Only she did. She brushed my eyes with her fingertips as if I was just another human.

"This has happened for a purpose," she said softly.

I didn't know where she got that calm from but boy was I impressed. "Yeah uh, don't worry, okay?" I said.

"There's something I need you to have."

It must have been incrediably painful, but she reached into her ripped up jacket and brought out a book. She struggled to tuck it into my belt, and managed it.

"When you find you can't understand it," she said, "pray about it and if you're sincere, God will make it clear."

She closed her eyes and a moment later she was dead.

You know, in fighting weirdos like the Shredder, or the Purple Dragons, I think I forget that there's just lots of nasty people in the world that do nasty things. They don't have a plan or a purpose, they don't do it for any reason we can understand.

I laid her in someone's porch so she wouldn't get wet. A car turned the bend, so I got myself back down to the sewers. I sort of slumped against the walls and yanked out my flashlight so I could see the book. It was a Bible, obviously well loved, colored stripes on the edges where she'd highlighted something. I opened it up and started frantically turning its pages. Not trying to find any answers to what had just happened or anything. I was just really hoping that somewhere in there my new, dead friend had scrawled out her name.

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