Fell in Love w/ Aoshi the Rock Show

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He kept his feet moving back and forth in order to stay afloat, but the sheer pleasure of having Misao gripping his face and kissing him softly with many small, sweet kisses was enough to drive him crazy. Slowly, he brought his arms out of submission and drug his fingertips along Misao's body from her hip to her back, just below her bra. With both of his arms wrapped around her body, Misao's left hand dropped down to press against Aoshi's chest as her right slid to the back of his head and pulled him hungrily closer to her, BEGGING him to kiss her back.

Aoshi let out a soft moan as he started to kiss her in return, almost angrily for all of the frustration this girl had caused him. Misao pulled her body closer to his as Aoshi tightened his grip on her body, both of them plastering passion filled, yet sloppy kisses onto each other, completely forgetting everything. They forgot what they were fighting about. They forgot about how they met. They forgot about meeting all over again. Nothing truly needed to be remembered, the only important thing was the moment they were making NOW. Everything just felt so right whenever this happened.

"Misao..." Aoshi sighed, but dipped back towards her lips not being able to stand pulling away from them for more than a second. Unconsciously, Misao's legs lifted to wrap around his waist when her body jerked and she mentally stopped herself. Shocked at the realization of what her body was "oh" so willing to do, Misao pulled away from her heated kiss and swam back a foot or so.

"Misao? What's the matter?" Aoshi swam forward to close the gap she had created; worried that something was wrong with her. She blushed and drifted back a bit more. Aoshi cocked his head a bit out of confusion as Misao's eyes widened and started to blink rapidly, as if she was embarrassed.

"EEP!" Her arms circled around her upper body and tried to cover as much as they could, but Aoshi's eyes followed her sudden movements and couldn't tear them away from the uncovered nipple appearing through her water soaked bra. Misao had thought she had covered herself thoroughly before catching Aoshi staring down at the right side of her chest. Instinctively, her arm sprung forward punching Aoshi on the side of his cheek.

"HEY!" Aoshi drifted backwards in the water as his hand came up to cover the throbbing side of his face. For a girl, she hit pretty damn hard! Misao's eyes widened and while keeping one arm over her chest she swam as close as humanly possible to his body and placed her other hand over the one already cupping his face.


"You have to be the weirdest girl I know." Aoshi started to wade towards the shore as Misao sat there contemplating whether or not he really deserved that punch. As soon as she caught herself, Aoshi was already walking around on land.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WEIRD?" He didn't answer her. He just kept walking ahead of her up along a steep trail. Every time Misao would skip to catch up to him, he'd walk faster to stay ahead of her. "Hey? Where are we going?" Misao shivered as she wrapped her arms more tightly around her chest. Still he didn't answer her. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

"Misao." He spun around to face her and Misao stopped walking. "I don't know where 'you're' going, but I'M going to get your clothes you left at the top of the cliff. I honestly don't know why you're following me. Both of us are gonna catch pneumonia. And I'm sorry I need to say this, but I'd prefer it if you wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the night."

Her face fell slightly and Aoshi took this moment to turn around and continue up the path to the cliff. Moments later, he felt a flare in her ki and was tempted to turn to face her, but decided against it. She was mad. 'WEIRD? FINE! Like I WANTED to talk to you ANYWAY!' Strangely, she found herself following him up the path. After a few moments of hesitation, he grabbed the bottom of his soaked shirt and started to pull it upwards and over his head.

Misao watched it all almost in slow motion as he started to pull his dark shirt up and over his head. She watched it rise up along his back ever so slightly, just enough to show her his black belt holding up his soaking jeans, and his reddish colored boxers barely peering over them. Since the shirt was so wet, it clung to him and he had to twist his body and rotate his arms in the opposite direction to get it off. Misao's mouth gaped slightly open at the sight of each of the muscles in his back flexing one by one just to remove one simple article of clothing. As time resumed it's much quicker (and less sexual) pace, Misao shook her head to get a hold of herself and watched Aoshi simply toss the soaking garment to the ground as he proceeded along the trail.

"Hey!" Misao bent forward and picked it up. It was a lot heavier because of the water, but that was no reason to simply throw out a perfectly decent shirt! As if Aoshi knew what she was thinking he answered her out loud.

"It's not the only one I own Misao." Misao rolled her eyes and continued to walk behind him, enjoying the view of his naked back and unfortunately clothed backside.

There was no conversation for at least seven minutes of trekking through the woods. Misao couldn't stand it. Little things seemed to draw her attention; the soft "squishing" noises his wet sneakers made with each step, the crickets and other various bugs along the trail, the moon that was beginning to rise higher and higher above their heads.

"I'm sorry you had to worry about me." Misao brushed some of the dirt off of the wet shirt in her hands and waited for him to say something, even though she secretly knew he wouldn't say anything. She took a deep breath and smiled sweetly, not for any apparent reason, or anyone else, just to smile. Aoshi somehow sensed this and peered over his own shoulder back at her, only to find her looking up at the stars. He tripped ungracefully over a stone in the path and Misao focused on him as he snapped his head back to the path, hoping she hadn't caught him. She did.


"What's this? Weasel basically naked with a huge smile on her face? Is there something I should know about?" Misao jumped and used Aoshi's shirt to cover up most of her body as Aoshi instinctively stepped in between Saitoh and his view of Misao.

"Hajime you bastard! What are you DOING here?!?" Misao had never felt so uncomfortable in her life. Being this unclothed was bad enough around Aoshi, dressed like this in front of someone like Saitoh made her sick.

"Well, after you two disappeared into the sunset, I figured I should try some of that food your sister made Shinomori. After you two didn't come back, I thought SOMEONE should look. All I found were these clothes." Misao's face turned a deep shade of red as she held her breath. "I had two conclusions. One, you were vaporized and these should be returned to Okina, or TWO, Shinomori took advantage of SOMETHING..."

"HAJIME! GIVE THOSE TO ME!" Infuriated, Misao stepped around Aoshi and grabbed the clothes and sandals out of Saitoh's hands. She had never felt so embarrassed until she realized there was nothing covering the back of her body...which was now completely visible to Aoshi. Trying to keep her cool, Misao started walking backwards, carefully maneuvering around him and off into the wilderness to dress without revealing anything to Saitoh. As soon as Saitoh was sure Misao wouldn't hear anything, he decided to clear some things up.

"Shinomori, you and Misao---"

"We've done nothing to jeopardize your relationship. See that she gets home safe." He started to walk briskly past Saitoh.

"There really is nothing." Aoshi stopped. "Truthfully, Misao just tried to help me out in getting someone else to notice me." Aoshi closed his eyes deciding whether or not he wanted to know the details.

"Don't. You were right. She isn't worth it." Keeping his eyes closed he started to walk down the path that led back to the Aoiya.

"Aoshi. If you really believe that, you're a fool. You would be so lucky to---"

"See that she gets home safe."


"SAITOH WH---" Misao stumbled out of the bushes but stopped as she saw Saitoh staring down the path that leads to the Aoiya and Aoshi nowhere in sight. Her face fell slightly as she stopped walking to stand beside him. "Thank you for bringing my clothes." She smiled weakly even thought she was in complete despair. Of course Saitoh would notice...

"Weasel, hey, forget about him." He lit up a cigarette as he motioned for her to walk along with him. Blowing the smoke out slowly, he continued. "Spoiled rich kid wouldn't know how to treat you anyway." He paused. "I'm sorry that I ruined that for you" he said softly.

"Ha, Saitoh, no. I don't know what I was thinking anyway. This would have happened without you here. I've been so crazy lately, all jumpy and on edge since he got here. He was right."

"About what?" Misao stopped for a second in thought. She really hadn't expected someone like Saitoh to really care.

"Eh, he just called me a weirdo or something. Nothing really, it's just...it's not like me to be this emotional."

"Weasel, don't lie. You have more mood swings than a pregnant woman." She laughed and punched him lightly on the arm. "Speaking of abusive relationships, was his bruise because of you?"

"I LEFT A BRUISE! ON HIS FACE???" Saitoh let out an evil laugh as they rounded a corner bringing them in view of the Aoiya.


Aoshi rolled over on his futon and became angry after finding his eyes open yet again. He had tried over and over to keep them shut to simply drift to sleep, but one certain girl was preventing all of that from happening.

He had been peeking out his window waiting for Saitoh to walk her home and found himself scowling at the way Misao would laugh at whatever lame joke Saitoh had just said, secretly hoping it wasn't about him. He observed Misao more closely and saw a twinge of sadness in her eyes, but he figured it was only his imagination because she was smiling. 'A weak smile' he thought hopefully.

That had been an hour ago. He had been tossing and turning imagining Misao in the bathhouse. Though they weren't the most decent thoughts, he could only imagine her pissed off because of him. Maybe he WAS completely wrong about her relationship with Saitoh. 'Who would want to spend unnecessary time alone with that freak?' The way he said goodbye to her at the gate barely seemed "friendly", much less intimate. Again he rolled over in search of the imaginary comfortable position that would help him forget all about her. Things would be so much easier to forget if they didn't have to live under the same roof.

'That's it. Tomorrow, I'll just avoid her. She means trouble.'


Misao had never been more pissed off. She had been sitting in the bath for quite a while fuming over everything Aoshi had done. She ran her fingers through her soaked hair and tried to remove most of the tangles, but found herself just ripping through them in anger.

'Who does he think he is? Walking all over my emotions, treating me like a little kid, a STUPID little kid? Well, it was pretty stupid to just leave my clothes. It was pretty stupid to jump into the water in my underwear too. Okay, so, he may have a point, but NONE THE LESS!' She slid her face partially below the water and blew angry bubbles from her mouth and nose.

As she surfaced her mind flashed back to the sight of Aoshi peeling off his shirt. She turned her head to the bar beside the tub to find the purple garment hanging neatly, almost completely dry now. Wiggling her toes in momentary delight, she stopped herself and forced a frown.

'No. He said I'm WEIRD, and, well ok. I might have been acting weird, but so was he! He jumped off a cliff for no good reason! I had a reason at least!' Misao lifted herself from the cooling water in the tub and grabbed a towel. Just as she was about to leave she saw his shirt hanging there expectantly. She figured he'd just pick it up in the morning, flipped off the switch, and walked out of the bath. Quickly, she ran back, grabbed the shirt, and ran out to tell her best friend all about her adventures over the phone. Who cares if it was midnight?

'I better avoid him tomorrow. He means trouble.'


"JIYAAAAAAAAA!" Misao leapt over the railing on the stairs, landing gracefully on the first floor. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP???" Misao had a total of 10 minutes to get to school; even the shortcut in the alley wouldn't help by the time she found her shoes.

"Well Misao-chan! Everyone has already left for school. You better hurry." Misao scowled at the sarcasm in his voice and grabbed her black sandals he was holding in his hands. She flashed him the most "non- sweet" smile and slipped them on one at a time while racing for her backpack that lay beside the doorway. 'Why did I have to talk so long to Kaoru over the phone last night?'

"Thanks Jiyaaa! I'll be home a little later today, I'll probably have---"

"Detention for being late, I know." He waved, but Misao was already racing past the gate. He smiled as he grabbed a nearby broom and started about his usual duties around the Aoiya.


Aoshi had just slammed his car door shut and started up his car when he saw Misao run past the gate trying to use her backpack to shield her from the increasingly heavy rain. He fought with himself whether or not he should help her, he DID vow to ignore her today, but she looked so beautiful with her light-blue Care Bears T-shirt and black Capri pants. She leapt over a huge puddle but nearly fell over in her semi-heeled sandals. As she regained her footing, Aoshi honked.

Misao's head snapped up, praying there wasn't a car racing towards her. Her eyes widened slightly as she saw Aoshi in the drivers seat but shook her head and pointed towards the alley. As she took a step towards it thunder crashed loudly and Misao jumped up in surprise and fear. She smiled back at Aoshi and waved pathetically for him to leave even though she was soaking. Aoshi honked again, and this time Misao gave in and jogged over to his Mustang and jumped into the passenger's seat.


Things couldn't get worse. How could she have forgotten her umbrella? She wiped her soaking wisps of hair and bangs back and caught her breath. She looked up at Aoshi, but he was focusing on the road.

"Thanks for the ride. I could have ran ya know---"

"It's better that you avoid detention." Misao nodded and bowed her head. She looked like a mess and her clothes were soaking. She started humming to fill the silence in the car and Aoshi flipped on the radio to tune her out. Misao's eyes narrowed before reaching out to change it to an Oldies station.

Aoshi silently observed her. He didn't LOOK angry, but he was no longer focusing on the road. Misao could see him out of the corner of her eye and chose to avoid making eye contact, after all, the plan was to avoid him, remember?

"I wouldn't imagine you listening to oldies in your spare time." Misao looked at him as if questioning whether he wanted a conversation or if he was just stating an opinion.

"It's your car; you can listen to whatever you want." Misao's hand reached out to change it back to the station he had it on, but his hand quickly snapped out to stop hers.

"I like this song." Neither of the two said a word but listened to "Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby", by Barry White until he parked at the school parking lot.


The two ran into the main hall to get out of the rain and Misao motioned for him to follow her. She looked incredible. Misao shouted greetings to people here and there lingering around their lockers and chatting amongst themselves. Aoshi observed everyone with a straight face and noticed more and more people smiling after seeing Misao's "chipper" self. He especially noticed the smiling MALE faces.

"Aoshi! There! Okon and Omasu are talking to a couple of friends of mine!" Aoshi stared at the people Misao was pointing at and started to follow her to his sisters. He shuddered when he noticed 'Misao's Friends' weren't girls, but relaxed a bit from their familiar faces.

"MISAO-SAN! We tried to get you up this morning, but you became violent and we gave up! These guys said they're friends of yours!" Both Okon and Omasu waved at Aoshi to acknowledge his existence but paid more attention to Misao as she punched the rooster-headed one in the arm.

"Hey! You have no idea how hard you hit weasel!" Everyone laughed and waited for Misao to say something.

"OH! Hey guys, this is Shinomori Aoshi. Aoshi, meet Soujiro and this retard we call Sanosuke." Soujiro smiled and Sano punched the top of Misao's head playfully. Two girls came out of nowhere and the one with long straight hair leapt onto Sano's back.

"Oi Fox! I see you want a rematch!" Sano gave a short sinister laugh before maneuvering the woman around in his arms until she was in front of him still trying to tickle him. Aoshi turned his attention to the other female whose mouth was hanging down to the floor.

It was the same girl from the concert. Aoshi smirked as he remembered she had called him 'hot'. Misao elbowed her friend in the ribs slightly and harder once more to jolt her friend back to reality.

"This is Kamiya Kaoru, my best friend." She paused to gauge Aoshi's reaction, but he remained stoic as ever. "And this is Megumi. Guys, this is Aoshi and his sisters Okon and Omasu." Before anyone had a chance to say anything, the bell rang and everyone started to scatter around the halls moving towards their room.


Misao shouted short goodbyes and walked off towards a nearby room completely forgetting about him. He shook his head for even "assuming" she'd care that he was lost here. He pulled a blue schedule out of his pocket and a blonde haired girl hooked elbows with him and grabbed it out of his hands.

"What a coincidence! We have the same homeroom! Civics!" Aoshi allowed himself to be dragged into the room but secretly wished Misao would be there. Little did he know, Misao had been watching from the doorway of her own classroom. The tardy bell rang and Misao cursed knowing she'd have detention anyway.

He took a seat at the back of the room and glanced around. This obviously was a Senior class. The only person he recognized was Saitoh, but he was sitting with a bunch of stupid looking "bad asses". Though he'd PREFER sitting alone, hoards of hormonal teenage girls fought each other for every seat around him. He sighed and slumped back into his chair.

Taking an unnoticeable glance at Saitoh, he followed the direction the wolf was staring at to find a pretty girl with brown hair in a ponytail. Aoshi looked back and forth between Saitoh and the girl. She was cute, but not his type. Obviously, she was a nerd, but she always held a calm smile and observed everything with her large, dark-brown eyes. 'Maybe he was telling the truth about using Misao for another one's attention.'


It was lunchtime and Misao opened her backpack to look for spare change or something at the bottom of her bag to buy some food, because she was STARVING. Her eyes widened as she saw Jiya had packed a HUGE lunch for her. She smiled childishly and made a mental note to thank the old man.

Okon and Omasu had brought Soujiro with them and they joined Misao at her bench. Soon Kaoru and Megumi joined them with a HUGE box of pizza for the group. Misao was glad Jiya packed her something, because she knew she could have finished off the pizza by herself. Kuro, Shiro, and Sano showed up too. There's no way those fools would miss out on free pizza.

The group chatted about the funny things that happened that day and Okon and Omasu's first day. Misao had hoped they'd have a good time instead of stressing out. At least they had each other right? Misao put down her soda and bit her lip as she fell deep in thought. 'Yeah, THEY have each other, but who does Aoshi have? He could join them, but he isn't here. I hope his day went well!' Misao became worried about him and started packing up her things to look for him and stopped when she had remembered the beautiful blonde girl who had "escorted" him to class. She sat down again and everyone else at the table stared at her like she was crazy.

Misao had TRIED to not worry about him, but it was impossible. Thoughts of all the horrible things that could have happened to him on his first day of school were swimming through her head. 'What if he got lost? What if he got thrown out for being rude to a teacher? What if he got involved with a gang, or SAITOH! What if he kissed that blonde girl???' With that Misao jumped up out of her chair once more and searched the surrounding area for him.

"THERE HE IS!" Misao pointed to a figure sitting under a tree. He was so far away, yet she KNEW it was him. "Okon, what's he doing sitting there all alone?" The sisters put down their food and smiled up at her.

"Misao-san, don't worry! He does this all the time; he's really into that whole MEDITATION stuff!" They giggled and started stuffing their faces once more as Misao started running in his direction.


Aoshi inhaled deeply and tried to focus on every force of nature around him, only to be nearly tackled by another force of nature: Misao.

"Hey Aoshi, I uh---JUST WANTED TO SEE IF YOU HAD ANYTHING TO EAT!" He was tempted to smile, but became rigid and shook his head. Misao started to unpack things from her lunch and set them down in the grass between them. "Do you like Doritos?"

'Why is she doing this?' He thought to himself. 'All I want to do is avoid her, and she follows me around like a lost puppy dog.' Aoshi blinked and realized he was lying to himself. He had missed her during the day. Even though women were flocking around him, he felt lonely without this bubbly girl bouncing around him. He nodded to her and she handed him the bag of Doritos.

"So...how was your day? I bet you met tons of new people." He didn't answer her, afraid he'd say something lame and knowing she knew the answers to her own questions. She bit her lip and looked away from him. He leaned his back off of the tree and towards her, trying to find what she was hesitating to ask him.

"Aa..." He paused here and hoped Misao would just come out and ask him. She looked at him with determination and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess I'm probably annoying you. I'm sure...some...one...else will be joining you in a second!" She jumped up and grabbed a few of her things but left most of the food for Aoshi. "Uh, by the way, WhoWasThatGirlWithTheBlondeHairAndBigJugsAndWhatNot?" Misao's face turned beet red and she took a step backwards, slowly backing away from him, HOPING he wouldn't tell her the girl is his new girlfriend.

Aoshi blinked in confusion and slowly replayed what she had asked him in his mind. His eyes widened as he realized that Misao was jealous of one of those girls.

"Why do you ask?"


She had TOTALLY walked into this one. She scratched her head and tried to think of an excuse for asking him such a question.

"Oh, uh---NO REASON! I just, saw, some, blonde girl this morning. You looked like you really enjoyed her company or something and...YA KNOW WHAT? Never mind! Forget I even asked! Hehehe!" Misao's face scrunched up at her own pitiful laugh.

"She just showed me my class. I would have asked you, but you had already left." Misao let out the breath she had been holding. Just as she was about to sit down again, three pretty girls came and sat down around Aoshi.

"OH! Hello Misao-san! I'm sorry, were we disturbing something?" Misao smiled sweetly as she recognized each of them. Etsu, Kohana, and Tokio, Saitoh's love. They were all popular girls because each of them were beautiful cheerleaders that weren't COMPLETE airheads, in fact, they were at the top of their class. Misao felt completely out of her league and she took another step back from Aoshi and his new fan club.

"Of course not. I-I'm gonna go! You guys enjoy your lunch!" Misao let out the breath she had been holding and started to walk quickly back to the people she loved, waiting for her at their bench.


He sighed as she basically ran back to the table she had come from. Now he was surrounded by a bunch of girls he had no interest in. They started to interrogate him about his other schools and the car they had seen him drive into the parking lot that morning.

After realizing he wasn't going to answer most of their questions, the girls started to talk about Misao. He lifted his head up and the girls sighed after seeing his eyes for the first time. Quickly, he ducked his head to hide behind his bangs once more. Sadly, the girls pinpointed what subject triggered a response from him and continued to talk about Misao.

"Misao-san, she's really great! Everyone likes her!"

"Yeah! She won "class clown" last year in the yearbook, didn't she?"

"She's so popular!" exclaimed the girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

"Everyone talks to her. I can't name a single PERSON that hates her, I'm kinda jealous." Aoshi turned his head towards this girl and remembered that she was the one Saitoh had been staring at.

"So brave too!" Aoshi blinked a few times and decided it wouldn't hurt to inquire more.

"Brave?" Aoshi asked quietly. Each of the girls' eyes lit up at this, even the calm Tokio smiled in excitement.

"YEAH! Well, "I" heard from Sano that she was at a rock concert a while ago, and she just KISSED some COMPLETE stranger!" said the girl with grey colored hair in high pigtails and green eyes.

"Kaoru-san said he was a HOT stranger too!" The two girls started to giggle with admiration in their eyes while Aoshi was caught up in his new found sense of pride.

"I don't know if she should have." Everyone turned to look at Tokio who was staring at the grass instead of at her friends. "I thought she was involved with Saitoh anyway."

"Just because he walked her to class doesn't mean anything Tokio. You always jump to conclusions! Why do you care anyway, Misao was just befriending a gangster! See, this is why people like her so much! She's fearless!"

"Tokio befriended him too, so I guess you're JUST as fearless, ne Tokio-san?" The girl smiled slightly and nodded her head. The bell rang and the four of them stood to depart and go to class.

"It was great talking to you Aoshi-san!"

"Maybe we should do this again! Maybe Misao can join us too!"

"Yes. We should hang out sometime..."


Oh YES...that's what she said! "We should hang out sometime" is the most common phrase used by those who wish to do more than hang out. She had planned this out carefully.

It wasn't as though she actually LIKED Aoshi. He was too quiet for her. But he was a necessary pawn in her plan to win over the most arrogant man she had ever met: Saitoh.

When she had first met the pale, rude man named Saitoh, she found him intriguing to say the least. He didn't really talk to her other than when she felt the need to toy with him or get him to argue with her. After a while, all she ever heard was how "great" Misao was, and how "athletic" Misao was, and how Misao could listen to his "authority".

Well. If he could go On and On over Misao, she was sure going On and On about Shinomori-san would get him to appreciate her more!!!


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