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Chapter 1

An Unpleasant Change

Ginny's heart pounded with excitement as her mother gave her a swift kiss on her forehead and steered her towards the scarlet train before her. "Now don't forget to write!" the plump little woman choked out, her eyes filling with tears. "And… And… I can't believe my little baby is a prefect!" she added, idly straightening the shiny badge on Ginny's chest.

"Mum!" she groaned, giving the woman a hug nonetheless. "I can take care of myself! – And even if I couldn't," she added as tears leaked out of Molly's eyes, "Ron would kill the first person to mess with me- he swore on the life of Harry's hair!"

Ginny nodded to the handful of prefects that she knew in the car. Ron, of course, Hermione, and Michael Corner, her former boyfriend. The two of them had no romantic feelings toward each other nowadays, but they had become good friends.

Michael walked over to her and opened his mouth to say something to her, but Ron hurried over and stepped in front of him with a glare. Ginny rolled her eyes. "Hi, MICHAEL," she said through gritted teeth, shoving Ron out of the way. "Would you like me to introduce you to my brother?"

Michael laughed and held out his had to Ron. "We've met before, I believe. Nice to see you."

Ron eyes the outstretched hand as though it was a squid tentacle until Ginny said, "Well shake it you great prat!" She fixed an angry glare on her brother as he oblidged.

A twinkle was in Michael's eyes. "If you needed reminding, we're not a couple anymore, mate."

"Er," Ron said, his ears turning red as Ginny furiously crossed her arms. "-Right…. Sorry about that…"

"No problem," Michael said shrugging. "So Ginny," he continued, turning towards her, "Have you heard from Anne lately?"

"I got an owl from from her about a week ago," Ginny replied as Ron sulked off, "But not since then. Why?"

"I thought that she might have told you already," he said, trailing off.

"What?" asked Ginny curiously.

Michael's cheeks flushed. "Well… we're going out now… I thought you might like to know…"

Ginny's face brightened with a smile. "Oh, really?" That's great Michael! She didn't tell me, but that's really great!"

A look of relief crossed his face. "Oh good! I thought that… you know… you might still have some… feelings…" He guiltily smiled.

She grinned back with understanding. "Not anymore," she said, giving him a hug, "Just as a best friend now, okay?"

Michael nodded, and turned to talk to a Ravenclaw girl that approached him.

*          *          *

The Great Hall was buzzing with noise as the many students around Ginny tucked in. With Michael and Anne on her left and the Trio on her right, Ginny felt secure and happy. Gazing into the midnight blue sky above, she watched the clouds skid across the white crescent moon hanging over her.

Glancing to her left, she rolled her eyes as Anne babbled on to Michael, and he in turn looked at her in a slightly unfocused manner. Turning from the couple, she leaned towards Ron as he slammed his fist down on the table, causing a few girls close by to become ruffled.

"…And I can't believe that sniveling git took away points from kids who didn't have their robes on five minutes before we got to Hogwarts! It's none of his business anyway!" Ron fumed. Harry nodded vigorously in angry agreement, but Hermione was ignoring them and chatting with a girl next to her about Arithmacy.

"You know," Ginny said loudly as to drown out Ron's next nasty comment, "Malfoy does it to get under your skin more so than to annoy others. Try not to react so badly to his taunts." She had the familiar impression that Ron was about to tell her off, when the Great Hall went quiet and Dumbledore stood to speak.

Beaming, he looked across the Hall at all of the students. "Another year has come to us, full of learning and new experiences…"

"Unless you're in Binn's class," Harry whispered.

"…But there will always be rules that you will need to follow…"

"-Like don't go into Snape's private stash," said Hermione severely, glaring at Harry and Ron.

"-Unless you have Harry's invisibility cloak," Ron added seriously.

"…And Mr. Filch will gladly show you which items you're allowed to have…"

"Define 'gladly'," Harry muttered.

"…Now onto more important announcements," Dumbledore continued, the twinkle in his eyes more prominent. "Due to a pressing request from the Ministry of Magic, we have instituted a new course that is required for fifth, sixth, and seventh years."

Ginny, Ron, and Harry groaned simultaneously along with a host of others in the Hall. Hermione sat erect in her seat, leaning forward and smiling as to catch each of the Headmaster's words.

"We have accurately chosen a qualified teacher…"

"They drew straws, I saw them," Hermione said out of the corner of her mouth.

"…To teach…" Dumbledore paused, and glanced at the teachers behind him. The fifth, sisth, and seventh years held their breaths. For the first time ever, Dumbledore looked a little embarrassed.

"Sexual Education."

About half of the student body fell out of their chairs, and almost all of the teachers put their heads in their hands.

Ginny looked across the Hall in astonishment. First years were covering their mouths with giggles. Harry and Ron looked as though they couldn't decide whether to 'boo' or to laugh. Hermoine's mouth was hanging slack, and most of the Slytherins were grinning wildly. The Great Hall was as loud as it had ever been, until Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"Taught by Professor Snape."

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