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Chapter 16

The Dangers of Sleep

Ginny and Draco stood still with shock as the door to Dumbledore's office closed with a rumble behind them. Chancing a look at his face, she paled as a muscle at the corner of his pursed lips twitched in anger. She started as he turned his gaze to meet hers. "What the hell did you do to us?" he growled menacingly, his grey eyes flashing as he stepped toward her. "You're ruining everything." His nose began to wrinkle as he bared his teeth in a feral snarl.

Ginny took a step back, glancing at his advancing chest. "I –" she faltered, searching her mind for the answer, "I was just drawn to it – I can't explain it!" she squeaked as his chest began to heave angrily. "I'm – I'm sorry," she finished lamely, casting her eyes down at her feet. "I know. I've really screwed things up." Tears of frustration began to cloud her sight; her shoes began to blur.

She heard him "humph" and glanced up at his face. He turned it away from her. "Let's go," he mumbled, attempting to cross his arms in his usual stance but jerked hers up as well. Snarling, he threw them back down as she cracked a small smile. Taking her cue, Ginny tossed her hair over her shoulder and led them down the hallway.

They arrived at the Room of Requirement, and with a bit of stumbling on both their parts entered quietly. In front of them were two twin beds separated by a small night stand topped with a delicate lamp. To the left stood two tall, slender cabinets to hold their things, and to the right was a bathroom area closed off with a frail-looking, white veil. "I hope that lengthening charm works," Ginny muttered. Draco grunted in agreement and moved towards the left-most bed. Unsure of herself, Ginny followed and sat down nervously next to him, staring at the bracelet. "Shall I try?" she asked timidly, pulling out her wand. He shrugged. "Engorgio!" she said, tapping the small chain. There was a rattling sound, and chain lengths seemed to fall into their laps.

Standing up, the two watched the chain fall lightly towards the ground. Draco backed away from her, seeing how far it would stretch. After a few steps, her was jerked back. "Five feet? Five lousy feet!" he exclaimed. "That's all it will lengthen?" He glared at Ginny, whose face began to drain again.

"Well..." she replied uneasily, "I mean, I guess it all goes back to what Dumbledore said." She sighed and sat back down on the bed. "You know," she continued, fiddling with the bracelet and blushing furiously, " Wanting us to get close and all."

She gave a frightened squeak as she was slammed back against the bed, blinking suddenly into Draco's face. "You've got another thing coming," he heaved, his hands grasping her wrists against the bed and his legs straddling her hips, "If you think that we're ever going to get close!" Blinking stupidly, Ginny glanced at the tip of his nose barely touching hers and nodded in agreement. His eyes boring into hers threateningly, he silently stared at her a moment before throwing himself off of her and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Ginny, however, was beginning to get angry. "You know," she said with her eyes narrowed as she sat back up, "It's not like I planned to get stuck in here with you." She scooted up next to him so he could feel the coldness emanating from her in waves. "The options," she said softly as she lifted a finger and trailed it down his chest, causing his eyes to widen uncharacteristically, "Could have been infinitely better." Smiling up at him through batted lashes, she took her hand away.

Snatching her hand back towards him, Draco smirked at her horrified look as he pulled her against his chest, his lips barely brushing against her ear. Shivers raced up and down Ginny's spine, and she cursed herself as the monstrous butterflies in her stomach began to make her tremble. "Yes, little one," he purred seductively, his hot breath tickling her face and neck, "But could any other man make you this weak?" He let go of her hand and grasped her trembling shoulder to make his point. She choked out a strangled sound. Feeling a rumble in his chest against her hand, Ginny gaped at the muscles bulging in his neck before he suddenly stood up, casting her unceremoniously against the bed. She blinked in surprise and embarrassment as he stood against the light and cackled evilly, his hands on his hips.

"You –" she sputtered angrily, her face and ears burning, "You are such a prat!"

He laughed again. "Don't feel bad – all women are affected by me this much," he said, feigning a look of concern. "It's a normal reaction."

"Oh good," she replied venomously, standing to look up into his eyes, "I was wondering about these sudden feelings of nausea and heartburn. Now I know it's you and not me." Ginny turned away angrily as Draco began to snarl back at her. "Let's –" she interrupted, avoiding more conflict, "figure out this whole bathroom thing."

Draco stared at her, seeming to gauge her sincerity. "Whatever," he said abruptly, turning to look at the veiled area. Ginny stared at his platinum-blonde hair, vaguely appreciating that he no longer slicked it back. It looked soft and inviting.

"Right," she said with a blush, berating herself for such thoughts. They walked over to the area. "Well," she began again, sweeping it over with her eyes, "It's small, but it'll work."

Draco grunted in reply and reached out to touch the opaque, white veil. His hand slid through it. "What?" he said in surprise, snatching it back, "Is this a joke or something?" He looked at Ginny incredulously.

She laughed at him as she herself ran her fingers through the veil. "No, silly, it's ingenious!" she replied, smiling as she marveled at it. "You can't see though it, but the chain can move through it." She looked over at him as he blinked stupidly at her. "You know – so I could sit on the toilet and you could stand on the other side comfortably without seeing me. Or," she said impishly, giving him a sly look, "So one of us can shower while the other stands outside."

He snorted at her. "Perfect," he responded, giving her an imperious glance, "I would never want to be subjected to your ugly body anyway."

Surprisingly, Ginny laughed, not taking the bait. "Whatever. I'm just happy this seems to be working out."

Looking disconcerted, the grey-eyed boy walked through the veil. "In that case, shut up." Ginny, however, only heard half of it as he walked though. 'It's soundproof!' she thought gleefully. 'That makes everything half as embarrassing.'

When both of them had relieved themselves, they headed towards the cabinets and awkwardly sifted though the drawers, borrowing one another's hand. Ginny pulled out a lavender silk slip to sleep in, and Draco simply closed the drawers. She looked at him curiously. "What about a nightgown?" she asked.

He glanced at her regally. "I sleep in boxers," he said with impatience in his voice. "Most men do."

Ginny blushed furiously, feeling stupid. After all, her brothers all slept that way – why shouldn't Draco? She had simply expected him to want a little more privacy. "Wait –" she asked suddenly, "How do we change clothes? I mean," she continued, looking down at their arms, "I can't really get my sleeve over you."

Draco looked momentarily baffled, but then his expression changed back to 'Bored.' "Enlarge your sleeves. I'll step through them, and then you can reduce them again."

Ginny stared st her flimsy gown. "Alright," she muttered, "But you have to close your eyes!"

Draco grunted in reply and pulled out his wand, muttering the spell to enlarge his own robes. Ginny gasped in surprise when he rudely threw them over her head and busied himself with his pants. Pushing them off of herself angrily, she bitterly reduced them back to normal size and turned on him.

There Draco stood in all his glory – clad in boxers.

Ginny's eyes widened to the size of saucers and a blush spread like fire about her cheeks and ears as she stared at him. He was absolutely beautiful. "You –" she squeaked out, "You could have warned me."

At her mortified expression, Draco smirked evilly. "Like what you see, little one?" he drawled, putting his free hand lazily on his hip.

"Nope," she said, recovering quickly and turning away, "Just surprised that you don't look better."

Draco frowned at her and was about to reply as she said "Now look away. I'm about to change."

"What- afraid someone might see your hideous body?" he retorted, turning away from her.

"Nooooo..." she said in a muffled voice beneath her large robes. "Ladies –" she tossed them over to Draco – "Should not show themselves to strange boys." Draco smirked to himself as he reduced her robes. "Anyway," she continued, managing to fit the flimsy strap of her gown over her own head instead of Draco's, "You'd never be able to go back to Pansy once you saw me." She turned back towards him and grinned despite herself. "Done."

Draco's eyes bored into hers in a calculating manner. "I don't think it would take much to turn me away from her," he said after a moment's pause. Something flickered across his eyes, and Ginny suddenly felt very bare. The little gown came down only mid-thigh and revealed more than enough cleavage for him to get the idea of her shape.

"Well..." she said awkwardly, turning away from him as he surveyed her. "Let's go to bed." She glanced back at him against her deep-red hair that slipped down to her shoulder blades.

Draco said nothing in reply and moved towards one of the beds, flinging back the covers and diving in. Ginny did the same. She glanced around at the lights in the room and they slowly died. 'Well,' she thought tiredly, 'At least there's on perk to this room.' She looked over at Draco, who laid on his back with his eyes squeezed shut in determination. A small smile appeared on her lips. "Goodnight, Draco," she said softly as she closed her eyes.

Draco grunted.

"This isn't working."

Ginny sat up in bed after two hours of an uncomfortable sleep. "My arm is killing me," she said to Draco, staring at his motionless form. She waited for his reply. "I KNOW YOU'RE AWAKE!" she bellowed, causing him to jump into a sitting position.

"WELL IF I WASN'T BEFORE THEN I SURE AS HELL AM NOW!" he yelled grumpily back. "What do you WANT from me, woman?" he asked though gritted teeth, staring at her through bleary eyes.

"I don't know," she replied a little more calmly, glaring at him for good measure, "But I certainly can't sleep with my arm being dragged off the bed every two seconds! I've already fallen out once!" Her brown eyes glinted in impatience.

Groaning, Draco put his head in his hands, pulling the chain tight. "I thought you were supposed to die before you were sent to Hell," he muttered drowsily. Ginny growled. Snapping his head up, Draco gritted his teeth and stood. "Fine. Have it your way." Stooping, he ripped the covers away from her and climbed in, earning a surprised "eep!" from Ginny.

"Hey– What?" she gulped, but was interrupted with a little 'pop!' as the other bed disappeared, the night stand moved over, and her twin bed expanded into a double bed.

"Now shut up, woman," Draco growled with a sleepy scowl, settling himself in. They faced each other, Draco regally sprawled out and Ginny curled into a anxious ball. Ginny felt frozen by shock She could feel the warmth slipping from his body toward hers, and her stomach began to churn nervously again. Staring at his pale hair glinting in the moonlight from the window above, Ginny berated herself for her stupidity.

One of his eyes cracked open and Ginny blushed in surprise as he caught her staring. "Go. To. Sleep." he said, and closed it again.

Inwardly, Ginny smiled and closed her eyes. 'Nothing this ridiculous has happened since the last time I opened a strange book,' she thought wearily, sinking down into the covers.

Ginny awoke feeling quite warm and happy, snuggling her face into the hollow of Draco's shoulder.

Wait- WHAT???

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