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"Ohhh! Look, there he is!" A girl nudged her friend and gestured with her head.

"Oh, yeah… He's looking good, as usual." They both shut up and just watched Kurama as he walked by. Another gang of girls stopped what they were doing and looked up at him as he passed their group. He locked eyes unintentionally with one of them. She immediately blushed and looked away, and he heard her and her friends excitedly whispering to each other as he walked by.

"Did you see that? Did you see that?" she gushed, "He looked at me!" Her friends giggled, "Maybe he likes you! You should ask him out again!"

Kurama rolled his eyes as he turned the corner and walked toward his locker. He unzipped his bag and angled it slightly below the locker door, anticipating the waterfall of love letters that he knew were going to come tumbling out of his locker once he opened it. He wasn't disappointed, as soon as the door swung open at least twenty notes fell neatly into his waiting bag. He grabbed the books for his first few classes and shut the locker door with a snap. Kurama made his way over to a nearby trashcan and emptied the notes into it before neatly placing the books into his bag and zipping it shut once more. He made his way across the quad and was about to open up the door to the Science building and go to his first class of the day when he spotted a bit of black out of the corner of his eye. Pausing, he glanced over his shoulder, green eyes narrowed curiously.

Who? Oh. Hiei. Had to be. He didn't know anyone else from this school that would sit in a tree like that. Or look so comfortable doing it. Kurama altered his course and ambled over to the tree.

Hiei smirked down at his friend, while Kurama raised an inquisitive eyebrow

"What is it Hiei? Another mission?" Kurama's brow furrowed. Surely it wasn't another mission, they'd only just got back a week before from the previous one. It was too soon; certainly nothing could have gone wrong already… Then again, you never knew when it came to Maiki…

But Kurama needn't have worried.

"No, kitsune. I just came to check up on you."

Kurama grinned, pearly white teeth flashing almost mischievously. "Thanks, mother, but I'm sure I can handle school all by myself… Honestly I've done it for twelve years now."

Hiei's crimson eyes narrowed and he 'hmph'ed.

"It's not like that!" He snapped, "Orders from the brat…" He adverted his eyes even as Kurama's intently focused him.

"What? Why would Koenma send you to check up on me? Is somethingwrong?"

Hiei shifted more comfortably on the tree limb, shrugging one shoulder carelessly. "Hn. I don't know, he just told me to look in on you and report back to him. Although, now that you mention it, he did seem somewhat agitated. But he's only a toddler, so who knows? Maybe he lost his bottle or something…" Hiei snorted while Kurama frowned at him.

"Hmmm… He didn't ask to see me though? Odd, he's usually strait forward…" The redhead looked down at the gnarled roots of the tree, concerned. "Did Koenma tell you not to let me see you?"

Hie smirked slowly, crossing his arms and looking thoughtfully upward. "Well… Come to think of it… Yeah, I seem to remember him saying something like that… But, well, damn, kitsune… Your senses are just too sharp for me."

Kurama rolled his eyes. He knew the koorime had let Kurama see him. The demon was sitting in a tree, on the middle of school grounds, so conspicuous that all the students on campus could see him if they just looked up.

Kurama smiled at his friend. "Well, next time try to be a bit more choosy when you are looking for a spot to spy on me. Perhaps somewhere not in plain sight of the entire student body? "

Hiei's grin didn't fade, he just nodded and, with a flash, was gone. Kurama saw a the black blur from the corner of his eye, headed away from the school.

What was going on though? Why would Koenma send Hiei to spy on Kurama like that? That wasn't really Koenma's style and it bothered the kitsune. Oh well. He'd just have to pay a visit to the godling later and see what all this was really about.

In the meantime, however, he was late to his first class.

Botan gripped her bag tightly, knuckles white, and looked around nervously. Students walked by her, shooting her curious glances as they made their way to class. Some of the male students even stopped in their tracks and stared at her. She blushed lightly and tried to look as inconspicuous as possible. She wasn't succeeding. She wished the were wearing a hat or a hoody or something to cover her light blue hair.

She tugged at the bottom of skirt and looked once more at the schedule in her hand. Biology, room 402. Okay, sure, but where was room 402? She'd been down six hallways and STILL hadn't found it.

A group of girls walked by. One shot her a dirty look. What? What did she do wrong? She just couldn't find her class dammit, and was it such a crime to stand in the hallway? Was it?

A bell rang and all the students filed into their collective classes. Botan continued to stand in the hallway.

She looked around her hopelessly, then rolled her eyes heavenward. She was late to her first class. Great way to start off the first day at a new school.

She heard footsteps behind her but didn't turn around. She glanced at her paper again. Heavy breathing from over her shoulder, a presence coming closer. She stared at her paper. A hand, weighty and wet and large gripped her shoulder and she flinched before she tuned around to face whoever it was behind her.

"You're late to class miss." A teacher. Ah, good. Help at last.

"I'm sorry sir, but you see, it's my first day and well…" Here she looked down sheepishly, hoping that her cuteness would lessen the wrath of this irate looking man.

"I can't seem to find my classroom."

The man seemed to relax a little. "Oh. Well, let me help you then, miss…?"

Botan handed him the paper. "Ferryman, Botan Ferryman, and thanks."

The man nodded and looked at the schedule. "Oh, Biology. That's in the science building. No wonder you couldn't find it, you're in the Social studies hall. This way miss Ferryman." He walked off and Botan had no choice but to follow, seeing as he still had her schedule in his hands.

"Mr. Minamino, you're late." Said the dry voice of the old Biology teacher. "Take a seat." Kurama apologized to the lady, then turned his eyes to class to find an empty desk.

"Oh! You can sit next to me, Shuichi-san!" A girl called from across the room. She blushed deeply as he looked her way.

Kurama smiled at her politely, but chose a desk near the back of the room instead. The girl looked slightly disappointed. Oh well. Kurama returned his attention to the front of the room, then glanced over as the door opened once more. Apparently he wasn't the only late arrival.

Botan followed the teacher into the room. She felt a little nervous as the whole class stopped what they were doing to look at her. She didn't like drawing this much attention.

She glanced back to see the two teachers conversing, then one turned to her.

"Well, here's your class. And this'll be your teacher, Mrs. Glover. Enjoy." The man walked out of the classroom.

Silence. Someone coughed. Someone scratched their nose. Botan stood there, feeling stupid, while the teacher stared at her.

"Alright then!" Mrs. Glover snapped, breaking the unnerving silence. "Introduce yourself to the class, tell us something interesting about yourself, and then take your seat. You have a lot of catching up to do!"

Botan raised an eyebrow but turned to the class and cleared her throat.

"Eh, Hello everyone. My name is Botan Ferryman and I just moved here. I … er… Enjoy reading and my favorite color is blue." She shrugged her shoulders and glanced at Mrs. Glover. The teacher nodded to her to take her seat.

Botan scanned the room for an empty desk, her eyes brushing across people as she did.

Ah. There. Perfect. Right next to the window, too, how lovely. Botan smiled and walked toward it.

Kurama raised his eyebrow as he watched the teacher waltz into the classroom, a pretty girl following after. The male students in the room all looked at her, and then at each other, grinning. The girl didn't notice.

Kurama also took a moment to appraise the new arrival. He could appreciate her figure. She was good looking with very pretty light blue hair that she wore up in a ponytail. But still. He'd seen prettier.

The redhead sighed, by the end of the week this girl was going to be part of his fan club, just like every girl at this school.

The girl introduced herself to the class, then searched for a place to sit. He watched as her eyes flitted from face to face in the room. He waited for her to see him, to stop. To part her lips slightly as her eyes widened. To stare for a few seconds before realizing what she was doing and blush slightly. He didn't mean to sound vain, honest. But that's how every girl who saw him for the first time reacted.

So he waited. And there it was. Her eyes brushed his face. Brushedover his face… No pause. No sigh. No parted lips or widened eyes or blush… Wait…What ?!

Maybe... Maybe she wasn't paying attention, and hadn't really seen him.

Oh, that had to have been it! Because here she was walking toward him and the empty desk next to him, a pretty smile occupying her pink lips.

Of course, she had to see him now. And she was on her way to take the coveted empty desk beside him. The girls watched her jealously while Kurama just grinned to himself. Poor, girl. Poor, poor love struck girl. Well, he'd just have to let her know, gently and politely that he wasn't interested. How embarrassing for this poor girl who hadn't even been in class more than five minutes.

Kurama prepared himself for the barrage of glances and blushes he was going to receive when she sat next to him. Then, suddenly, against all things rational, against all reason, something amazing happened. She. Walked. Right. By. Him.

Kurama's jaw fell open in shock, along with the rest of the class.

Botan sat down in the desk she chosen in the back of the classroom next to the window. She dug her Biology book out of her bag and turned her attention to the front of the classroom.

Wait. Why was everyone staring at her? This school was weird…

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