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Another nagging problem. And another quick fix it seemed. A glint of silver flashed through the dark shroud of night, a split second of blinding light that faded as quickly as it had appeared.

A muffled sound pierced the still air, full of the notable chill of autumn. Silence descended once more, until the heavy thud of the night's intended target rang throughout the desolate street, where rogue pieces of litter fluttered along the cracked pavement, shadows dancing among the patches of asphalt where broken streetlamps abandoned the gracious act of shedding their pale shine. And this was the home of death, of the forgotten whom the world cared not to recall. These streets carried no real name, only a scent. Sounds and echoes of so many wrongs committed in the stillness of night, the assassin's only confidant.

He acknowledged few, trusted fewer and made his way in the only manner he'd ever known. By becoming more terrifying than any shadow that stood in his way. By living just out of reach of death, and by becoming death himself.

The most deadly of all shadows emerged, booted feet moving soundlessly across the littered sidewalk as he made his way to his felled prey. His job was becoming a bit too tiresome, he thought, kicking the corpse slightly as he shook his head, raven hair falling haphazardly into his eyes while he peered down at the body at his feet.

"Fool," he hissed darkly, smoothly holstering his still smoking magnum and wrapping his leather duster about himself more tightly. Autumn even seemed desolate now, as if winter had managed to seize the world within the cage of its wrath for even longer each year. Everything was so cold. So empty and without reason. But living: it was all he did. Not living, but existing, to witness the next morning's sunrise. And to make his way, as few in this world dared to. It had never occurred to the man that he should be ashamed of what or who he was. That he should fight to be something more. No, his life had been as such, since he could recall. No one cared. Why should he? His trade brought him money. It paid his bills and kept food in his stomach. Clothing on his back and a roof over his head. That was all that mattered to him. His money. His way of life was of no concern. Not to him. Not to his clients.

The man was just another hire to the masses of business suits, all seeking the best, and all finding that in him. Industry tycoons, politicians, drug dealers. All the creatures that should've disgusted him. Made his very hair stand on end. But he cared not. Their money was green and there was an endless supply of them. Greedy, power hungry men, all with grudges and in need of someone to do their dirtiest of deeds. And so his reputation had been born, one that most would've been ashamed of.

But apathy was his only emotion. Anything else was pure weakness in his eyes. The world was pathetic enough, he'd resolved, without he himself becoming the same as the rest. His dark head rose, cerulean eyes taking in the fading light of the heavy moon hanging in the night sky above. A twinge of emotion attempted to peak within him as he admired the ethereal light, a calm settling over him until he pulled himself back into his own harsh reality. Beauty. He knew it to be an illusion. And peace was a fantasy he would never know.

A look back over his shoulder drove him to utter a small chuckle. "And thank you, Mr. Ramsden. A pleasure, I assure you," he mused, turning and walking towards the place that served as his home. Though he was tired and rather looking forward to a bit of respite, he knew that none would be his on this night, or any other for that matter. For even his shattered soul knew the truth his own heart denied. Loneliness was no friend, no matter how well acquainted he'd become with it. But such was the life of this man, who lived or died by his own accord. A man who thought nothing of being the dealer of death. Such was the life of a contract killer.

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