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"Three's Company"

Ok Chibodee, gets paired up with two girls while his crew is away training. Will things get romantic or will it be a disaster waiting to happen?


Chapter 1

Meeting of my two new partners.


It was raining in New York I had received a letter not to long ago not only from my dear friend Serina, but a request. I was suppose to meet someone at the café and get more detail on what I'm suppose to do. I see couples passing by as the faint light's shine on the water puddles as I walk on.

"Man it's cold here, oh well here's the café."

I sat down noticing someone, familiar across from me she looked a lot like Serina. Although I wasn't sure if it was or not so I just sat there.

The young woman looks at me while asking "what's your name?"

I knew then who it was when I looked in her emerald green eyes, so I reply "Rebecca and you're Serina right?"

She smiles while saying "well this is a rather weird coincidence but I wonder who we are going to be with Becky?"

I ask "did you get the same order to be here at this café?"

Serina nods as we both looked up at the grey and gloomy sky as we waited for the person to arrive.

A man walks up to us asking "are you girls Rebecca and Serina?"

We both nod at the same time wondering what, on earth are we doing here in New York of all places? Still we wanted to be patient we had no idea what would happen next.

He sat down beside us saying you two girls are to stay with Chibodee Crocket and help him through his boxing matches.

I ask "where's his crew, don't they support him?"

The man nods while explaining "you see his crew is training for a month and they'll miss his matches."

Serina was ecstatic because she always wanted to be with Chibodee. However I wasn't that much thrilled because he wasn't exactly on my friendly list.

He smiles at our calm depositions, while wondering what was taking Chibodee so long.

I ask "is this a café for couples because you see a lot of people French kissing?"

Serina sighs broken heartily while saying "I broke up with a hunk not to long ago too."

I sigh while saying "that's why I don't put my heart on the line much anymore."

The man comments "I don't know why you girls seem nice, and all."

We both smile at his nice comment, and laugh at the kinds words we rarely get to hear.

Serina sat down wondering what the month will be like, as I sigh as I wondered, the same.

"Uh Serina I'm going to the restroom, but I'll be right back."

Serina nods as she watches the passing traffic, and wondering if we could survive a month with this mystery person.

I walk inside and all the guys stare at me with raised eyebrows while making comments like hey there sexy come on over and visit me. I scoff and go about my business as ususal feeling disgusted as ever. After I took care of that I run into a man sitting on the stool.

"Oh excuse me sir I didn't mean to run into you."

He helps me up while saying, "don't worry about it miss."

"Well thank you but I better get going now."

He stops me abruptly while saying "hold on there's a tradition to uphold my fair lady. You see every new girl I meet has to kiss me." He smirks while looking in my eyes. I was hesitant about the whole thing.

~I really don't want to kiss him but he wasn't specific on how the kiss was done hehehe.~

He impatiently says "well I'm waiting my fair young lady." As he closes his eyes waiting for my lips to touch his, I put my lips like candy on his lips and make kissing noises. After a while I left him there with the candy on his lips and walked out grinning.

Serina asks "what on earth took you so long Rebecca?"

I smile evilly while replying "I had a little pest control problem but it's all taken care of."

Serina just shakes her head as I sat down across from her, while this is happening a man slightly mad while licking his lip's walks out of the main room in the café.

The man sees him while saying "Ah Chibodee you've arrived your two new partners are expecting you. What's wrong?"

Chibodee replies oh I was supposedly getting a kiss from this hot girl, but it was candy on my lips. The worse part is I DIDN'T EVEN GET HER NAME!


We both walk over and look in his eyes, but at the same time Chibodee and I said It's YOU!

Serina asks in confusion "what are you talking about Rebecca?"

I said "he's the pest I had a pest control problem I had to deal with."

Chibodee smirks while saying "and you're the sneaky girl that got out of my kiss. Now you're going to pay for that no one denies me of a kiss."

The man steps between Chibodee and I with a stern look on his face.

Chibodee pouts while saying "aw man I can't kiss her."

He said "no Chibodee you have to act professional around these girls."

Chibodee frowns while asking "are you going to have someone watching over me most of the time?"

The man nods while saying "for her sake, and I'm sure Allenby will be keeping dibs on you."

He leaves while chuckling to himself as he walked on.

I laugh while saying "yeah Chibodee Allenby is for you."

He glares at me while saying "hey if you don't want me getting postal on you then you better not say me and Allenby are together."

Little did any of us know that there was a wrecked truck with lip gloss that had melted within an hour. So as we walked along Chibodee slips on the lip gloss and lands in a crate full of some live crabs. He hit his head not knowing what he was sitting in, until one of the crabs pinched where the sun doesn't shine.

Chibodee yelled HEY LET GO THAT DON'T BELONG TO YOU! He was running in varies of things finally he got the crab off but he lands on a girl lap and she spilled perfume all over him.

She looked at him with lip gloss on his face and smelling so good, and she was about to kiss him. Until Serina stops her saying "come on don't, you think Chibodee has had enough humiliation."

I add "yeah come on let him be." We both help him up and got something to wipe the lip gloss off, but the smell wasn't easy to get rid of.

So we walk to his mansion in silence no laughing or teasing for a while. When we finally got there, we couldn't resist but to pick on him just once.

"Oh Chibodee if you'd be willing to cheat on Allenby I would gladly love on you."

Serina adds "yeah we both would be pampering you and smelling your wonderful flowery scent."

Chibodee sighs while saying "well I know you two couldn't resist, but thanks for sticking up for me."

We both nod while saying "your welcome Chibodee see we can be nice once in awhile."

As we both go inside his mansion and prepare for the night Chibodee thinks ~Oh lord ok I'll end up with one of these two girls but which one? ~ Chibodee smirks while saying "this is going to be an interesting month."


"Well that was interesting."

Serina: "Yeah you said it I wonder which one will he chose?"

Chibodee: "Oh there you two are, if I were you two better get some sleep because I bet tomorrow is going to be a bumpy ride."

"Ok we will but while we are doing so please tell me good or bad?"

Serina: "Bye for now and please review."