"A Bad Idea"

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. I'm not making any money from this.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just a little silliness inspired by Bart Simpson's blackboard punishments at the beginning of every episode of The Simpsons (which belongs to Matt Groening).

Twenty minutes after the final dismissal bell the small blond boy still sat at his desk, writing the same sentence one hundred and fifty times, as assigned by a very irate first grade teacher named Mrs. Russell:

I will not charge my classmates a dime apiece to listen to my hearts.

The next day, while the other children played on the playground, the small blond child was again at his desk, writing:

I will not my sell my classmates tickets to travel in my father's time machine.

That afternoon when the dismissal bell rang, he was back at it again:

I cannot hold my breath for three hours and I will not encourage my classmates to try it for themselves.

The next day, while the sounds of children playing happily on the playground drifted in through the open windows, he was at his desk writing lines:

Claiming to know how people are going to die is not a funny joke.

And of course, he was still writing that afternoon when the rest of the students had gone home:

I am not from another planet.

Later that week...

Hebrew school had been dismissed twenty minutes ago, but Mrs. Lieberman was still there, standing over a desk watching a small blond child write the same sentence one hundred and fifty times as assigned:

My father did not witness the parting of the Red Sea.

She sighed. Last week it had been The false gods of Ancient Egypt were not really aliens called Osirans… and the week before that it had been The Universe was created by God, not by a big bang, and my father did not take me there to see it… and the week before that it had been Rabbi Klein is not really an alien from another planet passing himself off as human.

From the doorway, his parents stood watching. Finally, his father spoke quietly but insistently to his mother.
"I told you that educating Theta on Earth was a bad idea!"